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Snake in a Sweater - Album on Imgur. "Two Chips" / An Animated Short. Trailer for Leviathan: Warships is Perhaps the Smoothest Game Trailer Out There [Video] Just to be clear, I’m not usually much of a Paradox Interactive fan.

Trailer for Leviathan: Warships is Perhaps the Smoothest Game Trailer Out There [Video]

Their video games often need a little more time in the over or too granular for me. That said, their latest trailer from Leviathan: Warships has totally and completely won me over. To put it in their own terms, “ship just got real.” Titled “Leviathan: Warships Jazzy Trailer,” it completely delivers on everything you might expect out of a trailer described as “jazzy.”

It’s obviously not something they invested a lot of money in, but it shows off the features of the game in an amusing way that makes them stick out in the mind. Plus, turn-based strategy with ships that can fire lasers. Relevant to your interests. s0CDwsW.jpg (JPEG Image, 425 × 640 pixels) Accidental art... 14 k or Ouroboros Ring par ChrisMuellerJewelry. 14k Gold Y Ouroboros Ring par SaaraReidsema. Otherkin. A regular {7/3} heptagram known as the Elven Star or Fairy Star is used by some members of the otherkin subculture as an identifier.[1] Otherkin are a community of people who see themselves as partially or entirely non-human.


They believe that they are, in spirit if not in body,[2] not human. This is explained by some members of the otherkin community as possible through reincarnation, having a nonhuman soul, ancestry, or symbolic metaphor.[1] According to Joseph Laycock, "scholarship has framed this claim as religious because it is frequently supported by a framework of metaphysical beliefs. "[3] Not all otherkin necessarily share these beliefs; some may simply prefer to identify as non-human. Description[edit]

Jesus Christ, Silicon Valley. And it's May. Reinhart, Rogoff... and Herndon: The student who caught out the profs. This week, economists have been astonished to find that a famous academic paper often used to make the case for austerity cuts contains major errors.

Reinhart, Rogoff... and Herndon: The student who caught out the profs

Another surprise is that the mistakes, by two eminent Harvard professors, were spotted by a student doing his homework. It's 4 January 2010, the Marriott Hotel in Atlanta. At the annual meeting of the American Economic Association, Professor Carmen Reinhart and the former chief economist of the International Monetary Fund, Ken Rogoff, are presenting a research paper called Growth in a Time of Debt. At a time of economic crisis, their finding resonates - economic growth slows dramatically when the size of a country's debt rises above 90% of Gross Domestic Product, the overall size of the economy. Word about this paper spread. And so did student Thomas Herndon. Thomas chose Growth in a Time of Debt. Christina Ricci - 7 Minutes in Heaven. Pappasitos Brochette Shrimp - Copycat Recipe Recipe. HERE IS TODAY. NZ Anti-Drink Driving Commercial - Legend.

El7DuBB.gif (GIF Image, 480 × 360 pixels) E. L. Konigsburg, Author, Is Dead at 83. NASA lets us watch the Sun spin for 3 years in 4 minute video. Back in February 2010 NASA launched the Solar Dynamics Observatory–a 3-axis stabilized satellite and fully redundant spacecraft that will observe the Sun for five years.

NASA lets us watch the Sun spin for 3 years in 4 minute video

It has five years of additional fuel on board if NASA decides to extend the mission, though. The aim of the SDO is to monitor solar activity and see how that impacts space weather. On board it has the Atmospheric Imaging Assembly (AIA) consisting of four telescopes, the Extreme Ultraviolet Variability Experiment (EVE) that measures the Sun’s ultraviolet output, and the Helioseismic and Magnetic Imager (HMI) that maps solar magnetic fields and helps map the sun’s magnetic dynamo. As part of its observations, the SDO captures an image of the Sun every 12 seconds using the AIA, but varies those shots across 10 different wavelengths.

NASA has now collected 3 year’s worth of image data from the SDO and has put together the video you see below. uYHnQrW.gif (GIF Image, 200 × 300 pixels) Michael Shannon Reads the Insane Delta Gamma Sorority Let... Hey, Young Men! Does the Media Think You’re an Ordinary Looking Guy? Two Young Men: Ordinary looking guys, white men.

Hey, Young Men! Does the Media Think You’re an Ordinary Looking Guy?

Untitled. The Man Utility Ring in Titanium by Boone Titanium Rings. The Man Ring This is one of the most unique rings ever produced.

