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9 Deadly Customer Service Phrases to Avoid (& What to Say Instead) Dealing with an unhappy customer is a tricky part of working in sales.

9 Deadly Customer Service Phrases to Avoid (& What to Say Instead)

A salesperson might not know why the customer is upset, or how long they’ve been unhappy, but it’s up to the rep to deal with it and fix the problem. When this situation arises, what should a rep say to restore the customer’s positive feelings? Better yet, what phrases should be avoided to keep the customer from becoming even more unhappy? For instance, instead of saying, “Let me look into that,” reps would be wise to offer a clear plan of action and say something like, “I’m going to do some more research. I will call you back with a solution by 3 p.m. today.” A 9-Part Client Management Manifesto Your Agency Should Steal. A Simple Guide to Building a Successful Loyalty Rewards Program.

Four steps to maximizing Customer Lifetime Value. Diagramming the Story of a 1-Star Review. Four steps to maximizing Customer Lifetime Value. 25 Customer Service Skills That Are Crucial For a Positive Experience. Creating the VIP treatment for your customers. How To Increase Customer Loyalty. It’s no surprise that a top initiative for business owners is to obtain net new business on a regular basis.

How To Increase Customer Loyalty

Growing your organization and expanding your market share depends on it. But, all too often, organizations focus so much on the instant gratification of selling to a new customer that they forget there’s an entirely separate customer population that deserves some major TLC—your existing consumer! Customer retention is a key piece of the proverbial “healthy business pie” and neglecting this segment can keep you spinning your wheels in a constant motion of trying to find new clients and customers. Life After Leads: How to Create Customer Loyalty that Lasts — Life Learning. Life After Leads: How to Create Customer Loyalty that Lasts It’s been a long day.

Life After Leads: How to Create Customer Loyalty that Lasts — Life Learning

You boothed at TechDay and it was awesome. Now, you’re staring at 13 pieces of paper, filled with new names, emails and phone numbers. You must have collected 150 new contacts. No, they’re not just contacts, they’re potential customers. Wait. Yeah, that sounds like a plan. Gathering contacts in hopes that they eventually become loyal clients can be a very big problem for startups of all types. Insane customer loyalty by definition is that your customers will stay with you and be loyal to your products, even if there is a competitor that is better and/or cheaper.

Here are 10 variables that when combined into the right equation, can help you solve for insane customer loyalty. Handwritten, personalized thank you cards. These are just 10 of hundreds of things you can do. The Power of the Customer Satisfaction Survey. How important are customer surveys?

The Power of the Customer Satisfaction Survey

Peter Drucker’s old saying comes to mind: “You can’t manage what you don’t measure.” Those surveys can give you a lot of data that you can use to improve virtually any part of your organization. There are two important parts to a customer survey that we’re going to cover today: Asking the right questions on the survey.What to do with the answers once you get them. Here’s a hint. Asking the right questions should be easy, but it’s not. The second part of our survey topic is about doing something with the data you get from the surveys. While numerical surveys, like rating something on a scale of one to ten, give you great insight to overall satisfaction levels of your customers, there should be opportunity to get opinions from open-ended questions.

20 Critical Customer Service Skills All Sales Reps Should Master. “To keep a customer demands as much skill as to win one.”

20 Critical Customer Service Skills All Sales Reps Should Master

-American proverb Customer service is essential to every business. Not only does keeping your buyers happy helps ensure they continue their relationship with your company, it also attracts new business. But what does great customer service look like? For instance, did you know buyers value confidence, good body language, and creativity in their customer service reps? Customer Service 101: Three things you can do today to win over your customers. Can Your Customer Service Improve Your Content Marketing? If customers can easily and thoroughly address their problems on their own, they will seek to do so.

Can Your Customer Service Improve Your Content Marketing?

Self-service is always the most efficient path to issue resolution, because customers don‘t have to wait on your business to respond. As Gartner‘s Michael Moaz says: “The best phone call is the one that didn‘t happen.” 5 Tips to Deal With Angry Customers Without Losing Your Cool [SlideShare] Customer Relationships - What Sentiment Analysis Can Do for Your Brand. How can companies find out what consumers really think about their brand?

Customer Relationships - What Sentiment Analysis Can Do for Your Brand

With new technologies and algorithms that automatically collect, index, and analyze customers' opinions about a brand and its products and services, sentiment analysis has never been easier. Read on to learn more about one of the newest ways to better understand your customers—and find out how to put it to work for your brand. The Rise of Social Media—and Sentiment Analysis Social media and consumer review platforms have completely changed the way consumers communicate. Feedback—whether companies are listening—is available in seconds; customers' voices and opinions are available instantly and heard by other consumers in social media just as fast. Brands may feel lost in the sheer amount of customer data out there, but a pot of gold is at the end of the rainbow for companies that invest in wading through this data.

Best-Practices for Harnessing Sentiment Data Sentiment analysis is widespread in many industries. Is customer service a key to content marketing success? The Importance of Self-Service Customer Support in the Social Era. With the widespread adoption of knowledge bases, online communities and Q&A sites, consumers can easily find their own answers, any time, anywhere.

The Importance of Self-Service Customer Support in the Social Era

What does this shift to self-service mean? The answer is clear: consumers are the new face of customer service. The need for knowledge is immediate and organizations must implement a self-service strategy to meet, and exceed, customer expectations. Not only will this strategy allow them to reap the benefits associated with self-service, but it'll also enable consumers to successfully support themselves. The Opportunities Self-service support presents dual opportunities. The evidence supporting the shift to self-service is clear: 51% of customers prefer support through an online knowledge base. For businesses, self-service is the fastest and most cost-effective form of customer support. 45% of organizations that offer web or mobile self-service options noticed an increase in website traffic and a reduction in phone inquiries.

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