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William Eggleston. Magnum and the Dying Art of Darkroom Printing. A few years ago, I had the pleasure of spending some time with Pablo Inirio, master darkroom printer at Magnum Photos in New York.

Magnum and the Dying Art of Darkroom Printing

I was thinking about that interview recently as I heard the news of Kodak’s bankruptcy and pondered the precarious status of “old media” like books, film and silver gelatin prints. Œuvres - Arnold Odermatt - Artistes - Galerie Georges-Philippe & Nathalie Vallois. Taryn Simon, photographe de lieux secrets. Spencer Brownstone Gallery. Opening reception April 11th 6-8pm Jeffrey Sturges presents the built environment through a precise and unsentimental frame.

Spencer Brownstone Gallery

His large, relentlessly frontal color images offer a play between a monumental format and subject matter that is decidedly everyday. Sturges’ photographs demonstrate how different architecture really is from the kind we studied in textbooks. He shows the relationship between the texture, color, and light in architecture and, their counterparts in painting.

Dominic Wilcox. Twitch nose to switch on and off.

Dominic Wilcox

Practical: read a book in the dark. Ralph Eugene Meatyard, 035_Jim-Marshall-70054-21a.jpg (JPEG Image, 500 × 756 pixels) The Camera Club by Chris Verene (NSFW) This is one of our favorite series we have come across in quite some time, and Chris Verene is a great photographer that we just learned about recently.

The Camera Club by Chris Verene (NSFW)

It's a creepy series, following groups of men who somehow lure young women into modeling nude by placing ads in the classified sections pretending to be fashion photographers. Le saviez vous? Paris 3e. Galerie Alain Gutharc. L'exposition « Cyberspaces » traite avant tout d'espace.

Paris 3e. Galerie Alain Gutharc

Ou plutôt des fragments d'un espace privé, à la fois réel et virtuel, que des prostituées « occasionnelles » donnent à voir et à pénétrer à leurs clients par le biais d'internet, d'une webcam, et… d'une carte de crédit. Le cybersex est un produit des Occidentaux qui nouent des relations virtuelles avec des femmes sud-américaines, asiatiques ou d'Europe de l'Est.

Il en résulte des scènes de fausse intimité dont témoigne Joachim Schmid. Best of 2013: Kohei Yoshiyuki's "The Park. Originally published on April 25th 2013: This morning we take a look at Japanese photographer Kohei Yoshiyuki's series of black-and-white photographs from the 1970s.

Best of 2013: Kohei Yoshiyuki's "The Park

Using a 35mm camera, infrared film, and flash, Kohei documented people who gathered in several of Tokyo's parks at night for romantic rendezvous and the many spectators that lurked in the bushes to watch and sometimes participate. The photos are raw, voyeuristic and uncomfortable. Exhibition: ‘Eugène Atget: Old Paris’ at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney. Exhibition dates: 24th August – 4th November 2012 “…I have assembled photographic glass negatives… in all the old streets of Old Paris, artistic documents showing the beautiful civil architecture from the 16th to the 19th century.

Exhibition: ‘Eugène Atget: Old Paris’ at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney

The old mansions, historic or interesting houses, beautiful façades, lovely doors, beautiful panelling, door knockers, old fountains, stylish staircases (wrought iron and wood) and interiors of all the churches in Paris… This enormous documentary and artistic collection is now finished. I can say that I possess the whole of Old Paris.”. Eugène Atget 1920. “The first time I saw photographs by Eugène Atget was in 1925 in the studio of Man Ray in Paris. .Spaces That Matter… Friends - Christopher Clary. "Qu'est-ce que la photographie", une exposition réjouissante au Centre Pompidou.

Cette question se pose depuis l'apparition de la photographie.

"Qu'est-ce que la photographie", une exposition réjouissante au Centre Pompidou

Là, les photographes n'y répondent pas par la théorie mais par les images. Les œuvres sélectionnées dans la collection de 40.000 épreuves photographiques du Centre Pompidou, des années 1920 à nos jours, montrent comment une trentaine d'artistes, de Man Ray à Jeff Wall, d'y sont confrontés. Rune Guneriussen - wall No. 9.

Bruce Munro - Installations. Krzysztof Pruszkowski. By subjecting his photographic topics, wether they are taken from the media or not, to "multiple superimpositions", Krzysztof Pruszkowski demonstrates the limits of the new reality.

Krzysztof Pruszkowski

A reality which disolves the notion of time picture by picture and, in a way, accounts for the speed which characterizes some videoclips, the instant circulation of information and pictures around the world. We are no more in the order of the snapshot. His process: to subject the picture to up to sixty or seventy superimpositions. He names it "photosynthesis" - the gathering of information which could not be covered in one shot.

