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In the seventies, IBM engineer Frederick Brooks wrote an influential book on software management called, “The Mythical Man-Month”. The book contains a great quotation that we like to share with clients who appear disinterested in prototyping and want to go straight to development: “In most projects, the first system build is barely usable… The only question is whether to plan in advance to build a throwaway or promise to deliver the throwaway to customers.” Axure girds Axure girds
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Less than two years ago introduced to the public the first release of its popular mobile app protyping platform. Today, introduces the 5th and most powerful release 5. The new release promises to help designers and developers to unleash their creative freedom and create unique user experiences even faster than before. Among various enhancements, 5 takes prototyping a step further by adding animation states, timelines, draggable functionality and variables.

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Wireframes Magazine
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