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Rock Hard Guitar Pocket Premium Denim & Guitar Pick Buttons by Jerry Fleenor. Risks and challenges 1.100% of the foundation is already laid and in place.

Rock Hard Guitar Pocket Premium Denim & Guitar Pick Buttons by Jerry Fleenor

Manufacturing is already in place and ready to go with full-scale production. We already have had many pre-production runs of the denim made, worn and tested, and our production team is ready to produce full orders the very day as funding is received. 2. Picker - Guitar Pick Wristband by Viktor Stakhov. Risks and challenges Every project has its own chance for something unexpected to happen.

Picker - Guitar Pick Wristband by Viktor Stakhov

Working with a local leather supplier and performing everything in house lowers our risks and helps us to stay on top of the whole process. As soon as we receive money from Kickstarter we will be ordering all required leather, hardware, and dies. Practice Right. Play Right! (Canceled) by Evita Sonner (deleted) Snap Pick® Detachable Guitar Picks For Your Key Ring by Willis Houck. About this project Risks and challenges We are tasked with creating three new efficient 8 cavity molds and producing, packing and shipping our first consumer Snap Picks®.

Snap Pick® Detachable Guitar Picks For Your Key Ring by Willis Houck

As with any project, we may run into unexpected challenges. We have allowed ourselves 90 days from funding to shipping to work out challenges that may arise. The Gig2Go™ hybrid guitar case. Change the way you gig! by Gig2Go™ from WrighTrell. Risks and challenges The Gig2Go case has been thoroughly tested and has met all performance goals.

The Gig2Go™ hybrid guitar case. Change the way you gig! by Gig2Go™ from WrighTrell

However, our prototype circuitry has been hand made and must be outsourced for production. This may or may not limit our production goals due to lead time and finalized design development. We also may find that slightly adjusting the case specs could enhance the strength, weight, and portability of the package. We require that all units pass our range of performance tests prior to shipping. Given our extensive personal backgrounds of product manufacturing and business management, we have compiled a comprehensive plan to scale up, but taking our project from prototype to production is a formidable task. FLEXeFX Guitar Pedals. Real-time, dynamic foot control. by William Gadol. Risks and challenges I have tried to mitigate the risks involved with this project through slow, methodic thoughtfulness and attention to every tiny detail.

FLEXeFX Guitar Pedals. Real-time, dynamic foot control. by William Gadol

I have sourced several potential manufacturing firms, all with sterling reputations but companies go out of business and people fall ill. Luckily, my health is excellent, my FLEXeFX pedal has a patent and I've retained an attorney who specializes in musical instrument intellectual property. Of course I can not foresee the future and anything could happen but I am a prominent member of my community and I have a long history in and around the music industry. Throughout my entire life, I've surrounded myself with excellent mentors and role models and my impeccable reputation as an ethical businessman is of the utmost importance to me. SONIC CLAMP: iPhone/iPod Mount for Electric Guitar or Bass by Heather Louviere. Guitar Throne: Just Flip N' Play by Mike Longacre. About this project Risks and challenges We’ve already identified our vendors, negotiated timeline and pricing details with them, designs are final and we’re just waiting for the green light to start production.

Guitar Throne: Just Flip N' Play by Mike Longacre

Additionally, for specific elements, where there might be higher risk to the production timeline, we’ve identified alternatives just in case to mitigate this risk. That being said, there’s always a chance that we might be late, but we promise to keep you updated and notified as soon as we know when things aren’t going as planned. One more thing, as soon as the project goal is reached, even if it is before the campaign has ended, we’ll be putting the wheels in motion with our vendors and manufacturers so things will actually start happening before you even get charged! Holeyboard Guitar Effects Pedalboard-No Velcro! Sustainable by Chris R Trifilio.

This Is A Guitar Stand? This Is A Guitar Stand! "The Beast" by Tony Winkler. Finger Friendly Guitar Co. - Keyboard by Don Bacon. Risks and challenges Risks: All but one risk has been eliminated.

Finger Friendly Guitar Co. - Keyboard by Don Bacon

A problem was identified, a solution was created, a patent was awarded. The final unanswered question is, "Am I correct in assuming that a significant number of other folks will see the keyboard as an appealing solution to learning guitar? " If I'm right, happy days! Andreas Dawn Guitars. Maximum Sustain, Superior Design. by Randy Andreasen. Risks and challenges Most risks have been absorbed over the last seven years of prototyping.

Andreas Dawn Guitars. Maximum Sustain, Superior Design. by Randy Andreasen

I have taken every risk necessary to get quality results from a small functioning shop that can produce approximately 4 guitars a month. There may be a Kickstarter deliver date risk for rewards if we pass our goal. The Unlimited Electric Guitar by Ari Atkins. Bionic guitar finger pick by Marc Cooper, Matt Culver, Pat Tennant. Riff-Raptor Guitar by Gordon Bonebrake. The New Closet Guitar Hanger by Russell Garehan. The Closet Guitar Hanger by Russell Garehan. AmpClamp Guitar Stand by Von Saint Design. About this project Risks and challenges With any new product there are always risks and challenges.

