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Vaccine Injury Compensation Program Is Failing. By Dr.

Vaccine Injury Compensation Program Is Failing

Mercola Most people can now clearly see that the measles cases in Disneyland were a first-class propaganda con game, brilliantly played out by the pharmaceutical industry to ensure profitable cradle-to-crave control of our bodies. It's interesting to note that many of the same people staking out abortion rights using "my body, my choice" reasoning are simultaneously contradicting themselves when it comes to laws removing choices about use of pharmaceuticals like vaccines. Drug Companies Donated Millions to California Lawmakers The new law (SB 277), signed by Governor Jerry Brown on June 29, 2015, denies parents in California the legal right to file a personal belief exemption to vaccination for religious and conscientious beliefs so their children can attend school.

"Nine of the top 20 recipients are either legislative leaders or serve on either the Assembly or Senate health committees. A Way To Stop Ebola Discovered! 78 percent of Pakistani children with polio were given polio vaccines.


Ice Bucket Challenge: ALS Foundation Admits Less Than 27% Of Donations Fund Research & Cures. Anthony Gucciardi Prison August 28, 2014 As a huge proponent of serious charitable organizations, it always is disturbing to see trends such as Kony 2012 and various Susan G.

Ice Bucket Challenge: ALS Foundation Admits Less Than 27% Of Donations Fund Research & Cures

Komen for the Cure initiatives take the social media atmosphere by storm. From the ultimate backlash against the celebrity-driven Kony fraud to the embarrassment of the KFC ‘Buckets for the Cure’ campaign backed by Susan G. Komen, I was immediately hoping that the infamous new ‘ice bucket challenge’ would in fact be an exception to the series of misled social media fundraising campaigns. But don’t just take my word for it. $95 Million Later: Only 27% Of Donations Actually Help ‘Research The Cure’

Food Fraud

Everything About Colloidal Silver. Two thousand, three hundred years ago, Alexander The Great was surveying his battlefield and drinking water from silver urns.

Everything About Colloidal Silver

He knew nothing about bacteria, but he knew that silver containers have a seemingly miraculous way of keeping water fresh. Silver has been used for thousands of years in different forms for its health benefits. The Swine Flu Pandemic - Fact or Fiction? American health officials declared a public health emergency as cases of swine flu were confirmed in the U.S.

The Swine Flu Pandemic - Fact or Fiction?

Health officials across the world fear this could be the leading edge of a global pandemic emerging from Mexico, where seven people are confirmed dead as a result of the new virus. On Wednesday April 29th, the World Health Organization (WHO) raised its pandemic alert level to five on its six-level threat scale,1 which means they've determined that the virus is capable of human-to-human transmission.

The initial outbreaks across North America reveal an infection already traveling at higher velocity than did the last official pandemic strain, the 1968 Hong Kong flu. Phase 5 had never been declared since the warning system was introduced in 2005 in response to the avian influenza crisis. Phase 6 means a pandemic is under way. Just What is a Pandemic Anyway? By definition, a "pandemic" is an epidemic that is geographically widespread.

Much Fear Mongering Being Promoted Symptoms include:


FDA. USDA. UNSCEAR. WHO. Pharmaceutical. Morgellons Disease - A Crime of Silence. Let's summarize what we have learned about the Morgellons laboratory findings.

Morgellons Disease - A Crime of Silence

We have seen that there are fluorescent properties in some of the fibers and that these fluorescent substances contain proteins from some highly unusual and non-human organisms. It is ironic (or maybe not) that almost all of these exotic organisms have had their entire genomes studied and published. This would be essential for any serious trans-genetic manipulation. Indeed, these fluorescent proteins suggest that the organisms that produced them were genetically manipulated and tagged in some laboratory, for what purpose we do not know. The proteins come from some pretty nasty things, including organisms that make biofilms and violacein -- both which disable the human immune system, cause East Coast Fever and can insert random genes in our human cells!

Whether it is by design or by accident, it is apparent that Morgellons Disease was man made. The most affected regions are California, Texas and Florida. Dr. Don't let Congress deny your right to know: Oppose the DARK act. The Grocery Manufacturers Association has introduced a bill in Congress that would block states from enacting GE food labeling laws and make “voluntary labeling” the law of the land.

Don't let Congress deny your right to know: Oppose the DARK act

Big Food is trying to kill your right to know if the food you’re eating is genetically engineered. With their anti-labeling allies like Monsanto and Dow, the Grocery Manufacturers Association has teamed up with Koch brothers-backed Congressman Mike Pompeo of Kansas to introduce a federal bill that would deny your right to know.

The bill (HR 4432), which we're calling the “Deny Americans the Right-to-Know Act (DARK Act),” would: Prevent states from adopting their own GE labeling laws. Block any attempt by states to make it illegal for food companies to put a “natural” label on products that contain GE ingredients.