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/h/ - Hentai. /vp/ - Pokémon. /ɐ/ - Animu & Mango. /tv/ - Television & Film. /trv/ - Travel. Hello friends.

/trv/ - Travel

First of all, I love this board almost as much as I love traveling. This is another American road trip thread, but I've done this a few times before and I have some very specific questions for you all. I've got a few obligations in the pic related, but other than that, this route is play dough for /trv/ to play with.Before I start, keep in mind I run my travels on a shoe string. Last year I successfully did a 10,000 mile, one month road trip off two grand. This time my budget is more flexible, but I still plan on sleeping in rest stops, truck strops, Walmart, state parks, and national forests.I will be spending a week in Missouri with a friend. /toy/ - Toys. /tg/ - Traditional Games. /sp/ - Sports.

/soc/ - Social. /sci/ - Science & Math. /po/ - Papercraft & Origami. /n/ - Transportation. /mu/ - Music. /lit/ - Literature. /jp/ - Otaku Culture. /int/ - International. >June 2014Ignoring all diplomatic sanctions, Russia annexes the eastern parts of Ukraine along with the Crimea peninsula.

/int/ - International

Tensions rise, but reports from the White House state that a diplomatic solution should not yet be excluded. In the EU, armed conflict is seen as a possibility. >July 2014In a lightning assault, all three Baltic nations fall under Russian control. Belarus voluntarily joins the Russian Federation. In the US, war is considered but a narrow majority in Congress votes against it, making America neutral in the conflict. /fit/ - Health & Fitness. Fucking acne manWent through one treatment of Accutane already; my dermatologist apparently wanted to play it safe and prescribed me a very low dose of only 10 mg a day (afaik recommended is 0.5 to 1 mg per kg of bw, so roughly 40 to 80 mg in my case)Treatment ended in January, been clear of Acne since thenUntil two days or so ago, when I had an outbreak on my forehead againReally pissed as of right now, because I figured I'd gotten rid of Acne for good, but I HAVE heard that some people need more than one treatmentThe thing is, I don't want to go back to my dermatologist for it - she'll just give me a way too low dose again, and to be honest, she's a quackI have a source where I can get it from thoughSo I'm wondering, is it safe to take Accutane on your own, without a doctor, at 40 mg per day or so, for maybe 8 weeks?

/fit/ - Health & Fitness

Pic isn't me, but fairly similar to what my forehead looks like right now>inb4 BPOComment too long. Click here to view the full text. /fa/ - Fashion. /co/ - Comics & Cartoons. /ck/ - Food & Cooking. /cgl/ - Cosplay & EGL. /an/ - Animals & Nature. /adv/ - Advice. /3/ - 3DCG. /y/ - Yaoi. /cm/ - Cute/Male. /ic/ - Artwork/Critique. /i/ - Oekaki. /wg/ - Wallpapers/General. /w/ - Anime/Wallpapers. Old Thread: >>1607749Image limit =!

/w/ - Anime/Wallpapers

AutosagemodeWhat is a powerlevel wallpaper? A powerlevel does one of two things: It either hides that the source material is anime, or it hides which anime that it is. In general, a wallpaper that subtly evokes the memory of a specific anime, but only to those who have seen it.What powerlevel is not:Any image with a character's face or most of their body.Any image with the title of the anime.Any image with a character's name.Screenshots of landscapes. Those are for landscape threads.Screenshots in general, because they are shit quality. If the screenshots are doctored to be in good quality, then they are fine. /v/ - Video Games.

/u/ - Yuri. >>1521126 Old ThreadSleeping Princess EditionThe entire story so far: This is the thirty-ninth thread of the /u/ Fantasy CYOA / Quest, with a bent towards focusing on character development, forging connections with potential allies, lovers, and enemies, a long journey in search of your old flame, and crying a lot.Last thread: Wynna.

/u/ - Yuri

;_;Current Goal: Talk to HendrickMain Characters:Mia: A tall, half-elven woman with striking, otherworldly features uncommon in Vertwynn. She possesses silvery hair, purple eyes, and unnatural height. She's an Evoker, a mage that specializes in the art of elemental magic. She's a cautious woman that's slow to fully trust others, but is eager to form connections. She's plagued by memories of her lover, Allegra, viewing her with a mixture of desire and dread. /t/ - Torrents. /s/ - Sexy Beautiful Women. /r/ - Request.

/o/ - Auto. /k/ - Weapons. Anyone else sick of people saying the US lost the wars in Vietnam and recently in Afghanistan and Iraq?