AmpClamp Guitar Stand by Von Saint Design

Like baseball, you can't hit a home run unless you swing the bat. With other previously successful projects under our belt, this is not our first time at bat. If there is a risk it would be, how will the AmpClamp be accepted into the consumer market and will it be successful. We need you Kickstarters to make this possible. Bitar, the Touchscreen Guitar by Maze Hatter. About this project Risks and challenges Making it look cool.

Bitar, the Touchscreen Guitar by Maze Hatter

I mean, it already looks cool, but it's pretty rough around the edges, right? The guitar of the future should probably also come in a shape of the future. Who knows exactly how it'll end up. Guitar Buddy - Save space, hang your guitar! by Philip Musche. Van guitars by Glena Duquesnel and Kevin Olausen. About this project Risks and challenges My passion for music quality as a musician/luthier and years of experience and by trial and error I have found the perfect mix of sound material and components not to mention it's originality so i am launching this line of guitars and with the right backing and marketing we could make this next holiday season filled with music on one of these fun guitars.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter Have a question? If the info above doesn't help, you can ask the project creator directly. Ask a question. Air Guitar by John Hajjar. About this project Risks and challenges I have been involved with injection molding in the past, where I invented and manufactured the Stem-Nozzle through an injection molding process, and that is what I do for business, (see: Having done it before, I am well experienced in the process of designing, and machining of injections molds, hence a new mold for the Air Guitar would be very easy to manufacture.

Once this project is awarded, the machine shop will take about one month to complete the mold, after which it will be used for manufacturing the finished product, and that should take from one to two weeks. Unleash your inner rock star! by Scott Stenten. About this project Risks and challenges I can not think of any risks in this project, everything has been thought through the vendors are in place and everything down to the cost of postage and envelopes has been taken into consideration. Of course anything can happen any one of your vendors or suppliers can have problems but you work through it. With the modern internet and the ability to call up any number of sources issues like this are often not even known by the supporter .

Maybe at worst you have to delay shipping by a week. I have been the owner and sole creator of the Ergo Touchpad a versatile and well respected computer mouse in business for 10 years please check out my website will see 10 years of catering to the internet marketplace as well as touchpad innovations for disable and handicapped users.

I hope to create a similar business with this kickstarter campaign for Capo Clips Solid customer service, innovative ideas, at a reasonable cost. Have a question? Ask a question. The Secret World of the Junior G-Man Guitar! by Robert Rex Jackson. About this project Risks and challenges The biggest challenge in these projects is making sure there's no misunderstanding between myself and the vendor of the bodies/necks about what the finished product should be. The Vo-96 Acoustic Synthesizer by Paul Vo. Micros interchangeables pour guitares et basses présenté par obcguitares. The project Les micros de la guitare représentent 70% du son, les 30% restants étant liés à la lutherie.

Changer soi-même ses micros demande un temps de démontage, de pose et de réglage très long… en plus de compétences techniques. Les musiciens qui souhaitent différentes sonorités, pour s'adapter aux différents styles de musique, doivent posséder plusieurs guitares. ça n'est pas à la portée de tout le monde car il faut un budget élevé, et ça fini par être encombrant. En tant que Luthier et musicien j'ai imaginé dès 1987 un concept innovant de micros interchangeables pour les guitares et les basses électriques. Après des années de travail pour mettre au point cette invention, la marque OBC guiitares est déposée et je suis sur le point de faire produire les kits à micros interchangeables : simples, doubles ou triples.

La guitare électrique à micros interchangeables offre au musicien la possibilité d'évoluer sur tous genres de musiques selon les micros utilisées. Et à l’infini !! Tocxic Instruments - pour un plaisir de jeu immédiat présenté par Letocxic. The project - Wireless connectivity, - Integrated strap system, - Customizable elements. Yaba - Portable Speaker & Guitar Amp by PLX Devices. The Yaba X or "Yaba Xtreme" offers the best of both worlds. Functions like a standard Yaba with the added feature of a selectable built-in guitar amplifier. Yaba X is only exclusive to Kickstarter. It's the ideal device for traveling musicians or for those looking for an affordable alternative to large, clunky amps. Yaba X will retail for $99.99, get yours for as low as $39 through Kickstarter. Yaba - Rock your world! Yaba features revolutionary surface sound technology that turns any surface into a speaker. Yaba will retail for $69.99, get yours for as low as $29 through Kickstarter.

The Ultimate Fingerpick! Guitar, banjo, resonator, picks! by Gus Gustafson/Jim Cobb/Crossroads Music. Elysian Tuned Aperture Pickups for Electric Guitars & Basses by Adam Bath. Hand Chord - Anyone Can Play Guitar. No complicated fingerings to memorize no more calluses or blisters, For the first time play with long finger nails.

Line it up on the strings squeeze it to the neck and strum, sightly lift off and slide it to the next chord. Play basic versions of you favorite cover songs by artists like Jimmy Buffet, Otis Redding, Bruno Mars Taylor Swift, Johnny Cash and many more, or write your own songs or just blow off steam and jam! The patent pending design has a easy glide radius-ed pad that fits your neck so you exert minimal finger pressure. Pro Quality Guitar Lighting, Effects, and More! by Andrea Ettore and Bryan Davidson. An evolution to the guitar pick! by Nico Ramirez.