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Funny-USB-drive-pigs-233x525.jpg (233×525) Realistic Bear Sleeping Bag. Cure your fear of bears by pretending you are the mighty hunter and have slayed the terrifying bear.

Realistic Bear Sleeping Bag

Then strut around the room wearing the huge bearskin to show off your prowess. OR take the sleeping bag camping and you can scare the be-jezuz out of your friends when they wake up next to you. Both are possible with this incredible new sleeping bag by artist Eiko Ishizawa. This fun design is so cool (and a little creepy looking) that we just had to share it with all of our readers. Candwich - Buy Online. Purchase a Lord Title, Laird Title or Lady Title.

Beard-guide.jpg (460×382) Lamps that you can shoot to turn off. Tanksforsale Home Page. Green Wheel - Electricity Producing Exercise Equipment by Nadim Inaty. Human Hampster Wheel for Energy Green Wheel by is an exercise machine that transforms kinetic energy produced by the human body into electricity.

Green Wheel - Electricity Producing Exercise Equipment by Nadim Inaty

Multiple machines are connected to a central energy storage unit where electricity can then be supplemented to road lights and traffic lights. Designer Nadim Inaty imagines that units could be placed in public spaces, and that users could donate some of their jogging time in exchange for a place to run. If you’re running anyway- why not?! Designer: Nadim Inaty. Seabreacher by Innerspace. Funny T-Shirts. Smile Cooking Toaster by Xu Yan Xiang. Put A Smile On Your Toast Does your toast smile at you in the morning or is it a grumpy old man?

Smile Cooking Toaster by Xu Yan Xiang

Quirky as it may sound, I think small nuances (or gimmicks) like this can really make a difference in your day. Bring out your shiny smile for the Smile Cooking Toaster! Think hair straightening iron for a moment, similar to that clasp design is this appliance. Difference lies in the electric-heating nano-membrane and different smiley faces you can use to singe on the bread. Designer: Xu Yan Xiang. Shark Fin Ice Tray. AvengingUnicorn-740900.jpg (1024×727) Whale_Playset.jpg (600×417) Shark Attack Mug. Shark Attack Mug Drink your coffee then BAM!

Shark Attack Mug

The jaws of the Shark Attack Mug rises out of the dark sea of coffee to surprise you. This innocent looking porcelain cup features a shark at the bottom of the mug, ready to surprise you as you drink your coffee. Porcelain coffee mugBottom of the porcelain mug features a 3D head of a great white shark ready to attack! Dishwasher and microwave safe10 oz porcelain mugSize: 4-3/4" x 3-1/4" x 3-1/4" (12.1 cm x 8.3 cm x 8.3 cm) View more Suprise Mugs | Shark items. The ULTIMATE gag gift - SWEET revenge at its finest.

Cheeseburger in a can: bought, cooked, and eaten! THIS IS SO AWESOME.

Cheeseburger in a can: bought, cooked, and eaten!

One curious individual over at the Something Awful forums has gone and bought himself a cheeseburger in a can. Just the other day, I posted about the German website that was selling the cheeseburger in a can for about $6. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it, but now here’s proof in pictures. Yes, it is real! And yes, he cooked it and ate it! It turns out that the burger can be heated in the can in boiling water or out of the can on a pan. Anyway, the photos are definitely worth taking a look at. The ingredients in English. On the plate and ready to eat. See? Yum! After the whole ordeal, “Honk” over at the Something Awful forums said this: Unique art – Carved Watermelons. Freaky cornstarch monster. Bacteria, mold used to ‘grow’ billboard promoting movie » Seriously?!