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Gokosha Lens Tester Model 32L… Black magic. Nimslo 3D Kamera MIT Vorsatzlinsen Tasche TOP Selten. J h.

Nimslo 3D Kamera MIT Vorsatzlinsen Tasche TOP Selten



In 1980, Sony marketed a commercial color videocam using a CCD. The world's first commercial color video camera to utilize a completely solid state image sensor, a charge-coupled-device, or CCD. It was also the smallest camera on the market, weighing only 2.8 pounds. MIMIYA ZE 35 - 1980. The ZE 35 was among the last of the 35mm SLR cameras produced by Mamiya. Intro to Stereo. The best cue to the apparent depth of any scene comes as a result of our "binocular vision" - the ability to instantly process the two different views our eyes see and fuse them together into a single "solid" image with height, width, and depth.

Intro to Stereo

This effect is especially noticeable up to about 100' or so, gradually decreasing in intensity with distance. The principle behind stereo or "3-D" photography is simply to simulate our normal binocular vision, using two images which correspond to what each eye would normally see. This typically involves the use of a "stereo" camera, having two identical lenses separated by a distance approximately equal to the distance between your eyes. PHOTO CINE - PLONGEE COLLECTION. Clever Canon AE-1 Program Digital Mod. Ken Rockwell posted some links to photos of a Canon AE-1 Program Digital a couple days ago, and photo-enthusiasts around the web have been discussing whether or not it’s a real camera.

Clever Canon AE-1 Program Digital Mod

From the photos and videos showing the camera, it’s pretty clear that it’s fake, and that someone with a lot of time on their hands hollowed out a Canon AE-1 Program camera and lens, put in a PowerShot SD 870 IS, and got the thing working. It’s pretty amazing that the AE-1 was modified so that all of the controls on the PowerShot are still accessible. Telephoto Anamorphic 2.28:1 Panavision Ultra Panatar. Fax-Ortho-NIKKOR 400mm F5.6 Huge Daimajin. Fax-Ortho-NIKKOR 400mm F5.6, Sakura Party with Excellent Lens The Huge Daimajin Shipbuilding Lens Big Dreaming Nippon Kogaku Sakura Party.

Fax-Ortho-NIKKOR 400mm F5.6 Huge Daimajin

Nikonos History 2. Nikon (Nippon Kogaku KK) RF Nikkor 105mm lenses for Nikon Rangefinder cameras - Index Page. 3in1 by gndrfck on DeviantArt. 15238_2.jpg (JPEG Image, 1802 × 1201 pixels) - Scaled (56%) Vtol. Ihagee Exakta Vx 1000 Collection appareils photo anciens par Sylvain Halgand. Chronologie de la marque Ihagee.

Ihagee Exakta Vx 1000 Collection appareils photo anciens par Sylvain Halgand

Yashica Yashica-Mat 124 G Collection appareils photo anciens par Sylvain Halgand. Google Translate. BI-CAM: UNA SMENA SIAMESE » Frankenphotography. La Bi-Cam è una macchina in grado di esporre la pellicola da due lati, fronte-retro.

BI-CAM: UNA SMENA SIAMESE » Frankenphotography

Du génie dans l'invitation. Carl Zeiss Super-Q-Gigantar 40mm f/0.33: The Fastest Lens Ever Made? If you thought the Zeiss f/0.7 lenses we shared yesterday were impressive, check out this crazy piece of glass: it’s the Carl Zeiss Super-Q-Gigantar 40mm f/0.33.

Carl Zeiss Super-Q-Gigantar 40mm f/0.33: The Fastest Lens Ever Made?

It’s what some people call the fastest camera lens ever made. Is that claim true? Well, yes and no… but mostly no. The lens went up for auction back in 2011 at the famous WestLicht Photographica Auction, where some of the biggest transactions in the camera world occur. It was billed as “the world’s fastest lens ever made,” had an opening bid of €6,000, and an estimated price of up to €16,000. Jno Cook e la democratizzazione della tecnologia fotografica » Frankenphotography. Double Cable Release for Auto Bellows – Olympus OM macrophoto group. Introduction The Double Cable Release is intended for use with the Auto Bellows, and allows the auto diaphragm of a Zuiko lens to be closed just before the shutter is released.

Double Cable Release for Auto Bellows – Olympus OM macrophoto group

Olympus OM Double Cable Release The shorter of the 2 cables is attached to the camera. The longer cable, which has a red ring near its tip, is attached to the lens mount of the Auto Bellows; the socket is on the same side as the smaller knob. The length of the needle in the longer cable must be adjusted so that the shutter is tripped just after the diaphragm is fully closed. The double cable release provides automatic diaphragm operation with the 4 auto bellows macro lenses, the 3 ordinary auto macro lenses, and with non-macro lenses. Stereo Realist camera manual, user manual. Stereo Realist This camera manual library is for reference and historical purposes, all rights reserved.

