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Límite de palabras en WordPress y cómo solucionarlo. Hay una limitación de WordPress no muy conocida, solo sufrida por aquellos que – como un servidor – tienen la costumbre de escribir mucho. Me refiero a la limitación de palabras/caracteres que puede contener una página o entrada. Una vez la superas tu entrada/página se muestra en blanco. Desconozco el número concreto de caracteres/palabras del límite (si tienes un rato te pones con ello), siquiera el motivo, que algunos aluden al uso de shortcodes, pero afortunadamente, que es de lo que se trata, tiene soluciones … varias.

La primera es obvia: ¡escribe menos, que nadie lee tanto en la web! … Dividir en varias páginas … Una solución muy inteligente (si, inteligente), es dividir un texto muy largo en varias páginas dentro de la misma entrada/página. Si te animas se hace así: paginación en las entradas WordPress. … Deja de usar shortcodes … Hay una solución para que los shortcodes dejen de provocar este feo fallo pero como implica modificar ficheros de la instalación mejor no lo utilices. IntelliWidget Per Page Featured Posts and Menus.

IntelliWidget is a versatile WordPress plugin that makes your dynamic sidebars "content aware. " It allows you to create custom "Profiles" for any page or post that can be used where the default sidebar widget would normally appear. You set the rules for each profile to display custom widget content any way you want. Use the shortcode option to put custom menus, featured posts and other dynamic content anywhere on your site. Because it is generated using active titles and permalinks, your sidebar content is always current with the latest versions. Select posts by title, date, category, tag, and many other ways. Combine with custom post types to create unlimited custom sidebar content.

Combine with your favorite jQuery Slider plugin to display animated slideshows. Reuse the settings from existing profiles to save hours of setup time. Tabbed Profile Panels All of the IntelliWidget Profile settings panels are combined into a single tab menu on the Edit Post admin pages. Intuitive Settings Panels. › Acceder. Premium and free tools for Wordpress chat support. Customer relationship is one of the important factor in marketing, in other words your potential business relies upon the relationship that you maintain with your customers. If you have an e-commerce website and selling the products then you should also have a chat system to retrieve the feedback of your customers. Embedding a chat system is less expensive comparing to phone support and with chat support you can note down the feedback or suggestions of your clients which can be further used to improve your website or add more features to it.

Here we have listed top 5 feature packed chat plugins for WordPress. Also read: How to Add Attention Grabbing Notification Bar to Your WordPress Blog? WPMUdev chat WPMUdev chat is one of the best chat plugins for WordPress which is highly customizable, multi-chat plugin that comes in free and paid versions. Quick Chat Quick chat is a free self hosted chat plugin for WordPress that stores chat data inside the WordPress database.

Comm100 Live Chat Barc. Code. is a type of shared environment, where all users are running off of the same software. This is great because it allows us at Automattic to update millions of blogs at the same time with a single click. It means we can fix bugs or offer new features very quickly, which is a win for you as users. Having all users running on the same software can also be dangerous. If we aren’t careful, one user has the potential to take down the entire site. If you wrote some code or pasted it in from another web site and then it disappeared after publishing the post, the code is likely being stripped out. allows the following HTML code in your posts, pages, and widgets: Check out W3 Schools for more information about what each of these HTML codes are used for.

If you are familiar with HTML, you’ll notice that codes such as embed, frame, iframe, form, input, object, textarea and others are missing from the above list. . ↑ Table of Contents ↑ JavaScript Flash and Other Embeds. WordPress Hosting|WPWebHost. Sitemaps. When it comes to sitemaps, there are several basic types. Sitemap Shortcode You can easily add a basic public sitemap of your pages with the sitemap shortcode, which automatically displays a list of all your pages in a hierarchical bulleted list format. ↑ Table of Contents ↑ Create a Site Index If you would like to create a site index, you can follow these steps: If you don’t have CATEGORIES included in your sidebar, go to your Sidebar Widgets editor and include it.Note: A categories drop down menu won’t work – it needs to be a list, so you may have to uncheck the “Display as dropdown” option on the categories widgetOpen a page of your blog up so that you can see the CATEGORIES sidebar with all the categories listed.Carefully highlight all of the categories in the CATEGORIES box and copy them to the clipboard.

