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Tribes, Flocks, and Single Servings — The Evolution of Digital Behavior – Medium. I’ve been thinking a lot about the relationships we form online.

Tribes, Flocks, and Single Servings — The Evolution of Digital Behavior – Medium

One of my favorite things to do is to deep-dive within various online communities, exploring their culture, rituals, and habits. From obscure fandoms and hobby groups to lifestyle forums and hashtag movements, I’m always fascinated by the ever-changing nature of our online interactions. As our online behavior becomes more complex, I’ve found the term “online community” to be an inadequate and limiting way to describe the pockets of activity that I was seeing. I started playing around with different frameworks to help me spot emerging trends and behaviors. After several iterations, I decided to concentrate on the two elements that were consistently the most useful: Engagement Length and Intimacy Level.

I focused on these two elements because they were actions that weren’t limited to a specific platform. What Is the Buyer's Journey? Buyers don’t want to be prospected, or demoed, or closed.

What Is the Buyer's Journey?

These steps add zero value to the buyer. Buyers are looking for additional information about your product that can’t be found online. As a salesperson, you can personalize your sales process to the buyer’s context by understanding the buyer’s journey. You want to know how to build an audience? Read this. – Creatomic – Medium. Almost nobody cares about you.

You want to know how to build an audience? Read this. – Creatomic – Medium

At least, not enough to do something about it. The default position of the general public, of all your audience and all your readers, is that they honestly don’t give a damn about you. They might read your blog, and they might go follow you on Twitter, but they’re not going to automatically want to be involved with you. To flip Field of Dreams on its head, you build it, and the chances are, nobody will come.

Nobody will magically land on your video, or podcast, or blog and suddenly give a shit. New insights on the customer decision journey. How to Overcome 3 Painfully Common Lead Gen Mistakes. Most lead generation training programs start with discovery, one of the most basic tenets of sales.

How to Overcome 3 Painfully Common Lead Gen Mistakes

But how far can a marketer dig into discovery questions before going too far? Forms with only three fields have a 25 percent conversion rate, but that rate drops to 15 percent for forms with six or more fields. Asking too many questions in a gated form before a prospective partner shows interest in your product is a lead gen mistake—just one of the many that marketers consistently make. The most effective way to generate leads changes over time and is different for every business. Even some of the lead generation strategies most often employed by marketers can lead to problems if executed incorrectly. Earned engagement and fragmented audiences: kickstart your process in the enterprise. How to Tell What Stage of the Buyer's Journey Your Website Visitors Are In. The modern buyer’s journey has changed.

How to Tell What Stage of the Buyer's Journey Your Website Visitors Are In

Research shows that only 18% of buyers rely on a salesperson as a source of information when making B2B purchases. This is one of the main challenges sales reps face today: Due to the proliferation of marketing material on the internet, the modern buyer is no longer dependent on salespeople to access information to make purchase decisions. But we can track prospects’ activity on our company websites. So from both a business opportunity and predictability perspective, sales reps need to understand website traffic in relation to where those visitors are in the modern buyer’s journey so we can provide targeted advice that’s relevant to what our buyers are looking for. Awareness Stage Buyers in this stage will: Visit your blog, interact with your social content. Learn how to drive more conversions with "The Digital Marketer's Guide to Call Attribution"

The road map to personalization. The Guide to Running a Client Discovery Process. The client discovery process is a key phase in the beginning of a new relationship.

The Guide to Running a Client Discovery Process

It helps to build trust and sets the stage for any successful project. The goal is to assist the client in discovering what they really want from their marketing efforts and to shape their perception of the best way to reach their goals. During the discovery phase, your agency uncovers the client's needs, challenges, and desired results, which you'll use to create an insightful, goal-oriented marketing plan. Improve the customer experience by understanding customer-managed journeys. Save Time And Money With Consumer Generated Content. Unifying the customer experience across channels. How to Use Video in Each Stage of the Buyer's Journey [Free Interactive Guide] Video has quickly become one of the most powerful mediums for sharing your message: 78% of people watch videos online every week.

How to Use Video in Each Stage of the Buyer's Journey [Free Interactive Guide]

What's more, 55% of people watch videos online every day. But like any new marketing tactic, video needs to be done right to have an impact on your business. Show, don’t tell: How to inspire your customers to create and share on-brand user-generated content. 6 Little-Known Ways Agencies Can Generate More Leads. How do you find new clients?

6 Little-Known Ways Agencies Can Generate More Leads

This is a common question agency execs ask. But it's not the right question. Instead, you should be asking: How do new clients find my agency? The Psychology of Value Perception. Imagine a person sitting down to a lobster dinner in a restaurant.

The Psychology of Value Perception

Have the image in your mind's eye? Good. How to Research the Path to Customer Purchase. 4 Tactics To Building An Audience That Promotes Your Content for You – MarketDoc. Why Consumer Intent Is More Powerful Than Demographics. Marketers who rely only on demographics to reach consumers risk missing more than 70% of potential mobile shoppers.

Why Consumer Intent Is More Powerful Than Demographics

Why? Because demographics rarely tell the whole story. Understanding consumer intent is much more powerful. 5 reasons people-based marketing will turn fed-up consumers into brand-loyal fans. 3 Addictive User Engagement Tactics from Saturday Morning Cartoons. There’s something magical about Saturday morning cartoons. As a kid, you sat in front of the television at the same time every week. You plopped yourself down, and by the time you looked away from the screen, hours had flown by. 4 Tips For Better Client Onboarding. Here at Hanapin Marketing, onboarding means a specific chain of events that occur when we work with a new client.

From account assignments and account access to kickoff call scheduling and the first 90 days, we have a strict format. Why do we have this format in place? One could say it’s so we don’t miss any key steps while others might say it’s because we like processes. These 5 Guidelines Will Attract More People To Your Product, Service, or Idea — Better Humans. Be short and sweet. People are busy as hell. Can you get them excited in 5 seconds instead of 10? Get creative. Make new friends, but keep the old: 3 opportunities for uncovering revenue from your existing customers. The new normal: Changing the dynamics between brands and shoppers. 16 Thought-Provoking Quotes on Customer Happiness and Success. Today, the sales process doesn't end when a prospect signs a contract. In fact, the moment a brand new customer comes on board, the beginning of a whole new sales process starts -- the road toward cross-selling and upselling. Sales Reps Are Thinking About Leads Completely Wrong.

The Hierarchy of Engagement — Greylock Perspectives. The Hierarchy of Engagement The Fuel to Build an Enduring, Billion Dollar Business Building an enduring, multi-billion dollar consumer technology company is hard. How to Leverage Trust to Increase Landing Page Conversions - Conversioner. It all started when I wanted to buy a new Mac. I went into a store, checked a few models and decided on the new Macbook Pro. I got an attractive offer and yet I still wanted to check the price at the official store, where I saw the exact same model but at a 15% increase in price. Eventually, even though the price was higher – I pulled out my credit card and made the purchase at the second store. Sounds irrational? Absolutely! The 4 A's of Building Trust. The best sales relationships are built on trust. Achieve sweet success with marketing segmentation. How to optimize your content for each step of the buyer’s journey.