Stereo Realist camera manual, user manual

Exakta Macro Accessories. Traditionally, in the realm of 35-mm cameras one says macrophotography when the image size on film is 1/2 or more of the actual object size. The 1:1 scale requires the lens to be moved away by an extra focal length from the film plane. Thus, a 50 mm lens will require an extra 50 mm extension to provide life-size image on film.

Larger extensions allow for greater-than-life scale ratios. In addition to special lenses providing extra-long focusing helicoids (like the famous 2.8/35 mm Macro Flektogon), there existed a large variety of macro accessories for the Exakta/Exa system. Extension rings. (Canon 7 Rangefinder + 50mm f/0.95) X 2! The Zeiss Distagon 18mm half cut! These Miniature Spy Cameras Could Make You The Perfect James Bond. The Ticka and Compass I especially like. I'm assuming the Ticka let you set the time and then took a timed photo? Or was just disguised as a watch? Mini's are still made (Fuuvi Pick below) just aren't made as stylishly. Flagged It's still cool as a disguised camera only. Instruction guide is cool. : ALSAPHOT D'Assas 3 SHD.

YASHICA DENTALEYE. Poppy 3-D iPhone Camera - Cool Mom Tech. Remember your trusty View-Master from back in the day? Oh, the places you’d go as a kid, the hunk of red plastic pressed to your face, eyes wide as you click through the reels. Now you can have your childhood 3D optic adventures all over again, this time with some major upgrades. Meet the Poppy 3D iPhone Camera which is first of all, cute, and secondly available at Photojojo where we love everything. This is a lens that turns any iPhone into a 3D camera and viewer all in one, which I’d say is a match made in stereoscopic heaven. (That is, once I found out that “stereoscopy” means 3D imaging. Poppy uses mirrors to capture 2D photos and video at two different angles.

The Poppy 3D iPhone Camera is available online at Photojojo. Welcome to Nicole Blades, our newest Cool Mom Tech contributor. 3D Loreo Digital Camera Lens Attachments: ViewMaster, 3D Glasses, 3D Stereo Photography. Classic, collectible and old cameras price guide. Nimslo-Diana lens. 35mm Panoramic cameras. Nimslo's most interesting photos. 6482192729_acc331777e_b.jpg (JPEG Image, 1024 × 768 pixels) Cameras2. This is a flash bracket/battery holder for a Nimslo. It replaces the three tiny button batteries with 3 AA batteries. It also allows for a remote flash location to eliminate "red eye". You would need additional hot shoe to PC cord adapters of course. MATERIAL: Wood; AA battery holder (a four holder, but one space will have a jumper wire installed since you only want 3 batteries); snap clip for the wire connection; pen spring; tripod screw; crimp on wire connector. SKILL LEVEL: Easy. RISK: Low. RESULTS: Very good unit. The wires run down a slot routed in the wood.

It's whatever you want it to be in 1 second. The stereo twin hinge (twinge) bracket is the most versatile twin bar around. It works great for slides and prints. MATERIAL: Two flash brackets @ $12 ea. SKILL LEVEL: Easy. RISK: Low. RESULTS: Excellent. NEXT TIME: I wouldn't change a thing. Nimslo 35mm 3D Camera Commercial.

Vincent Price Nishika 3D Camera: Part Two. Stereo Realist. LIONEL (U.S.A.): Linex, c1954, cast-metal sub-miniature stereo camera for pairs of 16x20mm exposures on rollfilm. [Last auction sale recorded - May 2005]. - Price Estimate: $300 - $350. The terms and conditions of sale listed here contain the policies of Mossgreen Pty Ltd. They are the terms on which Mossgreen Pty Ltd and the Seller contract with the Buyer. They may be amended by printed Saleroom Notices or oral announcements made before and during the sale. By bidding at auction you agree to be bound by these terms. 1. Background to the Terms used in these Conditions The conditions that are listed below contain terms that are used regularly and may need explanation.

"the Buyer" means the person with the highest bid accepted by the Auctioneer. "the Lot" means any item depicted within the sale for auction and in particular the item or items described against any lot number in the catalogue. Leather Camera Bag / Satchel / Messenger Bag par LeftoverStudio. Niko Camera Strap. i7T3DGXNW.jpg (JPEG Image, 389 × 259 pixels) Wildlife Watching Supplies ® run by Kevin Keatley, wildlife photographer - our Infrared trip light beam kit includes a light beam sender and receiver. Wildlife Watching Supplies ® run by Kevin Keatley, wildlife photographer - our Infrared trip light beam kit includes a light beam sender and receiver. The store Jama Photo - Remote control & camera trap, Infrared Remote Control. La boutique des passionnés de nature My Cart 0 article My Account The store Jama PhotoJama Photo. Fuji Fujica Mini. J. Ihagee: Exakta 66 (vertical) (1948) Price Guide: estimate a camera value.