Press CTRL-C for PC.Press CMD-C for Mac.Open the Manage Pages part of your Dashboard and create a new page.Paste the contents of the clipboard into the editor. News Sitemaps. Ineram › Acceder. URLs amigables con Wordpress. La importancia de los URLs en el posicionamiento Un URL es la secuencia de caracteres que se utiliza para nombrar un recurso en Internet. En otras palabras, es la dirección que introducimos en el navegador para acceder a una página web en concreto. La selección del dominio para nuestro sitio web, así como los URL del resto de páginas del sitio pueden llegar a ser determinantes para lograr un buen posicionamiento web. Resultará mucho más fácil posicionar una página web de nuestro sitio para unas palabras clave determinadas, si éstas se incluyen en el URL.

Por ejemplo, si escribimos un post en nuestro blog sobre los mejores plugins disponibles para WordPress, será mucho más fácil posicionarlo en los buscadores con un URL como esta: que con algo como esto: Configurar los URL en WordPress Para configurar la forma de presentación de los URL de nuestro blog tenemos que acceder a. Weblog Client. Wordpress Security | OSE Firewall. We are happy to announce that our first WordPress Firewall - OSE Firewall™ is released. OSE Firewall™ - A WordPress Firewall created by Open Source Excellence. It protects your WordPress-powered blog against attacks and hacking. The software has the following functions Block blacklisted methods (Trace / Delete / Track) Checks Malicious User Agent Detect Directory Traversal Checks Basic DoS Attacks Checks Basic Direct File Inclusion Checks Basic Remote File Inclusion Checks Basic Javascript Injection Checks Basic Database SQL InjectionVirus Scanning Function - YESAnti-Spamming Function - YES, with Stop Forum Spam CheckingWeb Protection Seal- YES, Free Languages The plugin currently supports the following languages: EnglishChineseFrenchGermany The language files can be found in this folder: YOUR_WORDPRESS_FOLDER/wp-content/plugins/ose_firewall/languages/ Screenshots Comparison to OSE Security Suite™ It is a basic version of the Anti-Hacking solution for WordPress.

Chinese and English. WordPress Photo Gallery Demo-Web Dorado. The Killer WordPress Checklist Infographic. Getting started with WordPress Plugins. ¿Cómo implementar una intranet en WordPress? WordPress es el gestor de contenidos que sustenta muchos de los blogs que leemos a diario; sin embargo, aunque se tienda a relacionar WordPress con el mundo de los blogs, también podemos usar este gestor para desarrollar otros tipos de páginas web.

En la red hay muchos sitios corporativos que están basados en WordPress y no tienen por qué ser un blog y, de hecho, esta flexibilidad también se puede trasladar a otro tipo de proyectos y, por ejemplo, es posible implementar una intranet en WordPress. ¿Una intranet en WordPress? Quizás pueda sonar extraño pero el termino intranet suele usarse mucho a nivel corporativo para hablar de páginas web que son internas a una empresa, es decir, no están publicadas al exterior. El plantamiento Una intranet, en el fondo, no dista mucho de cualquier otra página web corporativa aunque, eso sí, el público objetivo es muy distinto. Los temas Los plugins que podemos usar Las posibilidades para hacer crecer nuestra intranet en WordPress.

Creating an MVP With WordPress. It’s been one year since the idea of a natural looking stock photo marketplace came to my head and the long startup development cycle started. In this article, I’d like to share some of the stuff I’ve learnt, hacking my way, bootstrapping and launching an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) based on WordPress.

Refe is a marketplace of natural looking stock photography of people interacting with technology. What Is an MVP? Minimum Viable Product, usually referred as MVP, is simply a product that has minimal value for the highest return on invested time and/or money. The term was coined and defined by Frank Robinson, and popularized by Steve Blank and Eric Ries. Below is a great illustration that explains MVP very clearly. Image by BiotechStart. Refe, at the beginning, had to be a viable product to prove that it was worth investing time and money to work on it and build a sustainable business around it. Initial landing page of Refe. User Testing WordPress Pros & Cons for MVP Pros of Using WordPress.

