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KANJIDAMAGE. Dudes in italics are radicals - which is to say they don't have meaning, the keyword is just something I made up.


Also keep in mind: most kanji lose their meaning when they are used as a radical inside of a bigger kanji. 小学校で習う漢字一覧. 無料PDF漢字ドリル. Mihongo – Visual Japanese Dictionary. Learn Japanese with Bilingual Texts. Overview - Japanese Mobile Apps - Guides at Penn Libraries. 毛布のとりで|xkcdの翻訳こんにゃく. Japanese Onomatopoeia: Sounds of nature. Sounds of nature The sound of "silence" Did you hear the sound of "silence"?

Japanese Onomatopoeia: Sounds of nature

At a concert, appearing the conductor, soumeone "shush" and the audience are got shushed. In japan soumeone say "shii" and the audience become "shiin". The english "shush" and japanese "shii" are actually the same sound. In japan the silence is heard as "shiin". Sound of lights Stars twinkle "kira kira". Sound of wind The wind in early summer blow my cheeks "soyo soyo" comfortably. Sound of wind in woods A weak wind in woods sounds "saya saya". Sound of water and liquid The water fall falls "goh goh".

Sound of moist The skin of a baby is "shittori" pleasantly moisty. Sound of heat and fire New The fire is burning "kan kan" very hot. 『理不尽』 波風カフカ 作. 『短編集』 絞月 鎖久羅 作. 「フゥ・・・・」近くにあった瓦礫に腰を下ろしながら、一息つき、呼吸を整えた。

『短編集』 絞月 鎖久羅 作

『遊離』 わしを 作. この体にもだいぶ慣れてきた。

『遊離』 わしを 作

『たぬきくんの願いごと』 わしを 作. 『目の見えない君と』 青陵水鈴 作. 『【Vaya con dios.】消えた街』 瑠璃太郎 作. 『虚無』 リッキー 作. 蓮は小さい頃から自傷行為を繰り返し、今でも時々やっている。

『虚無』 リッキー 作

身体をサルのようにりりソレを喰らう。 その奇行の原因が何なのかは知っていた。 メンタルが崩れかけているのだ。 『遺伝』 波風カフカ 作. 男が死んでいた。

『遺伝』 波風カフカ 作

小柄で若い人であった。 Japanese Onomatopoeia: Sounds of nature. Taru adjectives. (Page 1) / Japanese: Questions and Discussions / Tae Kim's Guide to Japanese Forum. Xkcdの翻訳こんにゃく. Kitasono Minami. 東京カルチャー、世界へ。 TAKING TOKYO CULTURE GLOBAL. Visual Novels by Language Difficulty. As if I haven't been enough of a hikkikomori lately, I'm now playing a bunch of visual novels.

Visual Novels by Language Difficulty

They're a great way to get tons of reading practice as the pictures and voice acting will keep you focused, and makes things easier to understand. If you're worried about all the sex scenes these games are notorious for, then don't fret. Most VNs are either story based or sex based, and the story based ones will only have 1 or 2 sex scenes per play through, and usually only at the very end. Also, many VNs are ported to the PS2 or PSP with the sex removed. All of the VNs I'm listed were played on the pc however (it was so the text is easier to read, not the sex... really!). Educational Documentaries in Japanese. NHK 3 part special 原発危機 (on the 福島原発事故 and it's aftermath).

Educational Documentaries in Japanese

Part 1: 事故はなぜ深刻化しているのか This part deals with the accident itself, and goes into detail about what mistakes were made, how time was lost, where government advice wasn't entirely sufficient for proper evacuation, what caused the size of the accident, and the reactions of government officials, HOIAN and 東京電力. Part 2: 広がる放射能汚染 This part talks about the levels of radiation levels in food, and the practical limitations on how much they can actually check.

It also tells you about how they're finding hot spots of radiation far outside the evacuation zone. They explain why these hot spots exist, and how they're being found. It also tells you about what measures people in areas of relatively large amounts of radiation are taking to protect children. Top 10 Japanese Documentary Shows I Have Loved: 1991~2011. We talk a lot about dramas and anime, but there’s definitely more to life and media than fiction.

Top 10 Japanese Documentary Shows I Have Loved: 1991~2011

For someone who basically only reads non-fiction, I’ve pretty much short-changed the heck out of you AJATTeers when it comes to recommending Japanese documentaries. Until now. TwitConc, a twitter concordancer. Joined: Jul 2008 Posts: 702 Thanks: 0 Haha this great - it is choosing the 40 or so most recent tweets matching the search?

TwitConc, a twitter concordancer

It seems to work better than the Twitter search does for the same term (more results). Much simpler interface than the Twitter site, too. Japanese video game scripts. Documentaries in Japanese. Persona 4 Script Browser. …ふむ、なるほど。 では、貴方の未来について、 少し覗いてみると致しましょう… Tales of Vesperia Browser. 福娘童話集 きょうの日本昔話. ۡ Ų ǡ ١. 福娘童話集 きょうの江戸小話. Best "japanese names" deck. Joined: Nov 2013 Posts: 105 Thanks: 0 Actually もと is a pretty uncommon reading for 本. It's usually ほん. Usually you can get away with using the kun reading for when a character is by itself, and the on reading when it's in a compound. Usually. Unfortunately, exceptions are all over the place, so it's better to think of them as educated guesses rather than a rule.