/k/ - Weapons

Politically, we may have failed, but militarily, we kicked their fucking asses. We killed about a million of the enemy in Vietnam to about 58K American military killed. I don't know the numbers for Afghanistan and Iraq, but we decimated both countries and imposed our will with ease. Politically, yes, all three wars were foolish and a waste of time. But tactically, we kicked their fucking asses. /p/ - Photography. Go /p/ro:• Please post images that are JPG format, smaller than 1 MB, and/or about 1000 pixels on the longest side. • Expect to be judged harshly.

/p/ - Photography

Learn to deal with it.Want:• We come here for photos, so post yours as often as possible, even if "image unrelated" to your text.• "Flickr/500px/Tumblr/Facebook/Portfolio" threads are for critique and networking• Use "Recent Photos" threads if you are shy or only want to post a couple of photos.• Shared raw files which we can collectively edit for discussion of post-processing techniques, are encouraged.• Use the catalog to consolidate similar topics (photographic themes, images or technical gear threads)Do Not Want:• Go to >>>/r/ for specific Photoshop requests.• Gear threads are discouraged, but identified as necessary.

Many users simply hide these threads.Comment too long. Click here to view the full text. /hr/ - High Resolution. /gif/ - Animated GIF. /gif/ is dedicated to NSFW gifs.

/gif/ - Animated GIF

Please review the following rules to ensure your posts contribute to the overall board.1. Do not request. All requests belong in >>>/r/2. Contribute 2 or more related images when starting a thread.3. Report rule-breaking posts and threads. /g/ - Technology. Grab ffmpeg from a command line tool which means you will have to type things with your keyboard instead of clicking on buttons.The most trivial operation would be converting gifs:ffmpeg -i your_gif.gif -c:v libvpx -crf 12 -b:v 500K output.webm-crf values can go from 4 to 63.

/g/ - Technology

Lower values mean better quality. -b:v is the maximum allowed bitrate. Higher means better quality.To convert a part of a video file:ffmpeg -i your_video.mkv -ss 00:00:10.000 -to 00:00:20.000 -c:v libvpx -crf 4 -b:v 1500K -vf scale=640:-1 -an output.webm-ss is the start position in number of seconds, or in hh:mm:ss[.xxx] format. You can get it using your video player (Ctrl-G in MPC-HC). -to is the end position. /f/ - Flash. /e/ - Ecchi. /x/ - Paranormal. Okay, so i'm fucking sick of being discrete with all of this.

/x/ - Paranormal

Nothing more is occurring,and it's really pissing me off because it's become an important thing in my life, even though it shouldn't be.I welcome anyone to get involved, and if you find yourself interested by what I share, I will put my anonymous email address in the comments for anyone to contact me through.So, a couple years ago I found a website that some of you, most likely not many, have seen before. trueimmortals.netNow, at first glance, this site seems not only ridiculous, but set up. I can honestly tell you all that after reading every single post on the site, and doing 2 years worth of research on it, I have finally come to the conclusion that it has a high chance of being (mostly) non-fiction, and based on a lot of facts.The old archived blog is a story of these people back in 2010 who found very sound evidence of real life immortal beings that live among us.

/b/ - Random. Hi /b/My name is Rebecca Cheers and I am a purist/fully functioning feminist who was told about this part of 4chan, and I am quite astounded to find that what I was told was completely true.Why do all of the insecure, neckbeareded males come to this website to hate on proud, strong feminist women? Is it that we intimidate you? Because let me tell you, if you're a weak man, I dont blame you for being intimidated by such strong, beautiful women. It is my firm belief that all men deserve to be castrated, and please, allow me to tell you why.1. Men are born as violent, inhumane rapists, to hate on men for this isn't fair as they can't help it, thus the need for castration.Comment too long.

Click here to view the full text. /d/ - Hentai/Alternative. Post your fantasies that make you feel weird even by /d/'s standards! Please make sure to post pictures as well, since /d/ is not for /d/iscussion! My fetishes tend to involved powerful women exercising their power (giantess, muscle, etc.) However, what really gets me going is the idea of women so powerful that they unconsciously or unintentionally change the world around them, through involuntary actions such as breathing, heartbeat, etc. For example, one that I've had recently is a giga giantess sleeping, and nearby cities being shaken apart by her heart beat causing massive earthquakes or getting inhaled into her nose.Another I have is a normal sized woman becoming so physically strong that she can't control it.

This fantasy ultimately ends up with her being so stupidly strong that she accidentally inhales the universe.The last one I've had recently involves a horny futanari woman looking to relieve a little sexual stress. /c/ - Anime/Cute.