Creating a Search Page. Languages: English • 日本語 • (Add your language) A Search Page is a WordPress Page with a custom Page template to give users more information for searching your site. Things You Need to Know Different WordPress Themes feature different template files. Some include a search.php template file. This is not a Search Page, it is merely a template that displays the search results. There is also a template file called searchform.php. To create your own custom Search Page, you will need to create a Page template to include your search form and the information you want your users to see before they search your site. Check your WordPress Theme to see if it includes a page.php template file. Using the page.php Using a text editor, open the page.php and save as searchpage.php (Note: The filename search.php is reserved as a special template name, so avoid its usage; the suggested searchpage.php just makes it easy to recognize in the list of files).

For certain older versions of WordPress <? <? <a href="<? Tesauro wordpress - AVG Yahoo Search Results. Los mejores calendarios para WordPress | SummArg. WordPress trae un pequeño calendario, para ser utilizado como widget, que coloca un link a los archivos por fecha y su correspondiente listado de entradas publicadas dicho día. Pero podemos expandir las funciones del calendario añadiendo diferentes plugins orientados a ayudarnos en diferentes tipos de uso como detallamos a continuación. El listado contiene 19 plugins gratuitos y pagos. My Calendar Orientado a la organización de eventos, con vista diaria, semanal o mensual.

Posee la capacidad de organizar eventos por categoría y de seleccionar los eventos como recurrentes. Dispone de un widget con un mini-calendario para colocar en cualquier parte del theme. Web del plugin Colorful calendar Muestra diferentes colores por fecha dependiendo de la configuración que escojamos. Comprar en CodeCanyon Simple events calendar Descargar WordPress Events Calendar Comprar Google Calendar events Descargar MagiCalender Comprar | Demo Event espresso lite Descargar WordPress Multiple Events Calendar with countdown.

WordPress Sidebars: Content Aware Sidebars - Intox Studio. Content Aware Sidebars is a free plugin that makes it possible to display multiple WordPress sidebars together with specific content on your webiste. By creating content aware sidebars you can boost on-site SEO by displaying far more relevant widgets and better Calls to Action on your pages. It has never been this easy to create dynamic and custom sidebars on your website, and you can use it without any code required. Download this plugin for free Features in Content Aware Sidebars Display WordPress sidebars together with content You can display custom sidebars with all or specific: Singulars, e.g. posts or pages(Custom) Post TypesSingulars with given taxonomies, e.g. categories or tagsSingulars by a given authorPage TemplatesPost FormatsPost Type ArchivesAuthor ArchivesTaxonomy ArchivesSearch Results404 Not Found PageFront PagebbPress User ProfilesBuddyPress Member PagesLanguages It is possible to select above mentioned content in any combination thanks to condition groups.

Download plugin. Plugins de WordPress para probar esta semana. Hacía tiempo que no dedicábamos unos minutos a hablar de WordPress, uno de los gestores de contenidos más utilizados en la red y sobre la cual se sustentan muchos de los blogs que visitamos a diario. Una de las características que hace que ninguna instalación de WordPress sea idéntica a otra son los plugins y widgets que uno puede encontrar en el repositorio de WordPress (y también en algunos otros sitios) con los que podemos personalizar a nuestro gusto las funcionalidades de nuestro blog y ampliar sus capacidades.

En este tiempo hemos repasado plugins de WordPress con los que podemos mejorar el rendimiento de nuestro blog, también hemos hablado de plugins con los que proteger nuestros contenidos o integrar nuestra presencia en redes sociales en nuestro blog entre otras funcionalidades que hemos ido revisando en este tiempo. TablePress Easy Smooth Scroll Links Weather and Weather Forecast Widget Simple User Profile wp-FileManager. Enabling and Using SVG in WordPress. Recently I’ve had a lot of issues with displaying a client’s rather intricate logo correctly at a small enough size to fit into a sticky navigation bar on their WordPress site. I tried everything. PNGs with transparency and PNGs without transparency (just in case that was a factor). I tried PNGs from 72ppi to 300ppi. I even had the client’s graphic designer who originally designed the logo to redesign a version just for that size! The client wasn’t too happy, and neither was I. If you’ve tried simply uploading an SVG to WordPress through the Media Uploader, you may have had a few issues.

