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Cassetteboy vs Dragons' Den. Harry Potter and the X-Rated Trailer. Cassetteboy vs. The One Show. Bill Gates is the Sperminator - Posted: 2/24/2012 - Commentary by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger What do you call a guy who is obsessed with destroying human sperm and depopulating the planet?

Bill Gates is the Sperminator -

The Sperminator, of course. Much like the Terminator played by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movies, the Sperminator is a highly-intelligent death machine that seeks to use high technology to destroy humanity's future. When it comes to Bill Gates and his dehumanization agenda, it's hard to even know where to begin: GMOs? Vaccines? Bill Gates has even funded a technology that can sterilize a human man by blasting his scrotum with a high-frequency ultrasound device. That's where the idea for this cartoon came from, by the way. Microsoft has also teamed up with Merck, becoming a global "drug development partner" with the world's larger vaccine manufacturer. ( As if we didn't already have enough blue screen of death in our lives, just wait until we start getting psychiatric drugs patented by Microsoft.

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Britain is our bitch, says Goldman Sachs

Looking so fine in its new coat, Goldman Sachs added: “Those muthafuckas at HMRC know who’s da shit. “They don’t be disrespectin’ my balance sheet with all tax and shit. They see me in ma muthafuckin’ Mercedes all pimped and rockin’ and they know who da man is. “They be all like ‘hey Goldman Sachs, you so fine, you tell me what you need brutha’. “An investment banking brutha like me has gots to have respect.

“So when I comes into the house and I say ‘hey Britain, take my fine new coat and fix me a sweet-ass muthafuckin’ pina colada’ you know Britain be all ‘yessir Mr Goldman Sachs sir, I’ll take your coat and fix your drink and then I’ll blow you real nice’. A Treasury spokesman said: “You crazy? Goldman Sachs added: “Damn right. The Toughest Job in North Korea (Best Version) THE ROYAL WEDDING KATE & WILLIAM REAL AUDIO. The inbetweeners Bus wankers. Pete Doherty, The Jammy Dodger. How To Dance To Dubstep. SO OUT THERE - This Is Why Christmas Is Bullshit!

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