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Make your own Hitler video. The best free music playlists online. Relationship Explorer. Mindmapping - opret mind maps online.


Main Page - Encyclopedia Dramatica. Spademanns Leksikon. Making Your Twitter Followers A Little More Uneasy. Hele verden raser! Rasende raseri i de danske medier. Tastaturgenveje i Windows. This article lists keyboard shortcuts that you can use with Windows.

Tastaturgenveje i Windows

Windows system key combinations F1: HelpCTRL+ESC: Open Start menuALT+TAB: Switch between open programsALT+F4: Quit programSHIFT+DELETE: Delete item permanentlyWindows Logo+L: Lock the computer (without using CTRL+ALT+DELETE) Windows program key combinations CTRL+C: CopyCTRL+X: CutCTRL+V: PasteCTRL+Z: UndoCTRL+B: BoldCTRL+U: UnderlineCTRL+I: Italic. SoulPancake. Online Image to Icon Converter. Online toos for icons and cursors. This browser application lets you import an image and turn it into a small icon.

Online toos for icons and cursors

The icon can used as a favicon for your web site or on your desktop to customize folder or drive icons. This online tool lets you create shortcut to a web site and embedd icon into it. It produces a small .exe file with the icon and a single command that opens the web site you specify. Software for icons, cursors, pictures and photos. - version 2010.1 Create your own icons - draw pictures or design 3D models.

Software for icons, cursors, pictures and photos

Convert images to icons in batch, apply Photoshop-compatible filters, and manage icon libraries. All Windows and Mac icon formats are supported. - version 2013.1 Create cursors, both static and animated, apply filters on all frames of an animated cursor in one step.