Complementary Currencies

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Ven: A Digital Currency Designed for Environmental Sustainability. Hub Culture is a global collaboration network with over 25,000+ members distributed across 110 countries.

Ven: A Digital Currency Designed for Environmental Sustainability

Their stated mission to expand collective consciousness is driven by the blend of online workspaces for knowledge sharing with offline Pavilions for meeting and connecting – all powered by their digital currency, Ven. Below is an interview with Hub Culture’s Founding Director, Stan Stalnaker. What compelled you to create Ven? For us it was a matter of practicality – with a global, diverse community, we found that no single currency could offer a single pricing structure for global inventory in Hub Culture. Our members needed a global wallet – as simple to use in Rio as Shanghai. You’ve said Ven can be thought of as ‘green money’? Today Ven is the only digital currency to be priced from a basket of currencies, commodities and carbon futures. What makes Ven different from other digital currencies, like Bitcoin, for example? How do I get some Ven, and is it safe?

Further reading: MERIT MicroEnterprise. esp.htm. Prólogo Revisión 1.0 Marc Gauvin Copyright © 2011-05-19 Todos los Derechos Reservados “El sistema” está controlado por “el sistema financiero”, y este último representa una antiquísima tecnología de la información (TI) que a su vez es tan rudimentaria como arbitraria. Hemos heredado este sistema de forma irracional a través de siglos de sutil condicionamiento y coacción social. Pero hoy día, en nuestra era tecnológica, jamás se nos ocurriría diseñar ninguna tecnología de la información sin que antes se recogiese un conjunto completo de requisitos coherentes y racionales. Talk:Main Page - Complementary Currencies Unconference. Mira currency pp june 10.


UNILETS Timebank Traders. UNILETS Timecurrency Account: Turmel John C. Añadir nuevos artículos. Bienvenido al sistema de inserción de intercambios de objetos Puedes insertar gratuitamente uno o más objetos que ofreces (algo que ya no uses y de lo que te quieras desprender) y uno o más objetos que desees a cambio. Una vez completado este proceso, los posibles interesados en tus objetos y quienes puedan tener lo que te interesa se convertirán automáticamente en tus amigos, y podréis intercambiar vuestros objetos, así de simple. Ten en cuenta que mientras más objetos insertes (ofertas y demandas), tendrás más posibilidades de encontrar lo que quieres y te encontrarán más facilmente.

Puedes intercambiar todo esto... Gracias por confiar en Chanzoo. Education – Bay Area Community Exchange. Outreach BACE is available to give 1-2 hour presentations on community currencies, covering the basics: what a community currency is, what kinds of currency systems exist, success models, and design considerations.

Education – Bay Area Community Exchange

There is no cost, but donations for travel expenses are always welcome. Contact mira (at) sfbace (dot) org for more info. We hope to host another screening in San Francisco, following a successful one in Berkeley, of the film The Money Fix and/or The Double Face of Money with a discussion of currency projects here in the Bay Area. We are also available to help with screenings of these films in your community. What is Money? Money acts as a medium of exchange so there doesn’t have to be a perfect match of what you need and what the person you are trading with needs around the same time. What is Community Currency? CoinsHD. Description The MoneyMuseum is a money and currency museum.


Its core is the collection of Western leading currencies from over 2500 years. With "CoinsHD" you can now download the entire MoneyMuseum's coin collection onto your iPad and: – go on various coin tours– learn about historical details on every coin– look at every coin, also close up– search for particular coins– bookmark interesting coins The MoneyMuseum is a platform of the Sunflower Foundation ( ...More.


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