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Transformer. A transformer is an electrical device that transfers electrical energy between two or more circuits through electromagnetic induction.


Electromagnetic induction produces an electromotive force across a conductor which is exposed to time varying magnetic fields. Commonly, transformers are used to increase or decrease the voltages of alternating current in electric power applications. Since the invention of the first constant potential transformer in 1885, transformers have become essential for the transmission, distribution, and utilization of alternating current electrical energy.[3] A wide range of transformer designs are encountered in electronic and electric power applications. Transformers range in size from RF transformers less than a cubic centimeter in volume to units interconnecting the power grid weighing hundreds of tons. Basic principles[edit] Ideal transformer[edit] Ideal transformer equations (eq.)

By Faraday's law of induction . . . (1)[a] Power Transformers Design Manufacture - TWS Energy Controls. TWS Energy Controls manufactures a range of power transformers to suit your individual requirements.

Power Transformers Design Manufacture - TWS Energy Controls

These are single or three phase up to 150kVA. Finish: Complete with plugs and sockets - terminals or flying leads and/or steel or plastic covers, IP rated enclosures can be provided. Size: TWS Energy Controls manufactures from single phase 1VA to three phase 10 kVA. Type: E and I are finished with varnish or epoxy resin. Mounting: Angle feet or brackets are available to suit your specific design. EC&M Supplier Directory. Transformer types. A variety of types of electrical transformer are made for different purposes.

Transformer types

Despite their design differences, the various types employ the same basic principle as discovered in 1831 by Michael Faraday, and share several key functional parts. Power transformers[edit] Laminated core[edit] Chapter 6 Current and Voltage Transformers. Transformers Part 1 - Beginners' Guide to Electronics. Transformers - The Basics (Section 1)Copyright © 2001 - Rod Elliott (ESP) Page Published & Updated 24 Mar 2001 Articles Index Main Index Contents - Section 1 Preface One thing that obviously confuses many people is the idea of flux density within the transformer core.

Transformers Part 1 - Beginners' Guide to Electronics

Inrush current. An example of inrush current transients during capacitor bank energization.

Inrush current

Transformers[edit] When a transformer is first energized, a transient current up to 10 to 15 times larger than the rated transformer current can flow for several cycles. Toroidal transformers, using less copper for the same power handling, can have up to 60 times inrush to running current. Worst case inrush happens when the primary winding is connected at an instant around the zero-crossing of the primary voltage, (which for a pure inductance would be the current maximum in the AC cycle) and if the polarity of the voltage half cycle has the same polarity as the remnance in the iron core has.

(The magnetic remanence was left high from a preceding half cycle). For large transformers with low winding resistance and high inductance, these inrush currents can last for several seconds until the transient has died away (decay time proportional to ~XL/R)and the regular AC equilibrium is established. The History of the Transformer. Who invented the transformer?

The History of the Transformer

Ottó Bláthy, Miksa Déri, Károly Zipernowsky of the Austro-Hungarian Empire First designed and used the transformer in both experimental, and commercian systems. Later on Lucien Gaulard, Sebstian Ferranti, and William Stanley perfected the design. see the next question for more details. Transformers Part 2 - Beginners' Guide to Electronics. Transformers - The Basics (Section 2)Copyright © 2001 - Rod Elliott (ESP) Page Updated April 2015 Articles Index Main Index Contents - Section 2 Introduction For those brave souls who have ploughed their way through the first section - I commend you!

Transformers Part 2 - Beginners' Guide to Electronics

This section will concentrate a little more on the losses and calculations involved in transformer design, as well as explain in more detail where different core styles are to be preferred over others. The first topic may seem obvious, but based on the e-mails I get, this is not the case. There are several references to 'shorted turns' within this article. It is also worth noting that a transformer behaves quite differently depending upon whether it is driven from a voltage source (i.e. very low impedance, such as a transistor amp or the mains) or a current source or intermediate impedance. Three things that you need to keep in mind - always ... Core flux is at maximum when a transformer has no load. Toroidal Transformers,Power Toroidal Transformers,Toroidal Transformers Manufacturers.

How Does a Toroid Transformer Work. What is toroidal transformers. Toroidal Transformers - AC Transformers. Your AC Transformers FAQ Toroidal Transformers are transformers which visually appear much like a doughnut, featuring a torus surface.

Toroidal Transformers - AC Transformers

Torus is a Latin word for a cushion shaped like a doughnut. The shape of Toroidal Transformers is produced by a coil of insulated wire which revolves circularly around an axis, external to the circle. If you were to look at a cross section of a toroidal transformer, however, the core may also appear rectangular in addition to round. The core of Toroidal Transformers is really what makes this highly efficient transformer special. Smaller sizing. Toroidal Transformer Design. How Does a Toroidal Transformer Work? News - Toroidal Transformer, Three Phase Transformer, Control Transformer - China Transformer Manufacturer & Supplier. News - Toroidal Transformer, Three Phase Transformer, Control Transformer - China Transformer Manufacturer & Supplier.

Handmade , Wholesale 500va JBK3 Machine Tool Transformer, 500va JBK3 Machine Tool Transformer Manufacture in China. 400va JBK3 Single Phase Transformer - Offers from 400va JBK3 Single Phase Transformer Manufacturers, 400va JBK3 Single Phase Transformer Wholesaler and Exporter. Specifications 1)has passed ISO9001;2000 and CE certificate 2) machine tools control transformers 3)high quality and low price BK(DK) Series control transformer(Hereafter call transformer) is suitable for circuit of 50~60Hz, voltage up to 500V, usually applied as power supply for machine tool electrical appliances, locallightings and indicator lamps power supply.

