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/w/ - Anime/Wallpapers. /v/ - Video Games. /u/ - Yuri. /t/ - Torrents. /s/ - Sexy Beautiful Women. /r/ - Request. /o/ - Auto. /k/ - Weapons. /p/ - Photography. /hr/ - High Resolution. /gif/ - Animated GIF. >>10504953>>10504969For reference, a lot of people can take a submissive role in daily activity and be a total dom in bed.

/gif/ - Animated GIF

If that's what you meant by being submissive, it's possible she might not be a switch but instead a straight up dom...people can have dual roles in and out of bed. Now, if she's sometimes submissive in bed and other times wants to top you, it sounds like she's either a switch and isn't sure what she prefers or she doesn't know how it works (we were all there, nothing to be ashamed of).

If she's submissive but likes being a brat (or topping from the bottom), then she might be "acting out" to rile you up with the hopes that you'll punish her for it (funishment). Brats can be infuriating and many doms can't handle them. /g/ - Technology. /f/ - Flash. /e/ - Ecchi. /x/ - Paranormal. /b/ - Random. /d/ - Hentai/Alternative. /c/ - Anime/Cute.