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Infusion Sets

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Insulin Infusion Set Innovation. How Do Catheters Fail? The Dangers and Difficulties of Insulin Lipohypertrophy. From the "crap no one ever tells you about with diabetes" file, comes: Dissect the word with me for a moment: Lipo -- OK, that sounds like weight loss surgery.Hyper -- Yes, we often are.

The Dangers and Difficulties of Insulin Lipohypertrophy

How else could we juggle work, kids, exercise, myriad lab tests and doctor's appointments, non-stop carb-counting and dosing adjustments, etc., etc. and still do our taxes? Trophy -- Do I get one, for putting up with all this diabetes crap? Just because Wikipedia brushes this off as "common" and "minor," doesn't mean that at some point, it won't be the biggest thorn in your side (pun intended!) It's really hard to find good information on lipohypertrophy, even from the vendors whose products clearly cause it regularly.

And how come it seems like so few patients are ever warned about skin issues at all, but just have to learn the hard way (pun again!) To be fair, Roche has been the most proactive vendor on this topic. Your answers will help us improve our experience. See. Tartoos: A Tattoo Even Mom Will Love. Among the things many parents tell their children not to do, getting a tattoo is right up there with drinking too much alcohol, riding motorcycles and using illegal drugs.

Tartoos: A Tattoo Even Mom Will Love

But a new product called Tartoos – designed for multiple-daily injectors – may be quite acceptable, even sought after, by parents of diabetic children, and by adult insulin-injectors as well. Tartoos (from ‘targeted tattoos’) are patent-pending temporary tattoos that offer a simple solution to a daily challenge: making sure to inject insulin in different places to avoid lipohypertrophy. In plain English, that’s a lump under the skin caused by a buildup of fat from too many insulin injections in the same place. It’s sometimes called ‘scar tissue,’ but that really isn’t the correct term, according to diabetes experts such as those at Joslin Diabetes Center. Learning how to give oneself a shot is a ritual as old as insulin-based self-treatment of diabetes. Lipohypertrophy (LH) Two Set Questions (Inset 30) Neria™ soft 90 – Soft cannula/90 degree insertion. Convatec About Infusion Care. Infusion Care The Infusion Care franchise specializes in providing disposable infusion sets to manufacturers of insulin pumps for diabetes and similar pumps used in continuous infusion treatment of conditions such as Parkinson's disease and primary immunodeficiencies, and for pain management.

Convatec About Infusion Care

Infusion Care Diabetes An insulin pump is an external, computer-controlled device allowing people with diabetes to get continuous delivery of insulin to the body 24/7. The Infusion Set is the disposable part connected to the pump via tubing and injected into the patient’s body, allowing the insulin to be delivered subcutaneously (under the skin into the subcutaneous tissue). Insulin pumps are a well-established and recognized technology for the treatment of many type 1 and severe type 2 people with diabetes. Our complete range of soft cannula and stainless steel infusion sets gives users the flexibility to choose the product that suits them best. Neria™ soft – Monitoring patient comfort. MiniMed Silhouette. MiniMed Sure-T. MiniMed Mio. Minimed Mio Advance Infusion Set launched to make pump insertion easier. A device designed to make inserting insulin pump infusion sets easier has been made available in Europe.

Minimed Mio Advance Infusion Set launched to make pump insertion easier

The MiniMed Mio Advance Infusion Set, unveiled at a recent diabetes conference in Vienna, comes with an all-in-one, fully disposable inserter with a hidden needle. This means users only have to peel the adhesive off, remove the disconnect cover, put it on the infusion site and press a button to insert. The idea is to make insertion an easier and less intrusive procedure for people with diabetes. It can also be used one-handed, making it ideal for children, older people and for those who choose to wear their pump sensor on their arm. The Minimed Mio Advance was developed by technology company Unomedical and distributed via Medtronic. Annette Brüls, president of Diabetes Service and Solutions at Medtronic, said: "Early feedback on the Mio Advance infusion set has been fantastic.

John M. Infusion Sets. Infusion Sets Medtronic has a variety of infusion sets to meet the individual needs of your patients.

Infusion Sets

The MiniMed Quick-set infusion set is our most popular infusion set. This 90°, soft cannula infusion set combines ease of use with maximum comfort. The MiniMed Quick-serter® may be used to easily and comfortably insert the set.