400va JBK3 Single Phase Transformer - Offers from 400va JBK3 Single Phase Transformer Manufacturers, 400va JBK3 Single Phase Transformer Wholesaler and Exporter

Structure Character: According to different structures, BK transformer belongs to shell type, and according to the installation mode, it belongs to vertical type. Working Enviconment: 1.Ambient air temperature: -5 degree ~+45 degree , the highest monthly mean temperature should not exceed +30°C; 2.Altitude for installing place should not exceed 1000m; 3.When the ambient air temperature is +40°C, the relative humidity should not exceed 50%, and it allows higher relative humidity under lower temperature. Outline and Install dimension. Transformer 3A 15-0-15V AC - Standard - Electronic Components - Rabtron Electronics.

Company Profile - Toroidal Transformer, Three Phase Transformer, Control Transformer - China Transformer Manufacturer & Supplier. Ningbo Jiangdong Fuyuan Electrical Factory is a manufacturer engaged in the production of various transformers, such as toroidal transformers, control transformers, three-phase transformers, R-type transformers, power transformers, C-type transformers, servo transformers, isolation transformers and auto transformers.

Company Profile - Toroidal Transformer, Three Phase Transformer, Control Transformer - China Transformer Manufacturer & Supplier

Since our foundation, we have insisted on taking "rigorous and pragmatic, pioneering and innovative" as our business concept and "quality-oriented, the credibility of the supremacy, integrity-based, customer first" as our business philosophy. We aim to provide all clients with high quality products and the best services. If you are interested in any of our items or need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to cooperating with you in the near future. Variable AC Transformer, Isolated,120/240V in, 0-30V out 25-35Amp. POWERSTAT Variable Transformers provide a simple, rugged method of controlling electrical voltage, current and power.

They take in utility line voltage and provide continuously adjustable output voltage. POWERSTAT Variable Transformers have three windings: two 120V primary windings which can be connected in either series (for 120V line) or parallel (for 240V line), and an isolated secondary winding rated 0-30V, 25A. A center tap on the secondary allows 15-0-15V operation at 35A. Connections can be made for operation as a source of adjustable low output voltage, a line voltage corrector, or a limited range variable transformer. Datasheet from Mfr. Variable Transformer Sale, Variable Transformers on Sale! State-of-the-Art Variable Transformer Manufacturer Offering Top Quality at Wholesale Prices With TEMCo, quality and service has established us as a leader in the electrical power related products industry.

Offering a variety of brands and models of product, including stock and custom units, TEMCo continues to set new standards of excellence. We ship a multitude of electrical units and equipment from around the world, achieving the fastest delivery time available. Order a variable transformer (see also variac) from TEMCo and notice the superior design and performance. Manufactured and/or distributed by a team of highly trained staff, TEMCo products are built to exceed customer expectations. Variable Power Transformer - PowerStat - 2.8kVA. No reserve Closed: Thu 1 Dec 2011, 8:11 pm Listing #: 426711453 One high quality Variac style (Power-Stat) transformer 2.8 kVA (10~13 Amps) with wiring schematic. Optional stepping-motor drive assembly (picture-added) is negotiable. Potential applications include variable-voltage mains test bed, automated mains testing for single-phase power supplies and electronic equipments etc.

NOTE - unit is 'exposed' (un-cased) and needs to be enclosed to protect exposed brush-carrier etc. Brand: Superior Electric (USA) Model: PowerStat Data: (similar/current type) Type: 236BD-1151 Input: 230/240Vac 50~2000Hz Output: 0~250Vac (2.8kV) Load: 10~13 Amps (mode dependant) Size: 230x210x228mm (Nominal) - 3/8" shaft (9.35mm) Weight: 11kg PriceGuide: US$500+GST (refurbished stock) Condition: as removed from mainframe computer systems - refurbished and tested - typically as represented in the images (also as included in the gallery URL below) Images: other pictures are included in this picture gallery:

Staco Map to Detailed Variable Transformer Specifications. Variac Selector Portable Variacs with Cord Plug Receptacle Portable Variacs with Digital Volt and/or Ammeters. Buy Auto Transformers Autotransformer,variable,enclosed construction,I/P 230/240V,15A Carroll & Meynell CMV 15E-1 online from RS for next day delivery. Help Hub. Conveniently browse over 550,000 products, thousands of technical documents and data sheets, check stock availability, order, pay, and lots more all at RS Online. With RS Online you have instant access to hundreds of new products that we add every month.

What's New - RS Online System Enhancements We have recently enhanced our system to provide you a better customer experience. What’s new and improved? • More information on your delivery • Easier access to your invoices • More ways to request and manage quotes • Simpler process for returns To help ensure that you have complete information to assist you with your orders, please note the followings: Variable transformer and motorised from 5A to 500A. AE_Single_Phase_Variable. Staco Variable Transformer Portable 1000, 12, 15, 25 Series. Variac Selector Portable Variacs with Cord Plug Receptacle Portable Variacs with Digital Volt and/or Ammeters.

Skycraft Parts & Surplus, Inc. - Contact Us. Superior Electric. Contact Information - Superior Electric. Business Services, Retail Stores. Element14 New Zealand. Variable Transformer. Variac Sale, Variac Transformer - Variacs on Sale! ***LOW VOLTAGE VARIAC - 15VAC***