The Man Utility Ring in Titanium by Boone Titanium Rings

Crafted from aerospace grade titanium, it is a comfortable and smart looking ring. Hidden inside is an assortment of useful tools. It has a working bottle opener, a straight blade perfect for cutting packing tape or fishing line, a serrated blade for tougher things like nylon strapping or those tough to open electronics heat sealed packages, a saw for cutting plastic and wood, and it has a comb! Although the comb is tiny, it actually does a surprisingly good job on the 'stache or head! The ring is custom made in exactly your size. Tylenol Found to Reduce Anxiety Over 'Existential Uncertainty and Death' Visit Rapture - Album on Imgur. 740798main_20130411-M6flare-orig_full-1500.jpg (JPEG Image, 4096 × 4096 pixels) - Scaled (24%)

Puns and cannibals - Fredo and Pidjin. The Webcomic. Astronauts' Favorite Space Food: Shrimp Cocktail - Megan Garber. Technology.

Astronauts' Favorite Space Food: Shrimp Cocktail - Megan Garber

xPQX3jz.gif (GIF Image, 500 × 270 pixels) Why the mantis shrimp is my new favorite animal. Game of Thrones RPG. 1ucasvb's lab. 79629813053 305 1394863200 mrfb asked: What are your thoughts on the pi v. tau debate?

1ucasvb's lab

(For those unaware of the Pi. vs. Tau debate, read the Tau Manifesto and then the Pi Manifesto). I’m actually extremely pro-tau, but only under certain conditions. Has Canada's government been muzzling its scientists? Canada's Information Commission is to investigate claims that the government is "muzzling" its scientists.

Has Canada's government been muzzling its scientists?

The move is in response to a complaint filed by academics and a campaign group. BBC News reported last year instances of the government blocking requests by journalists to interview scientists. Some scientists alleged that the muzzling could help suppress environmental concerns about government policies. The former president of the Canadian Science Writers' Association, Veronique Morin, says that the commissioner's office will now have to find out if the federal government has in effect been operating a policy of censorship. "Vital stories pertaining to the environment, natural resources, food safety, fisheries and oceans are not coming out in Canada because, for several years now, the government has imposed rules which prevents its scientists from speaking freely about their publicly funded research," she said.

HADOKEN-ing Is Japan's Hottest New Meme And It Is Awesome. NuordkS.jpg (JPEG Image, 1536 × 2048 pixels) - Scaled (48%) CNN Reports On The 'Promising Future' of the Steubenville Rapists, Who Are 'Very Good Students' Student Reflection: Obstacles to Gender Equality at Work and Home, in Reaction to Rosenblum - Feminist Law ProfessorsFeminist Law Professors. The following is a guest post by Margaret Serrano, a student at Pace University School of Law (JD expected 2013).

Student Reflection: Obstacles to Gender Equality at Work and Home, in Reaction to Rosenblum - Feminist Law ProfessorsFeminist Law Professors

Pace Law School Professor Darren Rosenblum posted yesterday to his Huffington Post Blog (here) to criticize Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In for failing to recognize the “central role played by public policy” in to increasing gender equality in the work place. Amazing Water & Sound Experiment #2. Living With Less. A Lot Less. Huge Snowstorm Headed for New England Looks Even Scarier From Space. The gigantic snowstorm headed for New England is predicted to be a mean one that will dump feet of snow on an area from New York to Maine.

But the ominous picture the National Weather Service is painting isn’t as frightening as the view from space. The massive storm can be seen taking shape in this image, taken by NOAA’s GOES-13 satellite today at 9:01 ET, as a western front that stretches from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico prepares to merge with a curling low-pressure system over the Atlantic Ocean off the shore of Virginia. Image: NASA. Sandberg might really do it. In the run-up to the publication of Sheryl Sandberg’s new book (and manifesto), “Lean In,” the media have been full. Not so much of coverage of the book, which, it seems, many commentators have not actually read, but of the media firestorm surrounding the book. First the usual suspects (Maureen Dowd, and the relentlessly self-publicizing Pundit Mom) piled on.

Then credentialed feminists like Jessica Valenti and Joan Walsh sprang to Sandberg’s defense. The funny thing about the debate is the tone of surprise. Why in the world did this happen, the feminists ask. The Fight Over Seth MacFarlane Is a Study in Self-Confidence. Seth MacFarlane speaks at the 85th Academy Awards. (Reuters/Mario Anzuoni) At Jezebel, Lindy West writes about what a lot of us have been feeling this week in the fallout from Seth MacFarlane’s Oscars hosting gig. GmhSzCi.jpg (JPEG Image, 1000 × 664 pixels) Pilobolus Dance Theatre "Shadowland" Yellowface and the Adult Film Industry's Asian American Problem. What happens when a prominent adult film producer creates a homage to one of the few television shows with an Asian American character–and decides to depict that character in blatant yellowface?

