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Fireup. #1 Website Downloader. Whenever your Startup gets mentioned online, Get Notified on Slack or HipChat. Departure. 01 Check web copy 02 Check images and video 03 Test all links 04 Ensure no testing remains 05 Functionality assessment 06 Browser testing 07 Complete all meta tags and URLs 08 Performance testing 09 Analytics installation 10 Sitemap and Webmaster Tools 11 Security and backup 12 Launch.


Free Accounting Software & Online Invoicing. Proppy - Beautiful proposals. Billdogg – Beautifully simple invoice generator. Free. Charlie – The Free HR Platform for Teams with Big Ideas. Free PDF Editor & Free PDF Form Filler - Account. The 10 Most-Used Tools in Today’s Newsrooms — Thoughts On Journalism. The 10 Most-Used Tools in Today’s Newsrooms In the very early days of building Sonr*, we talked to newsrooms all over New York City and London to get a sense of what tools journalists are currently using to get the job done.

The 10 Most-Used Tools in Today’s Newsrooms — Thoughts On Journalism

Pixpa: Portfolio Websites for Creative Pros. 8 Creative Ways to Manage Your Tasks & Projects Effectively Using Trello Boards. Often times, the greatest challenge marketers face when creating content isn't the actual writing, publishing, or promoting.

8 Creative Ways to Manage Your Tasks & Projects Effectively Using Trello Boards

Instead, it's the other related tasks -- brainstorming, scheduling, and coordinating moving parts -- that wind up causing us stress. Athena - Elegant PDF conversion. 10 Major Benefits of CRM Systems. CRM systems don't always get a good rap in sales.

10 Major Benefits of CRM Systems

Sure, there are notable benefits: They help Sales and Marketing professionals track of deals and flag opportunities that might require additional nurturing. But to reps, they can seem like nothing more than tedious time sucks. Data goes in, and no clear benefit comes out. Email Hunter - Find email addresses in seconds. The Ultimate Guide to Business Process Automation using Zapier. Making your Software as a Service (SaaS) apps talk to each other isn’t the pain it used to be.

The Ultimate Guide to Business Process Automation using Zapier

At least, it doesn’t have to be if you follow this ebook. Whether you use Mailchimp, LinkedIn, Buffer or Asana, every app has processes which can be automated to cut down on the amount of time you spend on data entry. From the absolute basics, to advanced features like customer data lookups, this monster 111 page guide has everything you need to make the most of Zapier – a tool which saved companies like yours over 14,000,000 hours last year.

Google Apps for Work

Personliga uppgifter och sekretess. Getting Started With Trello (Demo) #Adotta1Blogger - Come aggiungere un blog a Feedly. Organize Important Moments. The best apps. Better together. Respond - A powerful new customer service and brand monitoring tool from Buffer. Buffer for Twitter and Social Media Scheduling on the Mac App Store. The 8 Slack Communities Every Marketer Must Join. Slack holds more power than you can imagine.

The 8 Slack Communities Every Marketer Must Join

No, I’m not referring to the Giphy feature or emojifing your profile pic. The Slack team managed to develop a tool that connects a group of people in the easiest and most pleasant way possible. And in our cluttered messaging apps world, this is gold. For those of you who haven’t joined it yet, Slack is the WhatsApp for teams. One of its benefits is the integrations to dozens of services, like Zapier, Mailchimp, Trello and many others.

Free CRM for Small Business. TinyCert. Media Monitoring & Analytics - Home. PR Departments & Professionals Extraordinary tool that allows us to be afoot with what public thinks and writes about us in the world of digital media.

Media Monitoring & Analytics - Home

Since the companies, that are members of the LURA Group, are present and operating in several countries of the region, it is really important that we can track everything related to our company. This tool helps us achieve that. Nina Miholić - LURA Group Corporate Communications PR Agencies In our business, reaction speed is the key to success. Krešimir Macan - Manjgura Director and an expert in Public Relations Marketing Agencies. App. Rebrandly. MAQTOOB. PayPal.Me. Spendy. Typeform.

Translation Service. Startup Stash - Curated resources and tools for startups. Growth Hacking Tools. For Skype, Facebook, Google+ Hangout and Viber. Username & Domain Search. Agile Domain Search – A Powerful Domain Name Generator. Zen. W3Schools Online Web Tutorials. The Reedsy Book Editor: A Powerful Writing Tool. 40 Handy Excel Shortcuts You Can't Live Without. Many marketers use Microsoft Excel every single day, whether it's to create a waterfall report, analyze data, or run a report to present at the next team meeting.

40 Handy Excel Shortcuts You Can't Live Without

Creating reports like these in Excel is time-consuming enough. How can we spend a little less time navigating, formatting, selecting, and entering formulas for our data? Wouldn't it be great if there were keyboard shortcuts that could help us get our work done faster? So glad you asked. We’ve put together a list of 40 keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Excel. Download our free guide to Excel here to learn the essential Excel skills you should know. All of these shortcuts can be accessed on PC and Mac, so we've included both types below if applicable.

(Note for Mac users: To access the F keys (F1–F12), you'll have to hold the Fn key before pressing any F key -- unless you've enabled those keys as standard function keys.) Navigation These simple shortcuts can help you navigate between workbooks, sheets, rows and columns. CTRL + .