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iPhone App Design References

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20+ Amazing iPhone App Websites. How do the latest and most sought out iPhone applications stand out from the rest?

20+ Amazing iPhone App Websites

By developing an incredible website design that displays these applications in the best possible way. Many of these sites are clean, run smoothly, and are organized for a better user experience. Below you will find 20+ Amazing Site Designs of Exclusive iPhone Apps for your inspiration. Feel free to comment on any of these designs, or provide a link to one we might of missed.

This app allows you to wirelessly listen to audio from your computer on an iPhone or iPod touch using Wi-Fi. Things is one of the most sought after task manager applications for the Mac and iPhone. This iPhone app lets you to track packages from top shipping companies such as UPS, FedEx, DHL, and more. The Mock Draft app allows football fans to watch highlights and scout players. 15 Best iPhone Applications for Web Designers. “Once you use it, you won’t know how you ever survived without it” is a well worn cliche, applied over the years to every new technological development or advancement in gadgetry made available to the masses. The mobile phone, the electric toothbrush, ceramic hair straighteners – every important discovery of the technological era has been tarred with this overused tagline. And the reason why? Because it’s actually true, and none more so than when talking about iPhone apps. You could probably survive without them, and you have perhaps been doing so, but they just make things so much easier, and not just for restaurant bookings and finding directions.

When it comes to web design, there are apps for nearly everything, from helping create color schemes to managing your busy schedule. Ego is a brilliant way of checking your web statistics on a daily (or even hourly) basis. One of the best things about using iPhone apps is the mobility that they offer. About The Author. 35 Beautiful iPhone App Website Designs. I’ve always been a fan of Apple’s design.

35 Beautiful iPhone App Website Designs

As a web designer, I’m sure that many of you are. When Apple released the iPhone and iPod Touch, thousands of apps hit the app store. As a result, web designers started creating sites for Apple apps. These sites promote, give information about, and help sell these apps. In this showcase, you’ll find 35 beautiful handpicked app websites. iPhone App Site Design Trends. To compete with thousands of iPhone apps in the App Store, having a good app icon is not enough.

iPhone App Site Design Trends

A nicely designed website for the app is very important. A beautiful website helps to drive traffic in and also makes your app stand out from the crowd. This post showcases a gallery of appealing iPhone app sites and common design trends that I see. One-Page Format Almost every app sites are designed in a one-page format with a short descriptive paragraph and a feature list. iPhone Image You probably notice that all app sites use the iPhone image (with either drop shadow or reflection) as their main design element.

Apple App Store Badge Most app sites prefer to use the App Store badge as the download button. Animated Screenshots. 10 Useful iPhone Apps for Web Designers and Developers. The iPhone has revolutionized the mobile device, and the App Store has taken it even further.

10 Useful iPhone Apps for Web Designers and Developers

There are literally apps for just about everything. While some of them are for having fun or passing the time, there are many apps that can help us perform serious tasks. There are even apps to help us web designers and developers do our jobs from anywhere. Having the ability to mange a database or update your blog all from your phone can come in handy. Here are 10 super useful iPhone applications to help web designers and developers perform tasks like these. Color Expert Color Expert contains powerful tools to help artists and designers identify, translate, capture and showcase color. FontShuffle FontShuffle is the fastest mobile source of typographic inspiration. 650+ font families are sorted by visual similarity. iMy iMy is a full MySQL client for the iPhone. Brushes. How to Create Your First iPhone Application - Smashing Magazine.

Advertisement Update: 01/10/2012: The original version of this article by Jen Gordon was published in August 2009.

How to Create Your First iPhone Application - Smashing Magazine

It was thoroughly revised and updated by the author in September 2012. — Editorial Team Since the iTunes App Store launched in 2008, over 500,000 apps have been approved by Apple, and thousands more app ideas are scrawled on napkins across the world every day. But question remains, how can a person with limited technical skills create an iPhone app? The good news is anyone can make an iPhone app, it’s just a matter of knowing the series of actions you need to take to make it happen. What Is Your Goal? The first thing to look at when embarking on any product development or entrepreneurial venture is your goals for the project. Let’s look at an example. Would not have planned in advance to hire help,would be unhappy with the time commitment required for him to take on the work personally.

Here are some examples of project goals: What Are Your Expectations? Where Do I Begin?