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10 iOS Security Apps to Protect Your iPhone, iPad from Hackers - Security. By Fahmida Y.

10 iOS Security Apps to Protect Your iPhone, iPad from Hackers - Security

Rashid | Posted 2011-11-15 Email Print The low volume of serious malware for the iOS platform makes iOS users complacent about the kinds of security risks they are facing. But the truth is that iPhone users still face a variety of security threats. Intego VirusBarrier. Cisco Connect Express. Description Home networking just got easier.

Cisco Connect Express

When connected to your home Wi-Fi, use the Cisco Connect Express App to add devices to your network, manage guest access, and change Wi-Fi and router information. Now Linksys E-Series, X-Series and Valet router users can have their real-time network information at their fingertips from anywhere in the home. Key Features: Guest access – An easy way for visitors to get online. Connect Express Mobile App. Like many websites, Linksys uses technologies, such as cookies and web beacons, which allow us to make your visit to our website easier, more efficient and more valuable by providing you with a customized experience and recognizing you when you return.

Connect Express Mobile App

A cookie is a small data file transferred by a website to your computer’s hard drive. Linksys’s website sends cookies when you visit it, make purchases, request or personalize information, or register yourself for certain services. A cookie cannot read personal data off your hard disk or read cookie files created by other sites; indeed, the only personal information a cookie can contain is information you supply yourself. Accepting the cookies used on our website may give us access to information about your browsing behavior, which we may use to personalize your experience and track user traffic patterns. Cookies are typically classified as either “session” cookies or “persistent” cookies. Cisco AnyConnect. Description Administrators – If you have any questions regarding licensing or would like evaluation licenses, please contact ac-mobile-license-request (AT) and include a copy of "show version" from your Cisco ASA.

Cisco AnyConnect

If you already have an Essentials or Premium ASA license, you may use the automated license request tool at: Please note that AnyConnect for iOS requires a Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) running software image 8.0(3).1 or later. The ASA requires an AnyConnect Mobile license (L-ASA-AC-M-55XX=), as well as either an AnyConnect Essentials (L-ASA-AC-E-55XX=) or AnyConnect Premium Clientless SSL VPN Edition (L-ASA-AC-SSL-YYYY=) license, where XX is the last two digits of your ASA model number and YYYY is the number of simultaneous users. AnyConnect Mobile and Essentials licenses are enabled per ASA, there is no per user charge for either of these licenses.

Features: Release Notes: AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client for Apple iOS User Guide, Release 2.4. Junos Pulse. Description Junos Pulse for iOS enables secure connectivity over SSL VPN to corporate applications and data from anywhere, at any time.

Junos Pulse

Using Junos Pulse, you can connect securely to your corporate Juniper Networks SA Series SSL VPN gateway and gain instant access to business applications and networked data from wherever you are. REQUIREMENTS:Juniper Networks SA Series SSL VPN Gateway running version 6.4 or later. Learn more at Please check with your Help Desk or Corporate IT department to be sure your SSL VPN is ready for Junos Pulse for iOS. JUNOS PULSE v2.0 FEATURES:o Access to web-based applications and corporate email within the app. JUNOS PULSE v2.0.2 FEATURES:o Support for secondary authentication when client certificate authentication is the primary authentication method.o The app no longer exits when suspended. JUNOS PULSE v2.1.0 FEATURES:o The app is now a universal iOS app, with native user interfaces for all platforms (iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad).

Accellion. Description The Accellion iOS Mobile App is designed for Accellion business and enterprise customers.


Mobile business users can access their Accellion Secure Mobile File Sharing environment to share files, collaborate in real-time, edit documents, and move projects forward while ensuring enterprise data security. This Accellion iOS Mobile App lets users:•Securely create, edit and view Microsoft Office files (Excel, Powerpoint and Word) using Accellion Mobile Productivity Suite, either online or offline. •Securely print content from Accellion’s secure container to on-premise corporate printers without connecting to corporate network. Secure File Transfer - Secure Collaboration - Managed File Transfer - Accellion.

SplashID Safe for iPad for iPad on the iTunes App Store. SplashID FAQ for iPhone and iPod Touch. If you don't find the answer to your question in the FAQs below, you may request technical support here.

SplashID FAQ for iPhone and iPod Touch

Installation Registration General Technical How does the trial version differ from the regular version? The trial version and regular version are identical. How do I install SplashID? Go to the download page, and click the Download button for SplashID for Windows or Mac OS. Webroot SecureWeb Browser. Description Webroot® SecureWeb™ is the most advanced web browser for your iPhone®, iPad®, and iPod® Touch.

Webroot SecureWeb Browser

Shop and bank securely, block malicious sites, use tabs for faster browsing, and see which search results from Google, Yahoo! , Bing, and Ask are the safest to explore. Customer Reviews Works fine Fore Me! By Rich's 4 2013. iPhone, iPad Security Apps & Protection − SecureWeb for iOS Devices. GadgetTrak. Laptop theft recovery software, stolen laptops, data protection, theft recovery software for laptops. With all of the photos, contacts, apps and music on your iPhone, losing it would be a massive pain.

Laptop theft recovery software, stolen laptops, data protection, theft recovery software for laptops

Unfortunately, that pain is felt by thousands of smartphone users every day. Ask them — they wish they'd had GadgetTrak installed. McAfee WaveSecure. Download McAfee WaveSecure for iPhone, the backup and restore service for your phone. App Store - Lookout Mobile Security - Free. Description Don’t lose your iPhone or iPad again!

App Store - Lookout Mobile Security - Free

Lookout is the best way to protect your precious iOS device from data loss, theft and other threats that put your personal information at risk. See why more than 50 million users trust Lookout to protect their devices! Free Download for Mobile Antivirus Protection. Millions Trust Lookout Download from Google Play Get Lookout for Android One download protects you from mobile threats, keeps your data backed up, and helps locate your phone if it’s stolen or lost. Get more info Lookout for Business lets you keep company data confidential with remote Lock and Wipe. VirusBarrier. VirusBarrier for iPhone: Protect Your iPhone By Scanning for Malware. Two jailbreaks now have involved Safari-based buffer overflows to gain full root privelages. In both instances, the developers used these exploits for "good" to allow people to jailbreak their phones, but they could have just as easily used them to install malware. We're lucky those exploits were found by good guys instead of bad guys, or we could very easily have lots of infected iPhones out there. iOS is vulnerable, but it's not low-hanging fruit so it's not likely to be targeted atm.

Yes, but those jailbreaks still require user interaction. You have to reset into recovery mode. That isn't something most users are going to know. (edit: Do you still have to go into recovery mode? Your first claim is incorrect. VirusBarrier iOS - The first malware scanner for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.