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Help. DIY Electronics. Electronics - Development Tools. Do It Yourself about applications of FPGA. Industries blog. April 20, 2014 AT 8:58 am Co2 detecting and display in an outlet with an OLED — by adafruit Filed under: leds-lcds, sensorsparts — April 20, 2014 AT 8:51 am Internet of Things – When phoning home breaks everything Filed under: internet of things — April 20, 2014 AT 7:28 am Honda’s Dancing Humanoid Robot Filed under: robotics — April 20, 2014 AT 3:00 am Pyro Board: 2D Rubens’ Tube — by Stella Striegel Filed under: music, science — Tags: music, Rubens' Tube, sound — April 20, 2014 AT 2:00 am The IRS explains their use of computers, circa 1961 Filed under: random — Tags: ADP, IRS, vintage — April 20, 2014 AT 1:00 am Genetically Engineered Trees Make Paper and Biofuel More Easily — by Yarrow Maurer Filed under: biohacking, science — Tags: biofuels, biology, genetic engineering — April 20, 2014 AT 12:00 am UC San Diego Team Creates Genetic Circuit Styled After FM Radio Filed under: biohacking, science, STEM — Tags: biohacking, biology, genetic circuit —

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