Checking out the Voigtlander VC Meter II with Leica M2. Hi Everyone, Lately i’ve been reading the back and forth conversations (arguments?) Between street photographers and the light meters that they prefer (or if they use one at all!) Particularly those conversations between people who work almost exclusively with Rangefinders cameras, like the Leica M or Canon 7 for example. My experience with my Leica M2 (as i have mentioned before) has always been without the use of a light meter. Yashica: Yashica-Mat 124 G (stereo) Price Guide: estimate a camera value. X5.jpg (JPEG Image, 800 × 445 pixels) Super Fujica Six - - The free camera encyclopedia.

NikonSP+1150mm.jpg (JPEG Image, 537 × 418 pixels) Cutaway Camera Praktiflex. FUJICA HALF. Olympus Pen FT. Appareil-photo-nikon-liste.jpg (JPEG Image, 3366 × 2380 pixels) - Scaled (30%) Flashadapter.jpg (JPEG Image, 2634 × 2388 pixels) - Scaled (38%) Yashica_230.pdf. Nikon F Waist-level finder. Horizont Russian Panorama Camera 24 x 58mm RARE Excellent Condition. Horizon 202 Panoramic Camera - Shutter Action. Robot I. Robot Royal Mod lll Xenon 40 1 9 Camera. Portfolio. Voigtländer Vitessa. The Vitessa was an innovative 35mm folding rangefinder camera made by Voigtländer in the 1950s.

The folding bed was replaced by a barn-door assembly, the focusing was operated by the user's right thumb via a wheel on the back of the top plate, with a distance dial (and depth-of-field scale) set into the top plate. The film advance and shutter cocking were operated with a large plunger rod pointing out of the top plate, that could be retracted when the camera was folded. It suffered a number of small variations during its production. The very first models did not have strap lugs nor automatic parallax correction.

The most expensive models had a 50mm f/2 Ultron lens, the others a 50mm f/3.5 or f/2.8 Color-Skopar. Vitessa shows a superb, almost Leica M3 quality fit and finish, uses Exposure Value settings, a system popular in the 1950's. The unique front covers are usually referred to as the "barn-doors". Appareil photo Yashica Electro 35 GSN - 35GSN rangefinder camera. Le Yashica Electro 35GSN, un remarquable télémétrique Le Yashica Electro 35 GSN est l'aboutissement de la gamme commercialisée à partir de 1966 avec l'Electro 35, le 35 G et le 35 GS. Cette quatrième génération d'Electro 35 fut produite à partir de 1973. How to make a Concrete Camera : Making Photos. Accessories. Yashica Mat 124 G - Lumières en boîte.

Reflex mono objectifs. Linhof 617SIII and Fuji GX617 - panoramic cameras - review. Une vue sur le télémétrique. Untitled Document. Démontage d'un Vega 28V. Callitype. Sunpak Auto DX 8R Thyristor Ring Flash. LEVELRIG gimbal direct drive with scarlett. The Click Shop Online Store. Test de la tête panoramique Nodal Ninja 4. How to Make DIY Red Scale Film.

Redscale.jpg (1818×2532) Nauticam NA-H4D housing for Hasselblad H4D /H3D system underwater alluminium housing, Canariasfotosub the underwater photo pros in Canary islands. 600430-04.jpg (600×430) Waterproof-leica-m8.jpg (468×341) DIY Mechanical Crank Driven Camera Slider. SAS - La boutique des passionnés Pellicules Photo ILFORD. BLACK AND GOLD HASSELBLAD 500 C/M. Objectif de Petzval. Kiev 6C. David White Stereo Realist Collection appareils photo anciens par Sylvain Halgand. 10010_10151910347954028_1734763028_n.jpg (550×698) Minolta 110 SLR Collection appareils photo anciens par Sylvain Halgand.

Overview. Fuji Fujica AX-3 Collection appareils photo anciens par Sylvain Halgand. Kim's Fujica Website, FUJICA, FUJICA MANUALS, CAMERA MANUALS, INSTRUCTION MANUALS, FUJICA ST601, FUJICA ST605, FUJICA ST605N, FUJICA ST701, FUJICA ST705, FUJICA ST801, FUJICA ST901, FUJICA AZ1, FUJICA STX1, FUJICA STX1N,FUJICA STX2, FUJICA AX1, FUJICA AX3. Fujica_ax-3 on-line camera manual. Spiratone 180º Fish Eye (auxiliary) Lens - Classic Manual Cameras Forum.