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School leadership and management. METATRONVR. IT sector stumbles on skills gap, Business, Phnom Penh Post. Cambodia's nascent information technology (IT) sector faces an enormous skills gap that is slowing the industry’s development, increasing costs for businesses and affecting the competitiveness of firms in the Kingdom, according to a report released yesterday.

IT sector stumbles on skills gap, Business, Phnom Penh Post

The Cambodian IT industry: Skills for a digital economy report, produced by Cambodia-based online consultancy Digital Rain, conducted surveys with 21 IT-focused businesses and carried out focus group interviews with 63 IT students in the country. The report found that 75 percent of businesses interviewed were unable to hire competent IT staff, pushing most firms to provide training for their new employees at significant costs.

Though there are many entry-level applicants, their skills are very low, the report said, adding that there is also a significant shortage of qualified senior level staff. “The most difficult roles to fill were IT project managers and team leaders where there is a small pool of talent to choose from,” it said. Tableau Software. Startup news cambodia, startup news Asia, technology Cambodia, Technology news Asia. Over the last two days, we’ve been writing about various programmes and courses that seek to nurture female entrepreneurs in the Kingdom.

Startup news cambodia, startup news Asia, technology Cambodia, Technology news Asia

From SHE Investments’ programme to Technovation Cambodia’s incubator, the spotlight is being thrust on helping female entrepreneurs succeed with their business ideas. Continuing along that vein, here is yet another incubator programme for women that you could consider – WeCreate Cambodia’s Startup Academy. A 15-week programme that has been specially designed to accelerate the development of businesses started by women, the course will focus on walking participants through the universal steps required to build a company. Each week of the programme will feature an experiential business-building session that is tailor-made for startups. These sessions will teach participants how to create a core business model and the various methods of quick revenue generation. The 15-week programme costs $150 for a team of 3 who are working on the same business idea.

Edufactory. Curriculum Units. Afghanistan The United States in Afghanistan Students use primary source documents, readings, and new media sources as they consider the future of U.S. policy in Afghanistan.

Curriculum Units

Brazil Brazil: A History of Change Students examine the surprising and often overlooked history of how Brazil became a unique, dynamic country with an important history, diverse culture, and its own path of development. Climate Change Climate Change and Questions of Justice Students explore the causes and effects of global warming and delve into questions of who is most responsible for and vulnerable to the changing climate. Colonization. No Job Is Safe, But These Skills Will Always Be Valued in the Workplace. From time to time, the Singularity Hub editorial team unearths a gem from the archives and wants to share it all over again.

No Job Is Safe, But These Skills Will Always Be Valued in the Workplace

It's usually a piece that was popular back then and we think is still relevant now. This is one of those articles. It was originally published November 19th, 2015. We hope you enjoy it! If you’d asked farmers a few hundred years ago what skills their kids would need to thrive, it wouldn’t have taken long to answer. But in the last few centuries? Each generation, and even within generations, we see some jobs largely disappear, while other ones pop up. In a world where these labor cycles are accelerating, the question is: What skills do we teach the next generation so they can keep pace? Development Innovation Ventures. An Error Occurred Setting Your User Cookie. Work Based Learning: A-Z Resources. Every day, in the normal course of work, we are learning.

Work Based Learning: A-Z Resources

Alison. Reframing Student Outcomes to Develop 21st Century Skills. Preparing 21st century citizens role work based learning linked learning. Career Preparation / Work-based Learning. Work-based learning experiences are a valuable component of the School-to-Career program.

Career Preparation / Work-based Learning

Students who participate in these learning experiences are better prepared to be career-focused and globally competitive. The range of experiences available can be illustrated as a spectrum -from limited career exploration to in-depth work assignments. Work-based learning experiences provide an integration of core and technical instruction, which enhances the overall curriculum, increases learning, promotes instructional rigor and meets the educational needs of all students.

Real work setting One essential aspect of the work-based learning experience is to place the student in a real work setting away from the school. Oversight. CTE WBL Course: Instructional Resources. The Linked Learning Advantage: Using Linked Learning to Implement the Common Core State Standards. Linked Learning Alliance. LaunchPath is an online tool designed to connect employers, educators, and students to strengthen our workforce and close the skills gap in California.

Linked Learning Alliance

Through internships and work-based learning experiences, prepared high school and community college students have the opportunity to make substantive contributions and gain valuable experience. LaunchPath saves time, reduces risk, simplifies partnerships, and accelerates talent acquisition. LaunchPath is a joint project of the Foundation for California Community Colleges and the Linked Learning Alliance, made possible through seed funding by JPMorgan Chase Global Philanthropy and sustained through a combination of public and private support.

Visit the website to learn more and register: Interested in hosting an intern? Check out the LaunchPath Playbook! Preparing 21st century citizens role work based learning linked learning.