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Make your own Hitler video. Handcrafted internet radio | The best free music playlists online | 8tracks. TuneGlue° | Relationship Explorer. Mindmapping - opret mind maps online.


Main Page - Encyclopedia Dramatica. Spademanns Leksikon. Making Your Twitter Followers A Little More Uneasy. Hele verden raser! Rasende raseri i de danske medier. Tastaturgenveje i Windows. SoulPancake. Online Image to Icon Converter. Online toos for icons and cursors. This browser application lets you import an image and turn it into a small icon. The icon can used as a favicon for your web site or on your desktop to customize folder or drive icons. This online tool lets you create shortcut to a web site and embedd icon into it. It produces a small .exe file with the icon and a single command that opens the web site you specify.

Since it is an .exe file, there is no ugly arrow overlaid over your icon. Draw a custom Windows mouse cursor in the browser. If you have a suitable image and need an icon for your application, use this free online tool to convert it. Create your own icons from a collection of graphic elements. Software for icons, cursors, pictures and photos. - version 2010.1 Create your own icons - draw pictures or design 3D models. Convert images to icons in batch, apply Photoshop-compatible filters, and manage icon libraries.

All Windows and Mac icon formats are supported. - version 2013.1 Create cursors, both static and animated, apply filters on all frames of an animated cursor in one step. Draw your cursors pixel by pixel or learn how to make cursors from 3D models. - version 2013.1 Edit pictures with all common drawing tools and image filters. More desktop tools These are tiny specialized tools that excell in a single area. Picture Resizer Shrink your photos with easiest-to-use batch image resizer on the planet. Change Cursors Change your active cursors directly from Windows Explorer by right-clicking on cursors. RealWorld Thumbnails View thumbnails of 3D models and layered images, icons and cursor in Windows Explorer.

Card Creator Create greeting cards using your own photos with an easy-to-use free tool. Image Grid Unicorn3D Web browser tools.