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What Browser? Am i using? How Browsers Work: Behind the scenes of modern web browsers. Web browsers are the most widely used software.

How Browsers Work: Behind the scenes of modern web browsers

In this primer, I will explain how they work behind the scenes. We will see what happens when you type in the address bar until you see the Google page on the browser screen. The browsers we will talk about There are five major browsers used on desktop today: Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Opera. On mobile, the main browsers are Android Browser, iPhone, Opera Mini and Opera Mobile, UC Browser, the Nokia S40/S60 browsers and Chrome–all of which, except for the Opera browsers, are based on WebKit.

The browser's main functionality The main function of a browser is to present the web resource you choose, by requesting it from the server and displaying it in the browser window. The way the browser interprets and displays HTML files is specified in the HTML and CSS specifications. Browser user interfaces have a lot in common with each other. The browser's high level structure The browser's main components are (1.1):

Google Chrome

Chrome. Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer. Firefox. Firefox. Überprüfung der Plugins. Wie kann Firefox mir dabei helfen?

Überprüfung der Plugins

In Zukunft wird Firefox für Sie Plugins aktualisieren. Bis dahin sollten Sie regelmäßig diese Seite besuchen und Ihre Plugins aktualisieren, um geschützt zu bleiben. Welche Plugins habe ich? Wir haben oben automatisch Ihre Plugins erkannt. Um Ihre installierten Plugins in Firefox zu sehen, führen Sie die folgenden Schritte aus: Öffnen Sie das Menü Extras. Möchten Sie die Botschaft verbreiten? Helfen Sie Ihren Freunden, im Internet geschützt zu bleiben! Wie kann ich ein Plugin deaktivieren? In Firefox: Öffnen Sie das Menü Extras.


Opera. Safari. Safari - Browse the web in smarter, more powerful ways. Shared Links is the best way to see what’s up on the web.

Safari - Browse the web in smarter, more powerful ways.

When you’re in the mood to read something new, quirky, or cool, open Shared Links in the Safari Sidebar, where you can view links from people you follow on Twitter and LinkedIn. You can scroll seamlessly from one story to the next, no clicking required. So they’re quick and easy to read. Share anything you come across on the web without leaving Safari. Just click the Share button, then choose how you want to send it off.

Safari has advanced power-saving technologies built in. Safari takes advantage of power-saving technologies such as App Nap, which puts background Safari tabs into a low-power state until you start using them again. Power-saving technologies let you browse longer compared with Chrome and Firefox.1 Memory management technologies help Safari — and the rest of your system — stay responsive.2 Safari Baseline Firefox 1.29x more memory usage Chrome 1.35x more memory usage 1 2 Third-party data and cookie blocking. Browser Addons.

Browser Addons

Toolbars. Bildschirm / Browser Auflösung & Testing Online Web Apps. Browser live refresh software. Liste von Webbrowsern. Liste von verfügbaren Webbrowsern nach Plattform: Multiplattform[Bearbeiten] Java-Browser[Bearbeiten] Nur für Linux, Unix und unixoide Systeme[Bearbeiten] Nur für Mac OS X[Bearbeiten] Nur für Microsoft Windows[Bearbeiten] CometBird, basierend auf FireFoxComodo Dragon, basiert auf Chromium ähnlich SRWare Iron, aber mit zusätzlichen SicherheitsfeaturesComodo IceDragon, basiert auf Firefox/Gecko, zusätzlich mit Comodos SiteInspector, SecureDNS Service sowie Social Media IntegrationK-Meleon Gecko EngineOff By One Webster Pro ControlsOrca Browser Gecko Engine, Schwesterprodukt des Avant BrowserTheWorld BrowserWeltweitimnetz Browser, WebKit-basierter quelloffener Browser.

Liste von Webbrowsern

20 Dinge, die ich über Browser und das Web gelernt habe. IllustrationenChristoph Niemann Autoren/HerausgeberMin Li Chan, Fritz Holznagel, Michael Krantz ProjektkuratorMin Li Chan & The Google Chrome Team DesignFiPaul Truong EntwicklungFi Besonderer Dank an.

20 Dinge, die ich über Browser und das Web gelernt habe

Download-Charts: Top 100 Browser der Woche. Kurz~ & Befehlsreferenz / Tastaturbefehle + Tastenkombinationen. Usage share of web browsers. Most used web browser by country as of February 2014 according to StatCounter.

Usage share of web browsers

The usage share of web browsers is the proportion, often expressed as a percentage, of visitors to a group of websites that use a particular web browser. Web browser usage share varies from region to region as well as through time. Accuracy[edit] Measuring browser usage in the number of requests (page hits) made by each user agent can be misleading. Overestimation[edit] Not all requests are generated by a user, as a user agent can make requests at regular time intervals without user input. Certain anti-virus products fake their user-agent to appear to be popular browsers. Underestimation[edit] It is also possible to underestimate the usage share by using the number of requests, for example: