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MP Board 10th Class Result 2020: How to check MP Board 10th Class Result 2020. MP Board 10th Class Result 2020: The Madhya Pradesh Board of Secondary Education (MPBSE) will announce MP Board 10th Class Result 2020 on Saturday, July 4 at 12.00pm on its official website.

MP Board 10th Class Result 2020: How to check MP Board 10th Class Result 2020

Around 11.5 lakh students will get their MP Board 10th Class Result on Saturday, July 4. Donate School and Tuition Fees. Best Non Profit Orphanage for Children. SERUDS started Orphanage in Budhavarapeta, Kurnool in December 2012.

Best Non Profit Orphanage for Children

Today the Children’s Home shelters 60 boys and girls in the age group of 4 to 16 years. These abandoned orphan, street children come from different family backgrounds like a father who died of AIDS, mother who committed suicide, alcoholic father and mother left children and is living with other person, or both parents died. In this critical juncture These kids were found by Seruds in streets or volunteers brought the children to SERUDS Children Home. We believe that if these children are not taken care of they may become anti-social. We have rescued them and provided a safe shelter, education support, counseling and extracurricular activities like sports and games. Education Material for Girl Students in India. The Challenge: Poor students need school materials like notebooks, uniforms, clothes, shoes, pens, pencils, private convent school fee, and tuition.

Education Material for Girl Students in India

These deprived girls are good at studies but struggling for education support, since their parents are working as daily wage laborers in construction sites, scavenging, tobacco units and gets meager income and are not able to provide for their education expenses. A significant number of children come from backward communities. These communities face widespread discrimination.

Our Support: Aim of this project is to identify and support 500 underprivileged girl students from slum communities, who are studying in classes V to X in government schools. Best NGO Working for Children. Our Child Support Projects Seruds started the child welfare programs in the year 2003.

Best NGO Working for Children

During floods in 2009 in AP, we started creche program for kids of women working in hazardous jobs. When we were working for the flood relief activities, the community asked us to start the day care centers for their children when parents go out to work. The child related issues that poor people face in Andhra Pradesh are? Malnutrition Drop out of school Run away from home to become street child Take to petty crime Put to Child labor Early marriage, leading to early child bearing and resultant health issues of young mothers Child abuse Substance abuse Illness leading to poor mortality rates.

P. Sireesha - Seruds. Sireesha parents were daily wage labourers and they have three children.

P. Sireesha - Seruds

The income they were getting is very less and it was not at all sufficient for the family needs. P. Hussain - Seruds. Hussain’s father was labour.

P. Hussain - Seruds

Mother was also labour. His father died 3 years ago. Even when he was alive he didn’t earn much for the family. E. Srilatha - Seruds. J. Lakshmi - Seruds. Best of Mother Teresa Quotes On Charity. In this blog: Let’s discuss some of Mother Teresa Quotes about charity.

Best of Mother Teresa Quotes On Charity

We’ve jotted this great collection of her best sayings on humanity and service to humanity. Mother Teresa is one of the greatest human beings the world has ever seen. Keeping all the awards and achievements that she got for her Philanthropic work, her perspective towards the service to humanity was way beyond that. Even today, the younger generation will call out only one name when it comes to the greatest personalities in social service, it is Mother Teresa. Related Article: SERUDS Collection of Quotes by Celebrities and Other People She made this world a better place and this is a small tribute to Mother Teresa by bringing some of her best quotes and sayings about helping people. Source: Good Reads, Vaticansite “Never worry about numbers. “Charity isn’t about pity, it is about love.” “Not all of us can do great things. “The fruit of love is service, which is compassion in action”. From Selfish to Selfless, This Donor Has The Best Charity Story - Seruds.

In this blog: Let’s talk about one of our Donors who have probably the best Charity story of how he changed himself from a selfish person to selfless.

From Selfish to Selfless, This Donor Has The Best Charity Story - Seruds

People shape their understanding, perspectives and beliefs based on the type of experiences they have. Just because a person is harsh with words or selfish with his actions, can be judged but can’t be understood. How Ngo Donations In India Are Used? Check The Transparency Here. In this blog, let’s understand the Ngo Donations in India are genuinely forwarded or what sort of transparency can be expected when someone makes a charity.

How Ngo Donations In India Are Used? Check The Transparency Here

SERUDS President Mallikarjuna Gorla Awarded For Immense Charity Work. Highlights: SERUDS Founder & president Mallikarjuna Gorla has been awarded and felicitated for his service to humanity and society.

SERUDS President Mallikarjuna Gorla Awarded For Immense Charity Work

On occasion of 71st Republic Day, this 26th of January 2020 the whole nation stood once again together for the respect of the constitution of India. The tricolor flag was up high again and patriotism was visible in the eyes of every Indian. During the flag hoisting ceremony, there was an announcement of a special award for charitable deeds and social work. Seruds President Mallikarjuna Gorla was felicitated and honored with the prestigious award for his immense charity work. Donate To Orphans In India In 3 Easy Steps. Here’s How. In this blog: Let’s discuss how one can donate to Orphans in India in the easiest possible way. This is the utmost secure and safe donations via selected payment gateways. For everyone out there who’s interested in making a charity for organizations like us, SERUDS NGO.

We want to thank you all as its because of people like you because of whom the needy people get facilities. As technology is growing with the fastest speed, there are easiest ways of donating to an orphanage and also how to follow up with NGO. So let’s get started… National Girl Child Day 2020 with SERUDS NGO & Save The Child - Seruds. National Girl Child Day 2020 celebrations in Kurnool with SERUDS NGO and Save The Child Foundation at IGMM High School. Read the full story. Every year the 24th of January is celebrated as National Girl Child Day in India. It was started by the Ministry of Women and Child Development. With a sole agenda to spread the awareness about the consequences Girl Child faces. Charity For Education in India is Direly Needed. Here’s Why. Tax Benefits to Donate to NGO in India. When a person makes up his or her mind to donate to NGO, there is the list of tax benefits whenever a charity is made to a legal NGO.

Before we move straight to the tax benefits for both international and domestic donations made in India, let’s talk about the legal status of NGO and the sections that cover it. At the domestic level, an NGO in India in order to provide all the tax benefits shall be: D. Swetha - Seruds. C. Sri Nileema - Seruds. B. Sravanti - Seruds. B. Anitha - Seruds. A. Charitha - Seruds. P Ayyamma - Seruds. M Hussainamma - Seruds. G Nagamma - Seruds.