Guest blogger N’jaila Rhee takes on the subject of yellowface in the adult film industry. [Age Content/NSFW Disclaimer: While the following article contains no images with nudity, it does discuss a recent high profile incident of yellowfacing in the pornography industry.] Duke Frat Throws 'International Relations' Party But Really It's a 'Racist Rager' Members of the Kappa Sigma fraternity on the Duke University campus initially wanted throw an "Asia Prime" party but they didn't because schools administrators urged them to cancel the party.

Instead what they did was change the name of the party to an "international relations" event and went ahead with their original plans. The original party invitation invited guests complete with misspellings. "We look forward to having Mi, Yu, You, and Yo Friends (click for link) ? The Revolutionary New Birth Control Method for Men.

A friend posted this on facebook. Toronto. Today. 9cqDhKc.jpg (JPEG Image, 2448 × 3264 pixels) - Scaled (30%) Not you too R2D2..... To be happy, we must admit women and men aren't 'equal' Hungover Energy Secretary Wakes Up Next To Solar Panel. Women shot by cops were just delivering papers - U.S. News. Warren v. District of Columbia. Engineer’s Guide to Drinks. YqVFQxM.jpg (JPEG Image, 2500 × 1748 pixels) - Scaled (40%) Fishy inspires : LED lights by Great Mushrooming. Why It’s Legal When the US Does It. Reuters Pictures This article originally appeared at To stay on top of important articles like these, sign up to receive the latest updates from Cirque du soleil circus act balance and strength act.

WhatCallGroupStyled4.png (PNG Image, 1354 × 1238 pixels) - Scaled (75%) In Immigration Debate, 'Undocumented' Vs. 'Illegal' Is More Than Just Semantics : It's All Politics. Original.jpg (JPEG Image, 1920 × 1080 pixels) - Scaled (53%) Teach For America Not Welcome in my Classroom. Catholic-Stmt-on-Gun-Violence-1.23.12.pdf. Planetarium Projector Museum by Owen Phairis. Cool Hunting Video: The Planetarium Projector Museum. Mars: Dry Ice and Dunes.

Giant Dry Ice Bubble Experiment! Need something to Paint? Dads Caring for Their Kids: It's Parenting, Not Babysitting - Alexis Coe. Facebook might be making you jealous, study shows. LOS ANGELES—Are you jealous of everyone you know? Everything you need to know about Canada (and as a Canadian, I confirm all of this).

20 Levitating Animals. - Album on Imgur. Space.gif (GIF Image, 410 × 312 pixels) Skill levels explained. ElI0roy.gif (GIF Image, 279 × 200 pixels) Bill Clinton's view at today's inauguration. Caption011713.jpg (JPEG Image, 500 × 415 pixels) Parappa the rappa-driving test rap. SPONSORED: The Taliban Is A Vibrant And Thriving Political Movement. KABUL—2012 proved to be just another in a succession of landmark years for the Taliban, as the influential Islamic fundamentalist organization continued its awe-inspiring push toward unprecedented expansion.

Even following a decade marked with some difficulties, the devoted members of the Afghani cultural and political movement have proven consistently successful in their trailblazing efforts to continue the Taliban’s constant recruiting of talented and diverse young insurgents and building its thriving base of support from politicians and citizens alike to over 30 times that of a decade ago.

Aerial.jpg (JPEG Image, 1440 × 960 pixels) - Scaled (71%) Semen 'makes women happy' Women exposed to their partner's semen during sex may find themselves feeling happier than those who use a condom, say scientists. Scientists in the US believe the mood-altering hormones in semen absorbed through the vagina help to boost women's mood.

Sharps - Album on Imgur. Soft-drinks-diet-drinks-linked-to-depression-1. : thestagedoorcanteen: Hey guys! We know that you... VcYuy.png (PNG Image, 781 × 2164 pixels) - Scaled (46%) : When being told a story of whitewashing is more... NiLP Guest Commentary: Ben Affleck's "Argo" and the Mexican-American Image. O'Reilly: "Asian People Are Not Liberal, You Know, By Nature. They're Usually More Industrious And Hard-Working" History, Travel, Arts, Science, People, Places. Departing Space Station Commander Provides Tour of Orbital Laboratory. Moonwalk. S9NgC.jpg (JPEG Image, 2048 × 968 pixels) - Scaled (50%) Untitled. Statistics Indicate an Ivy League Asian Quota - Room for Debate.

Time to profile white men? The New York Sour, Rye Whiskey Cocktail Recipe. College football's ugly Hot Wife Theory, and how to end it. Chasing Ice movie reveals largest iceberg break-up ever filmed - video.