The process is often limited to six or seven superimpositions. Barefoot: Christophe (Krzysztof) Pruszkowski. Tumblr_lj7vscWyQG1qhspze.jpg (JPEG Image, 500 × 430 pixels) Duane-michals-who-am-i-1995-Duan-Michals-Who-am-I.jpg (JPEG Image, 1290 × 854 pixels) - Scaled (79%) André Kertész – Distortions, 1933. Harry Callahan double exposure photo. Exposition Olafur Eliasson Contact. Résultats Google Recherche d'images correspondant à. Miwa YANAGI やなぎみわ. Roman Signer — Galerie Art : Concept — Exposition. Past: January 8 → February 19, 2011 Since the mid-seventies, Roman Signer has showed and re-enacted paradoxes.

Roman Signer — Galerie Art : Concept — Exposition

The mini-shows and non-happenings generated by his sculptures, installations and performances and documented by his videos and photographs form a permanent questioning on the economy of entertainment. With a light approach, his work tackles modern concerns such as efficiency, performance or productivity, as well as our deeply rooted obsession with functionalism. Renowned for his “Action/Sculptures”, Signer has often been defined as a pyrotechnical artist or even given the label of “explosion-artist”, but he refuses to be circumscribed by the abundant literature and many remarks circulating on his work.

Roman Signer / Works. Best of 2014: Photographs by Hermann Försterling. Snowce, Claire Pestaille. Video: William Eggleston - Imagine Documentary. Gilbert Garcin - Artiste Photographe. Harry callahan double exposure. Boris-mikhailov. b1-17-superimposition.jpg (JPEG Image, 825 × 550 pixels) Harri-peccinotti3.jpg (JPEG Image, 500 × 326 pixels) Gordon Matta-Clark. Justin_Carville_large_15_52_57_22-03-12.jpg (JPEG Image, 540 × 800 pixels) Home 1. "American Photographs" by Graham Miller. American Photographs by Australian photographer Graham Miller is the result of a road trip through the Southwest of America in the summer of 2009.

The mythology of the American West is embedded in our consciousness. Big skies, windswept desert plains, Wild West towns, and Route 66. It’s a cinematic landscape, intricately tied to images recalled from TV shows, films, photographs and novels that have lived in our minds since our childhood. This series of images represents an intersection between fables of the West and the reality encountered along the road. Through the windscreen of our silver V6 Ford Fusion, we saw little of the wilderness that Timothy O’Sullivan encountered on his Great Survey of the region in the 1870’s and only fragments of Robert Frank’s lonely gas stations, bars and luncheonettes from the 1950’s.

Pierre Jahan. Beyond Light and Shadow The Role of Photography in Certain Paranormal Phenomena 3923922388. ALEXEY TITARENKO. Joachim Mogarra. Walker Evans (1903–1975) Robert Adams - Summer Nights, Walking - Aperture Foundation. Robert Frank. « Pourquoi fais-tu toutes ces images ? – Parce que je suis vivant » Robert Frank. Rarement une œuvre photographique aura été aussi autobiographique que celle du photographe suisso-américain Robert Frank. Il fut également cinéaste avec de nombreux films expérimentaux ou sur des chanteurs, Rolling Stones, les Beatles, mais seule sa marque dans l’histoire de la photographie avec surtout ce livre culte « The Americans » sera évoquée.

La photographie moderne doit presque tout à Robert Frank. Plossu-web. Robert Adams Longmont Colorado. Exhibition dates: 15th October 2013 – 2nd March 2014 Another gem of a photography exhibition from the Getty. These In Focus exhibitions are just a treasure: from Making a Scene, Still Life and The Sky to Los Angeles, Picturing the Landscape and now Architecture. All fabulous. To have a photography collection such as the Getty possesses, and to use it.

To put on these fantastic exhibitions… Les anamorphoses de Felice Varini. L’artiste suisse Felice Varini peint ces grandes formes géométriques dans des espaces urbains en utilisant la technique de l’anamorphose. Hiroshi sugimoto polaroid. Photographer Snaps Nearly A Hundred Photos a Day With Homemade Camera. Miroslav Tichý, was a photographer that constructed his own homemade cameras out of cardboard tubes, tin cans, dress elastic and old camera parts he found. From 1960 to 1985 he used these homemade cameras to snap thousands of images around town often of unsuspecting women. It wasn’t till 1981 that one of his friends gathered up prints strewn all over his studio, and organized them to share with the world through photo exhibitions, that Tichý’s work would finally be discovered. Tichý was known around town as a rebel, an eccentric man, even the boogyman.

Images/helmut newton?page=1. Basel Week Miami ’13 / Previews: Ai Weiwei “According to What?” @ Perez Art Museum Miami. Arno Rafael Minkkinen. Main : Asger Carlsen. Fan Ho. For price and availability, please contact the gallery (415) 732-0300 Fan Ho was born in Shanghai, China in 1931. When was 13, his father gave him a twin lens Rolleiflex, and he was immediately entranced. From the start, he showed an innate sense of light and drama that are the hallmarks of his images today. Ho immigrated to Hong Kong in teens. There he began to document the drama of daily life in the bustling city, from crowded markets to lonely alleyways. Joel-Peter Witkin (Twelvetrees Press) [SIGNED] , Joel-Peter WITKIN - Rare & Contemporary Photography Books - Vincent Borrelli, Bookseller.