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Visiting the USA

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FINAL TASK (exemple) FINAL TASK. Drivelapse Route 66 (video) Top 10 National Parks. By Danny Palmerlee· The moment you roll up to a national park kiosk you feel it.

Top 10 National Parks

You're entering someplace special. Maybe it's the mountain air or the smell of trees. Most likely it's because you're about to see something big. Something indescribable. 1. In Yosemite Valley, the national park system’s crown jewel, massive granite rock formations tower thousands of feet over the Merced River. 2. One of America’s most spectacular roads is in Glacier,Going-to-the-Sun Rd offers steely-nerved motorists the drive of their life. 3. When Bob Dylan wrote of God and Woody Guthrie, he said ‘I may be right or wrong/You’ll find them both/In the Grand Canyon/At sundown.’ 4.

No matter how many nature shows you’ve seen, nothing can prepare you for the first time you spot a moose in the wild. 5. Whether you hike to the top of its 14,259ft summit or just ogle its glaciated slopes from below, Longs Peak in the Rocky Mountains is truly a feast for the eyes. Top 25 Places to visit. Welcome to this year’s Top 25 Things to Do in North America!

Top 25 Places to visit

Editor’s Note: This post is part of the Viator Travel Awards, an annual awards competition where we – along with our readers, travelers, and fans – select the top things to do and see in each of the major regions we serve, the top things to do in our most popular tour categories, and more. Welcome to the 2015 Viator Travel Awards: North America Edition! In this list, we’ve gathered a list of 25 of the most interesting and entertaining places to visit and things to do throughout North America. We think it’s the perfect place to begin brainstorming your next trip – and it also makes a lovely virtual vacation from wherever you are right now.

The tours and activities we’ve highlighted were chosen based on traveler reviews, data from the millions of people who check out during the year, and information on which tours travelers book most often. 1. Manhattan Skyline. 25 Most Visited Tourist Attractions. The list includes the thundering falls of Niagara, it also features the harrowing water-chutes of Disneyland’s and Pirates of the Caribbean.

25 Most Visited Tourist Attractions

Seven of the 25 tourist attractions are amusement parks; Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, remains on top in the theme-park world. Tourists appreciate renowned art collections and sunny beaches in equal measure. Many foreign visitors are interested in seeing the natural scenic attractions like the Grand Canyon, Yosemite and Yellowstone National Parks. "Tour the States" (music video) Top 50 American food. Fast, junk, processed -- when it comes to American food, the country is best known for the stuff that's described by words better suited to greasy, grinding industrial output.

Top 50 American food

But Americans have an impressive appetite for good stuff, too. To celebrate its endless culinary creativity, we’re throwing our list of 50 most delicious American food items at you. We know you’re going to want to throw back. Ground rules: acknowledge that even trying to define American food is tough; further acknowledge that picking favorite American items inevitably means leaving out or accidentally overlooking some much-loved regional specialties. Tell us about your favorite U.S. foods in the comments! Now get the rubber apron on because we’re going first. 50. More than 200 years old and still a national favorite. If life gives you limes, don’t make limeade, make a Key lime pie.

The official state pie of Florida, this sassy tart has made herself a worldwide reputation, which started in -- where else? 49. 48. Local food map.

The Big Apple