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It's Not Just Sex That He's Longing For. It's This. - Do you know why romance and sensuality novels for women are so popular?

It's Not Just Sex That He's Longing For. It's This. -

Short answer: The authors know exactly how to give women that feeling. That feeling has many facets and she loves them all. She tingles with the flirtatiousness of the conversation. She blushes at the boldness and sensual innuendo. She craves the unapologetic desire. And her husband doesn’t quite get it.

Sure, it’s a little titillating. He is a long-time, married man who is just dying to star in a different scene. Just as he struggles to understand her emotional reaction to those scenes written for her, she can also be clueless about his deepest desires. To him, it seems she just doesn’t understand (or doesn’t care?) More than anything, he wants that feeling, and only she has the power to supply that. The Romance Story That Can Make Men Cry They were finally alone.

Many women reading this will think I’m full of crap. The leading man in this story is a familiar one. Sure, his sex life could be better. Some useful programs for you all. 8 Beer Innovations We'd Actually Use. Really Funny Clean Jokes and Humor. 9 Proven, Tested Tips To Extend Your Android's Battery Life. Getting more out of less — that seems to be the way of the world right now.

9 Proven, Tested Tips To Extend Your Android's Battery Life

There’s only so much of anything, and we want to make it last, right? Can we get more life out of our phones so we don’t have to charge them as often? Can we make them run longer so we don’t get stuck without them? The short answer is a resounding YES, but how much more we can get out of a phone battery is still up for discussion. Still, no matter how long your phone’s battery life lasts, there are ways that you can definitely make it last longer. Limit Apps Running in The Background Any app that is running in the background is using processing power. How do you kill all these power-sapping apps? On non-Samsung devices, simply tap the multitasking button and swipe the offending apps to the side.

Press and hold the Home button on your Samsung Android smartphone — or if you’re on a newer device like the Galaxy S5, tap on the multitasking button where the menu button used to be. StumbleUponUser, You Win the Internet! Document Your Life with These Android Apps. Writing a journal is not the only way to keep a running record of your life.

Document Your Life with These Android Apps

Journals are awesome – some people swear by them, but they can be time-consuming to maintain. Here are four ways to log your life without interrupting their flow, so that you can later recall what happened when. You’d be surprised. One thing that’s cool about all of these tools is that your data doesn’t stay on your device, so it doesn’t die or get stolen with your device, either. Evernote Food I’m a big fan of Evernote Food. Evernote Food lets you snap several photos per meal, add tags, and specify the cuisine and the venue. Google Location History This is either creepy or useful, depending on your outlook: Chances are your phone is tracking your every move, and sending all of that information to Google.

The Web-based Location History browser is basically Google Maps with a calendar next to it, and a bunch of dots and red lines on the map showing your every move over time. Days Since Automatic Call Recorder. Get Your Guranteed Home Job for 1500$ weekly. Instant Job Account Setup and Get Paid for your work!

Get Your Guranteed Home Job for 1500$ weekly

Guaranteed Job Selection. Create your Job holding Personal Account. Click here! Free Tube Videos at Handjob Hub. Play Games on Youtube - 15 Things You Didn't Know Google Could Do. How to Invest Small Amounts of Money Wisely. Edit Article If you have $50 to investIf you have up to $500If you have $5,000 Edited by LauraMurray, Manuel_Montenegro_THANKS!

How to Invest Small Amounts of Money Wisely

, Flickety, Thomas Swindle and 57 others Investing isn't just for the wealthy. Almost anyone can devote at least a little money to investments, keep close tabs on it, and wind up with more money than he or she started with. Note: This article assumes that you're looking to grow your money over time and are willing to take some risk rather than just saving your money in no-risk, low-yield savings accounts and CDs. Ad Steps 1Pay yourself first. 5Choose one of the investing options below. 7 Simple Weight Loss Principles To Naturally Lose Up To 5 Pounds A Week.

Don’t think it’s possible to lose up to 5 pounds a week… without pills, fasting, decreasing calories too much, and crazy fad dieting?

7 Simple Weight Loss Principles To Naturally Lose Up To 5 Pounds A Week

Well, if you follow these 7 simple weight loss principles that I practiced on a daily basis that got me AMAZING results, then you’ll see how possible it truly is to get fast results… without the consequences. 1. The Best Movies Of 2013 That You Didnt See. How to quickly and easily hallucinate without LSD or magic mushrooms.