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Thousands of Women Killed for Family "Honor" Hillary Mayellfor National Geographic News February 12, 2002 Hundreds, if not thousands, of women are murdered by their families each year in the name of family "honor. " It's difficult to get precise numbers on the phenomenon of honor killing; the murders frequently go unreported, the perpetrators unpunished, and the concept of family honor justifies the act in the eyes of some societies.

START_Apr07_rpt. Turkey, from Ally to Enemy. Islam: Governing Under Sharia. Introduction Sharia, or Islamic law, influences the legal code in most Muslim countries.

Islam: Governing Under Sharia

A movement to allow sharia to govern personal status law, a set of regulations that pertain to marriage, divorce, inheritance, and custody, is even expanding into the West. "There are so many varying interpretations of what sharia actually means that in some places, it can be incorporated into political systems relatively easily," says CFR's Steven A.