Note: You’ll need to be able to edit your theme’s (or child theme’s) functions.php file and the root .htaccess file for this to work. Add SVG MIME Types to functions.php Open up your functions.php and add the following code: You should replace wpcontent_ with your own namespace. Add SVG Mime Types to .htaccess So, open your root .htaccess file and add the following after the line, #End WordPress. Developing a WordPress Blog Post Scoring System. WordPress WordPress blogs are certainly the best blogs out there, but wouldn’t it be great if you can create custom features for your WordPress blog posts? I was thinking about this for a long time, which led me to the creation of a new type of feature for my blog posts, a scoring system that automatically calculates your post’s score based on the number of Facebook likes, Tweets, Google +1s, and more activities, and displays it in your blog post in real time.

Creating a WordPress Blog Post Scoring System In this tutorial I will be showing you how to create such a system for your WordPress blog, using API call, and a simple plugin to track post view count, and since the score will be generated dynamically on every page load, there’s no need to flood your database with scores, and also this dynamic calculation is fast, and doesn’t slow down your site. So, let the development begin. Scoring Outline Creating the Functions Fetching Facebook Like Count Fetching Tweet Count Fetching Google +1 Count. The Definitive Guide to WordPress Security. The Definitive Guide to WordPress SSL Security. 10+ Essential WordPress User Role Plugins | CodeCheese. 7 Best Free Wordpress Sitemap Plugins | WPVirtuoso. Wordpress plugin vertical scroll image slideshow gallery. WordPress plugin Image vertical reel scroll slideshow. 18 Best WordPress Poll Plugins for Adding Polls. Should WordPress Add Core Support for Domain Mapping?

Wordpress: listar subpáginas dentro de una página | Nideaderedes. 10 WordPress Multisite Plugins you Shouldn’t Live Without ~ DesignWall. How to Make a Simple WordPress Options Page. 11 free, must-have WordPress plugins, April 2014. 25 Must-Have Plugins for WordPress Multisite Networks. Keeping WordPress Secure - The Complete Guide to WP Security. Upfront is a game changer for WordPress. WordPress Multisite Pros & Cons - Is Multisite the Right Choice? The 6 Best Free Wordpress Role Manager Plugins | WPVirtuoso. Automatically Find Any Broken Links On Your WordPress Site. Take Control Of The WordPress Editor With TinyMCE Advanced. Instalar Wordpress multisite y multidominio paso a paso | con2webs.

The best free WordPress plugins for June 2014. 9 Ways to Create a Crash Proof WordPress Site. Cómo hacer un menu desplegable para WordPress con jQuery? | SummArg. □ 15 pasos para instalar y configurar Wordpress en servidor. All In One WordPress Security and Firewall Plugin Overview. How to remove parent slug from child page's permalink. What To Do Or Consider After You Enable Multisite In WordPress. Track WordPress Changes & User Activity - Free Plugins to Download. Wpcore – para guardar, compartir e instalar colecciones de plugins de WordPress. Website Design Rotorua, WordPress & Hosting – Hodgeman Web Design - Hodgeman Web Design. How to Remove the Link from Parent Pages in WordPress | Headway 101. Personalizar los logos del login y panel de administración de Wordpress | con2webs. Como importar el contenido de tu WordPress a partir de un archivo SQL.

Otros 6 de los mejores plugins de WordPress para compartir en redes sociales. Encontrar el ID numérico de una Entrada o una Página en Wordpress - TecnoEnt. Como mostrar las paginas hijas en un menú en WordPress | Tesla Technologies & Software S.L. Saber si una página es hija de otra página a cualquier nivel en Wordpress - Héctor Garrofé. Cómo y por qué crear un tema “hijo”, child theme, para WordPress | Autonomía digital y tecnológica. Responsive Poll Preview. Techniques in responsive web design. Terminal de Linux – Dia 2: Rutas absolutas y rutas relativas | Aupax. Manual de Zypper para OpenSuse (Actualizado) | ext4 Blog, el rincón de Malcer.