Tokyo Fashion Diaries 東京ファッションダイアリー - Blog of Japanese News & Trends. Death Note Manga. Dragon Quest IX's Game Script - PeaceGamer. The Asenheim Project - Nostalgic Visual Novels on-line. プチプチとまと(別館) ほしおさなえ. Subtitles or transcript for Monster? Kodorakun, thank you. I'm still in RTK-ville at the moment, just trying to look ahead and figure out what I'll be using for material later.

This series would be my ideal. My hope was to make a subs2srs deck with audio or audio/video of the whole series, but I don't think that's going to happen . Safarikai – Rikaichan for Safari. Top Japanese kindle books sorted by difficulty. It seems a lot of people here are struggling to find material at their level. Finding books which difficult enough to learn from but easy enough to not make you want to quit altogether is ... difficult.

I've built a small solution for this called Read Your Level: it will help you find books which match your difficulty level using an automatically generated easiness algorithm, as well as showing you the count of each Kanji in the first 6000 characters. It links directly to the Amazon page, where you can download a free sample of the book (you don't actually need a Kindle), see a description, reviews, etc. Grammar Cheatsheet - feel free to join :) Vn2srs - Create flashcards based on Visual Novels. Joined: Oct 2011 Posts: 37 Thanks: 0 Ok I'll start. I think this is an excellent idea, I'd like to use Clannad and School Days to make some flashcards. Most of the dialog in Clannad is unvoiced IIRC, whereas School Days has some fully animated scenes. There is also a licensed U.S. release for School Days HQ that is in english.

I am unsure if the Japanese text is included with that version though. ワイド!スクランブル|テレビ朝日. Japanese videogames with scripts/furigana etc. New manga OCR reader (capture2text alternative) Hi all, capture2text was not very suitable for manga reading, so I made better alternative: Advantages over capture2text: Automatic text extraction, just one click to read. No precise and annoying selections needed. Can read bubbles of complex shape. Significant text processing to remove common OCR mistakes and adjust uppercase/lowercase characters where other OCR software fails.

Software is currently in very early version so memory leaks are likely and interface is messy. Kobun (Classical Japanese) Resources? 私信 まるです。 Free audiobook on youtube. (2016-06-20, 4:17 pm)cophnia61 Wrote: I' using these audiobooks to improve my listening ability and I feel some improvements. But I wonder how are they in order of difficulty?

For example the first 6 mins of this: do you put it in terms of jlpt? If I take the jlpt n3, the listening section will be more difficult than this? No, that's certainly more challenging than the N3 listening test. Aozora Bunko recommendations for advanced learners. Joined: Apr 2016 Posts: 7 Thanks: 1 Hi everyone! I've been using Aozora Bunko lately for reading practice and it's a fantastic resource (recently finished Dazai's 人間失格 which I loved). Only problem is I'm a bit overwhelmed by large selection and unsure where to go next. 私信 まるです。 私信. Gomi Taro Index. 恋時雨 (koishigure) Factorial Archive of Japanese Poetry. (Live Recordings & Recorded Tracks) ed. 芭蕉俳句全集. View texts by #1 Matsuo Bashô (松尾芭蕉).

Classical Japanese Database (home, authors, translators, texts, translations, references, help, scratchpad) Author #1. ●MOTHER3セリフ集● ライフハッカー[日本版] 夢をコントロールする方法. 第1回では夢を記憶する意味と、アロマを使った夢の簡単な記憶の方法を取り上げましたよね。 News i - TBSの動画ニュースサイト. Xkcdの翻訳こんにゃく. TRAVIAN - ブラウザーゲーム - ローマン、ガウル、チュートン. When God Made Everything Japanese. こどもたちの 聖書 » ダウンロードする無料の聖書物語. こどもたちの 聖書 聖書からの大好きな物語。 まったく無料。 聖書物語 おはなしは、 Adobe Reader が必要です おはなし. どらま・のーと(旧) くろご式 慣用句辞典. Scripts. Japanese Transcriptions Collection. Japanese Transcriptions Collection.

発言小町 : 大手小町 : YOMIURI ONLINE(読売新聞) CNET Japan. CIOとITマネージャーの課題を解決するオンラインメディア. Tokyo Bilingual Toastmasters Club. Furitsuki - Furgiana Adder. Yomichan: a tool for reading books with Anki vocab deck integration. ゲーわく. NewsPicks. オレ的ゲーム速報@刃. Doope! 国内外のゲーム情報総合サイト. はちま起稿. Game*Spark - 国内・海外ゲーム情報サイト. 日本最大級の総合ゲーム情報サイト。最新ゲームのニュース,レビューはここで! List of Free Audiobooks. KanjiTomo - OCR Program for Japanese text. Nihongo Hyogen Bunkei Jiten (Dictionary of Essential Japanese Expressi – White Rabbit Japan. Japanese Business Dictionary: Let's Work in Japanese! – White Rabbit Japan. The Japanese Grammar database. Multi-lingual language learning and language exchange. Multi-lingual language learning and language exchange. Multi-lingual language learning and language exchange.

Multi-lingual language learning and language exchange. Multi-lingual language learning and language exchange. Multi-lingual language learning and language exchange. Multi-lingual language learning and language exchange. 異形のクリーチャーにスポットを当てた深海Sci-Fiホラー「SOMA」の新トレーラーが公開 « doope! 国内外のゲーム情報総合サイト. 異形のクリーチャーにスポットを当てた深海Sci-Fiホラー「SOMA」の新トレーラーが公開 « doope! 国内外のゲーム情報総合サイト. 「紹介」と「感想」と「レビュー」の違い. 「紹介」と「感想」と「レビュー」の違い.