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How to Make Scrap Fabric Twine. Whenever I work on a sewing or quilting project, I always end up with leftover bits and pieces of fabric that I simply can’t bear to throw away.

How to Make Scrap Fabric Twine

(I mean, it might be useful someday!) As a result, I have almost as much scrap fabric in my stash as actual useful yardage. And, it would seem that I’m not alone in my odds-and-ends fabric hoarding, because Cintia from My Poppet has put together this brilliant scrap fabric twine tutorial for just such a problem. Are you feeling as inspired as I am? How to Print on Freezer Paper. Snappy Bags {Gift Idea} Welcome to the Crazy Christmas event!

Snappy Bags {Gift Idea}

Craft Ideas : Tutorials.


Online Sewing Videos, How to Sew, Sewing Tutorials. Check Your Solution. FinishingNecklaceBraceletOpt. Stringing_Basics. Free Daisy Chain Leaf Bead Necklace Pattern. Free Daisy Chain Leaf Bead Necklace Pattern.

Free Daisy Chain Leaf Bead Necklace Pattern

Wait for it to load before you print! Copyright © 1998-2007 Charity Enterprises Inc. All rights reserved. You may print this pattern from this page, please DO NOT Copy them or reprint them in any other form. Square Knots. Learn How to Sew a Rolled Hem on the Craftsy Blog. A rolled hem is a very small hem made up of two folds.

Learn How to Sew a Rolled Hem on the Craftsy Blog

It can be really tricky to sew since each fold is teeny tiny. Many sewing machines have a rolled hem foot that curves and folds the fabric as you sew, but I find that way of sewing it to be very fussy and difficult to control. This is my personal preferred method for a rolled hem and I find it works perfectly every time. A rolled hem is an ideal finish on a finer blouse or dress, or something made with silk or a sheer fabric.

Don’t try it on heavy weight or bulky fabrics, since it is best on a lighter weight fabric. Step 1: On the hem of your garment, stitch a straight line 1/4″ smaller from the desired hem allowance. Step 2: Fold the stitch line to the wrong side of the fabric and press with an iron. Step 3: Return to your sewing machine and stitch directly on top of the first stitch line. Step 4: After stitching, press the entire hem with the iron again. Step 7: Stitch directly on top of the stitches on the inside of the garment. Braided Crafts. They are the emblem of girlish cuteness: braids -- as in pigtails, as in Laura Ingalls and Pippi Longstocking.

Braided Crafts

In pretty fabrics or yarns, they make adorable adornments. But braids can also be surprisingly sophisticated, especially in such unexpected applications as a clutch of richly textured necklaces, a skinny strappy belt, or a leather cuff bracelet that looks for all the world like something from a high-end boutique. If you've ever put your hair in plaits, you have the ability to make any one of these easy pieces -- just give yourself a little relaxing time to twist, weave, and achieve.

Creative little daisy: Don't fear the zipper. Zippers seem to be the boogyman of sewing.

creative little daisy: Don't fear the zipper

The monster under the bed that puts fear in the hearts of sew-ers. And like the boogyman zippers need not scare you, the fear is only imagined.


Kanzashi - how to fold petals and more! Kanzashi In Bloom - the book that shows how to fold three styles of petals and much more! ** Clover Kanzashi Flower Makers, selected fat quarter packs, ideas for flower centers, plus many other Kanzashi supplies can be seen by clicking here My Barbie's petal is not difficult to fold, once you know how. Jess and I decided that it might be a good idea to provide still photos along with the video to help you master the steps.

Those photos can be found toward the bottom of this page, waaaay at the end, after the photos of the flower samples. Here's the flower I demoed in the video. Quilt-foundation-paper-piecing. Martingale - How to Quilt. Shapes Coloring Pages (Printable) Yardage Charts. Bedding Yardage Fabric for bedding is often overlooked because of a lack of variety or because of the expense associated with department store prices.

Yardage Charts

However, at J&O Fabrics' online fabric store we carry an extensive selection of fabrics that are appropriate for bedding. These are designer fabrics at discount prices that are ideal for bedspreads, pillow covers, sheets, blankets, duvets, dust ruffles and so on. With the following charts J&O offers some estimates on how many yards you may need for specific bedding projects. These charts are not intended to exhaustively treat every possible bedding project, but rather to give approximate yardages for some of the most common. Bedspreads cover the entire bed by folding over the bed pillows and hanging all the way to the floor on a standard bed.

Throw Style Bedspread Semi-fitted Style Bedspread Mattress Edge Fitted Bedspread Gathered Skirt Coverlets are similar to comforters in that they cover the top of the bed only. Throw Style Coverlet. Turn one fat quarter into 5 yards - Stop staring and start sewing! 5 beautiful yards of bias tape that is!

Turn one fat quarter into 5 yards - Stop staring and start sewing!

I discovered this method a few months back and it rocked my (small, fabric-centric) world. The way I always did it required cutting the first triangle off but then I was stuck with this wasted triangle. This method uses that triangle so there's no waste.