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The Unquiet Librarian. The Adventures of Library Girl. What's New in YA - The Official YABC Blog. ALA TechSource. Free Range Librarian › K.G. Schneider's blog on librarianship, writing, and everything else. The Ubiquitous Librarian. June 10, 2015, 1:56 pm By Brian Mathews June 8, 2015, 1:55 pm.

The Ubiquitous Librarian

The editor of a banned book blogs about libraries, social justice and telecommunication policy. The Handheld Librarian. Why adults are buzzing about YA literature. TRACY WHOLF: These days, you don’t have to be a parent to be familiar with popular teen book titles like “Harry Potter,” “The Hunger Games” or “Twilight.”

Why adults are buzzing about YA literature

These titles have sold millions of copies of books and spawned merchandise empires, been adapted into blockbuster films, and have permeated our pop-culture lives. Young adult literature is a booming business and has been one of the fastest growing book categories for publishers in recent years with more than 715 million books sold in 2013. STEPHEN COLBERT: Because as far as I can tell, a young adult novel is a regular novel that people actually read. TRACY WHOLF: Even though the category is aimed at audiences ages 12 to 18, more non-teenagers are picking up these titles. Launching a Dialogue About Sexual Violence in YA Lit—and in Real Life.

Let’s say you’re standing in a classroom of 30 students, evenly split between male and female students.

Launching a Dialogue About Sexual Violence in YA Lit—and in Real Life

If you go by current statistics, anywhere from three to five of the girls and one to three of the boys will have been the victim of some type of sexual abuse or sexual violence (SV) by the age of 18, according to the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network (RAINN). In other words, up to one out of three girls and one out of five boys experience SV by 18. Many suggest that the numbers are actually higher, due to underreporting. A sexual assault occurs every two minutes in the US, according to RAINN. Horror in YA Lit is a Staple, Not a Trend. Though R.

Horror in YA Lit is a Staple, Not a Trend

L. About this LibGuide - Isn't She Lovely: Black Girls in Young Adult Books. It’s Not All Death, Dystopia, and Disaster: YA Novels to Tickle the Funny Bone. Filled with memorable characters and laugh-out-loud moments, these entertaining tales of friendship, love, and self-discovery explore coming-of-age themes with spot-on insight and large doses of humor.

It’s Not All Death, Dystopia, and Disaster: YA Novels to Tickle the Funny Bone

Recommend these engaging offerings to readers who like their stories comedic and cathartic. The chemistry of the modern family As socially awkward as he is intellectually gifted, Stewart, 13, is still deeply affected by his mother’s death (his science-focused mind takes comfort in the idea that he still connects to her by breathing in her molecules), but he’s ready to move forward. Books Central Young Adult & Kids Fiction Reviews.

Book reviews written by a high school librarian. New York Times Book Blog - Includes lots of good reviews! This year’s Hugo Awards, given to the best in science fiction, turned into a referendum on the genre’s politics.

New York Times Book Blog - Includes lots of good reviews!

Two blocks of conservative authors and fans, calling themselves the Sad Puppies and the Rabid Puppies, have argued that the Hugos have become a litmus test of political correctness, valuing the racial and sexual identities of authors over their storytelling skills. This year, the groups used their leverage to fill categories with their own preferred nominees. At the Hugos ceremony on Saturday night in Spokane, Wash. — part of the 73rd World Science Fiction Convention — five categories ended up not giving out an award; the finalists in those five categories were all Puppies-endorsed nominees.

Any member of the annual convention can vote on the Hugos, and a record number of people applied for membership this year, resulting in nearly 6,000 voters. John Scalzi, whose novel “Redshirts” won the 2013 Hugo Award for Best Novel, called this year “a wake-up call for fandom.” Best YA Book Trailers. YA Book Trailers. YALSA's Book Awards & Booklists. Looking for great teen books?

YALSA's Book Awards & Booklists

Look no further than YALSA's Book Awards and Selected Booklists. While these books have been selected for teens from 12 to 18 years of age, the award-winning titles and the titles on YALSA's selected lists span a broad range of reading and maturity levels. We encourage adults to take an active role in helping individual teens choose those books that are the best fit for them and their families. Book Awards. New York Times Best Sellers. Jefferson Cup Award. Click here to see our past winners and honor books The Jefferson Cup honors a distinguished biography, historical fiction or American history book for young people.

Jefferson Cup Award

Presented since 1983, the Jefferson Cup Committee’s goal is to promote reading about America’s past; to encourage the quality writing of United States history, biography and historical fiction for young people and to recognize authors in these disciplines. The Jefferson Cup Committee selects the winning title. 2014 National Book Awards. 2014 National Book Awards Images from the 2014 National Book Awards Ceremony Images from the 2014 National Book Awards Dinner After-Party 2014 National Book Award Winners fiction: Winner:

2014 National Book Awards

NPR Books (@nprbooks) TeachingBooks (@TeachingBooks) VAASL (@VAASL) The YA Lit Review (@TeachYALit) YALSA (@yalsa) YA Books Central (@yabookscentral) 75 Of The Coolest Librarians To Follow On Twitter. Librarians have gotten a bad rap in the past, represented as bookwormish and ‘uncool’.

75 Of The Coolest Librarians To Follow On Twitter

But the fact is that today, librarians are really beginning to build up a name for themselves with their deep knowledge base and their access to huge stores of information. And social media has made it easier than ever to connect with librarians that are far beyond the norm. School Library Journal Pinterest Boards. AASL Pinterest Boards. Log in Home Categories There’s more to see...

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