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Get_started_with_supporting_your_students__1_.pdf. Teaching online - using your coursebook and ideas for breakout rooms. About the webinar The British Council is committed to supporting the use of technology for the continuation of education in a crisis.

Teaching online - using your coursebook and ideas for breakout rooms

As many teachers find themselves in an unfamiliar situation of having to teach their classes online, with little or no experience, the British Council TeachingEnglish website is committed to providing as much support as possible to help you navigate your way through the world of online teaching. This is the first in a series of three webinars, which offers guidance in key areas. This webinar focuses on: Ways of using your coursebook with online classes Ideas for using breakout rooms Each presentation will last for approximately 30 minutes, followed by an extended Q&A clinic.

See information about our other webinars in this series: About the speakers Lindsay Clandfield is an award-winning writer, teacher, teacher trainer and international speaker in the field of English language teaching. Carol Rainbow lives and has taught in the UK for many years. How to get started as an online teacher of English. Have you thought about teaching English online? Emma Segev gives some practical tips and useful websites for getting started in one of our top five articles of all time, illustrated by artist Jamie Johnson.

When I first started teaching in 2004, I was sceptical about the effectiveness of online teaching, but since then I have accumulated a lot of experience. I'd like to share with you a few things I've learned along the way. Getting started Contrary to popular opinion, I recommend starting your online teaching career by working for an established company. 6 Things to Consider When Using Zoom's Mobile App - Zoom Blog. 6 Things to Consider When Using Zoom’s Mobile App Mobile communication has become one of the greatest achievements of the 21st century.

6 Things to Consider When Using Zoom's Mobile App - Zoom Blog

As time passes, people are moving further and further away from their stationary workplaces to venture into a realm where they can get work done and business taken care of from a device that is held on the palms of their hands. This is not to say that we are abandoning the PC. Instead, we are recognizing that our other devices present us with greater flexibility. Since Zoom works on iOS and Android devices, you have the ability to communicate through our software with anyone at any time, no matter where you are. Eliminate your distractions. Apps have a tendency of bothering us at the most inconvenient times. For Android, this can be done more easily if you use the Notifications Off app on Google Play.

For iOS devices, you can read the instructions from Cult of Mac. Make yourself visible. 6 tips for moving your teaching online - How do you adapt your teaching techniques for the virtual classroom? - Oxford TEFL. Have you ever thought of teaching online?

6 tips for moving your teaching online - How do you adapt your teaching techniques for the virtual classroom? - Oxford TEFL

Adding this skill to your teaching repertoire can open up a host of opportunities for you, from additional work to starting your own business. You could also vastly improve your chances of finding teaching work online, reaching more potential students and providing the best possible service by taking our Teaching English Online course. If you are thinking of becoming an online teacher check out this article and see what’s involved in adapting yourself and your teaching techniques to online teaching. 1. Working with the webcam. What to do when schools close for coronavirus. The U.N. organization that monitors global education said the number of children missing school globally is unprecedented.

What to do when schools close for coronavirus

The COVID-19 outbreak has disrupted the education of nearly 300 million students globally.Thirteen countries, including China, Italy and Japan, have shut schools nationwide as of Wednesday (4.03.20.)A handful of schools in the United States have canceled classes over the coronavirus. Source: CNBC. No matter where you live the closure of schools is likely to happen.

UNESCO will hold an emergency meeting on March 10 over coronavirus-related school closures. The agency said it is supporting the implementation of large-scale distance-learning programs and platforms to reach students remotely. In some countries, older students have missed crucial study sessions for college admissions exams, while younger ones have risked falling behind in reading and math. Tech against Coronavirus - a list to work and learn remotely. Learn English Online. Free Reading Passages and Literacy Resources. The Ultimate Guide to Easily Make Instructional Videos. What do you do when you need to learn something new?

The Ultimate Guide to Easily Make Instructional Videos

What if you need to know how to fix something? Or what if you need to learn how to use a new software or service? You probably look for a video. According to a recent TechSmith study, 53% of people reported watching two or more instructional videos per week (up 152% compared to 2013). Regardless of your industry, instructional videos are the best delivery method if you’re serious about teaching others, growing your business, or building an online course. If you’re looking to level-up your video skills and knowledge, you’ll love this guide. No time to read the whole guide? Don’t worry. Download PDF Research shows that when people look for answers to their questions, they prefer to consult a video. Unfortunately, it can be a challenge for many small businesses, educators, and entrepreneurs to find the time to create video content.

Teaching English online – opportunities and pitfalls. Sylvia Guinan, online English teacher, website editor and winner of the British Council TeachingEnglish blog award, walks us through the opportunities and pitfalls of teaching online in one of our top five articles of all time, illustrated by artist Jamie Johnson. There are many different things to consider when it comes to online teaching. The good news is that online teaching opens up new levels of creativity and opportunity for you as a teacher.

In a way, it drives you to surpass yourself and focus more on best practice as well as innovation. As for students, they deserve to be taught with 21st-century technology. TeachingEnglish. Skip to content You are here Home » Professional development » Teachers Planning lessons and courses Planning single lessons and longer course outlines is an important part of professional development.


This professional practice involves defining aims/learning outcomes that meet learners’ needs and the course objectives, selecting and developing engaging activities, resources and materials which correspond to the aims of the lesson. Planning lessons and courses includes anticipating problems that may arise during the lesson, and planning how to respond to these, describing how learners’ understanding will be checked or assessed and describing when and how feedback will be provided. Planning lessons and courses involves: Describing my learners in relation to their learning needs.