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Working in the future

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Popular Jobs In The Future. Future Jobs. "The future ain't what it used to be.

Future Jobs

" Yogi Berra Jobs which don't yet exist or may be growth areas in the future. Throughout history, jobs have disappeared and new jobs have taken their place. We no longer need gas lamplighters or matchmakers. Some jobs have evolved, tooth pullers becoming dentists, and typists using word processors (you can play our game about jobs which no longer exist at It is worth knowing which jobs are likely to be growth areas as employment in these jobs could make your career progression much easier in future and also provide you with greater job security.

Medicine With an increasing population worldwide, and more importantly a growth in the percentage of the elderly due to longer life spans, there will be a need for more people to work in this area both helping the elderly and researching ailments such as dementia. Ultimately, there will be a great increase in robotic help. Space Social networks. 15 Traits Of The Ideal Employee. Life Rethinks Apple: iDesk. Posted 01/17/2012 at 9:31am | by Chris Slate Making work much more efficient and immeasurably more fun to do Some of the most exciting new ideas are built upon old concepts, and revolutionize the ways in which we utilize things that have been around for so long that we hardly give them a second thought anymore.

Life Rethinks Apple: iDesk

Everyone expects continual technological advancement from computers and mobile gizmos, but when you can suddenly check email on the bathroom mirror (, entrust your climatic comfort to an intelligent thermostat (, or make the refrigerator the digital hub of your household ( well, that’s just cool. Improvements to seemingly small and insignificant things can greatly enhance the quality of our daily lives (thank you, Sleep Number bed!) , and since many of us spend a large portion of our days sitting behind a desk, it’s the perfect place for Apple to work its transformative techno-magic. Illustrations by Adam Benton. Telecommuting Guidelines - Telecommuting Pros and Cons - Telecommuting Tips for the Information Technology Workplace - Telework. Telecommuting, or working from home or another place other than the regular office, is becoming more prevalent these days.

Telecommuting Guidelines - Telecommuting Pros and Cons - Telecommuting Tips for the Information Technology Workplace - Telework

A study by the Consumer Electronics Association has found that 37 percent of employed adults in the U.S. work from home at least one day a month, and that a large number of them are planning to spend a good chunk of change on technology products to make it easier to telecommute. Why Telecommute? The progress of technology has helped accommodate the telework option. Wireless devices, web applications and collaboration tools such as online meeting software make it much easier to interact with managers and colleagues even when you're not in the office.

There are a number of reasons people would prefer to work from home rather than in an office: They can focus better on their tasks with fewer disruptions. Companies may also offer telecommuting options for the following reasons: To promote work/life balance. Drawbacks of Telecommuting When Telework is Not Ideal. What is Telecommuting.

Telecommuting Definition. Definition: Telecommuting is a work arrangement in which the employee works outside the office, often working from home or at a location close to home (including coffee shops, libraries, and various other locations).

Telecommuting Definition

Rather than travelling to the office, the employer “travels” via telecommunication links, keeping in touch with coworkers and employers via telephone and email. The worker may occasionally enter the office to attend meetings and touch base with the employer (however, with the conference call and today’s improved videoconferencing capabilities, telecommuters can even attend meetings from home).

Telecommuting allows a worker greater freedom regarding his or her work hours and work location. Telecommuting Resources Also Known As: e-work, e-commuting, working from home, telework, work from home, telecommute Examples: John telecommutes processing health insurance claims for his employers. The Way We'll Work - The Future of Work. Look Inside Apple's Spaceship Headquarters With 24 All-New Renderings. Cupertino city officials recently gave the green light on Apple's wild new headquarters.

Look Inside Apple's Spaceship Headquarters With 24 All-New Renderings

Image: City of Cupertino Here's one of the first looks we've had inside the building. Note the iPod Nano banners: Apparently, Apple ads are the only art that'll do for Apple Campus 2. Image: City of Cupertino Slated for completion sometime in 2016, the new headquarters will inarguably be a stunning place to work. Here: the cavernous cafeteria. Image: City of Cupertino Office life will spill into a verdant landscape on both the inside and outside of the ring. An entrance to the campus. Cupertino city officials recently gave the green light on Apple's wild new headquarters. At this point, there’s a good chance you’ve seen pictures of Apple’s proposed new headquarters — a 2.8-million-square-foot spaceship parked in a verdant man-made forest in the northeast corner of Cupertino. Employees lounge on the lawn outside Apple’s future ringed headquarters.