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Untitled. Cosa ha fatto Jacopo Matteuzzi nel suo ultimo post sul blog di SEMrush?


Ha mostrato un metodo semplice ed efficace per aumentare il traffico del blog senza scrivere un solo articolo. E sai cosa ho fatto io? Ho seguito le sue indicazioni per migliorare i miei vecchi post. A questo punto la domanda sorge spontanea: "Ma come, non lo facevi già? Non eri così in gamba e smaliziato nel campo SEO Copywriting? ". Soprattutto se questo professionista è Jacopo, e se i consigli ti permettono di lavorare su un piano a me caro. Scompaiono dalla home page, diventano storia vecchia ma solo per il tuo calendario editoriale. Dipende dall’articolo. Organizziamo il lavoro, sei d’accordo?

1# Pianifica gli aggiornamenti Puoi scoprire i vecchi articoli da modificare grazie alla procedura indicata da Jacopo: usa SEMrush per individuare i contenuti da migliorare e inserisci il lavoro da svolgere nelcalendario editoriale. Mantenere il ritmo: questo è il punto più importante. 2# Migliora il testo dell'articolo. Passive Content Marketing by Design – Medium. Most of us use some form of social media more often than we eat.

Passive Content Marketing by Design – Medium

It only makes sense then to use this more casual, personal approach as another means to share content for our businesses. When it comes to marketing our brands’ content on these platforms, we want to represent ourselves authentically, and ideally have an impact on our users in some way. One way to create impact is by the amount of content we share. Your Content Is a Cocktail Party — Stop Thinking About It Like a Sales Pitch – The Mission – Medium. On occasion, all one needs to alter actions and change outcomes is a simple mindset shift.

Your Content Is a Cocktail Party — Stop Thinking About It Like a Sales Pitch – The Mission – Medium

There are no limitations to the mind except those we acknowledge. Both poverty and riches are the offspring of thought. -Napoleon Hill On this topic, for many (myself included) we need to begin thinking of our content — on social media, email, blog posts, and more — as a cocktail party and less like a sales pitch. What do I mean by this? At cocktail parties, networks are created and relationships are built. How a Single Piece of Content Increased Our DA by +7 Points [Case Study] 10 Pieces of Content Your Audience Really Wants to See [New Data] How Google May Analyze and Evaluate the Quality, Value, & Rank-Worthiness of Your Content. The Decentralized Content Marketing Playbook. In the past, content marketing revolved around one thing: your blog.

The Decentralized Content Marketing Playbook

Marketers lived by the promise that if they wrote quality articles on their website's blog, traffic would come. And after decades of interruptive television commercials and dinnertime cold calling, it was a welcome change in the world of marketing and selling. But, your website isn't as important as you think -- at least not on its own. Top content marketers aren't simply cranking out blog posts and ebooks. Instead, they're publishing on Medium, exploring live streaming video, and project managing web development tools. Just like it sounds, content decentralization is the movement away from website-based publishing in an effort to reach beyond the limits of your current audience and build a community where people are already consuming content. In the infographic below, we've gathered actionable data to help you realign your priorities with the content consumers want. Three Things to Know about the Future of Content Marketing – Medium.

The opportunity for content marketing is still alive and well, if we are willing to do what it takes to win the game.

Three Things to Know about the Future of Content Marketing – Medium

This message was prevalent in the keynote presentation by Mark Schaefer last week at the Insight Marketing Conference. His talk was based on his forthcoming book, “Known,” which is about ‘being known’ online. No one says it better than Mark, but I will do my best to paraphrase his key points. 8 Strategies to stand out when you’re late to the content marketing game – Medium. By Mark Schaefer You’ve all seen the data and it’s not pretty — the amount of information on the web is certainly overwhelming.

8 Strategies to stand out when you’re late to the content marketing game – Medium

Content budgets are soaring, content output is exploding. There are more than 1,000 blog posts and 400 hours of YouTube video uploaded every minute in a never-ending war for attention. If you’re the first one to dominate a niche with your content, you’re one of the lucky ones. You’re probably keeping a stranglehold on your leading position by publishing relevant, helpful, and interesting content on a consistent basis. But what if you’re on the losing end of the stick? How to Write a Content Marketing Strategy Step-by-Step [w/ Strategy Template!] The good news: your boss or client is totally on board with your running content marketing.

How to Write a Content Marketing Strategy Step-by-Step [w/ Strategy Template!]

(SCORE!) The challenge: she wants to see a content marketing plan . . . and you have NO IDEA what that’s supposed to look like. I’ve been there. It’s a tough situation, because you’ve been doing content marketing with your gut this whole time, and now you’re being asked to put all that into a document. (And the gut-to-document process can be pretty painful.) 10 Illustrations of How Fresh Content May Influence Google Rankings. The Functional Content Masterplan – Own the Knowledge Graph Goldrush with this On-Page Plan. 4 Simple Steps That Transform How You Approach Content Marketing. Content marketing.

4 Simple Steps That Transform How You Approach Content Marketing

Is it a real business strategy or just the latest wheeze from the online marketing community? No doubt you’ve heard that "content is king," but people often find it hard to understand where to start and how to identify the business benefits. If you’re unsure, just answer this question -- Do you want to be perceived as an authority in your market or industry? The Ultimate 40-Point Checklist for Smarter Content Marketing Strategy (Infographic) – Medium. This visual guide covers brilliant content strategy from A to Z.

The Ultimate 40-Point Checklist for Smarter Content Marketing Strategy (Infographic) – Medium

Everyone and their brother has jumped into the online content creation game. Every minute on the Internet, YouTube users upload 300 hours of new video and Vine users share 8,333 more. Over 347,000 tweets are sent. Facebook users share 2.46 million pieces of content. Yelp users create 26,380 new reviews. 9 Mistakes You Might Be Making With Your Content Marketing Strategy. How to Create High Quality Content That Brings Traffic? - DreamGrow. Marketing is about creating awareness.

How to Create High Quality Content That Brings Traffic? - DreamGrow

The more aware one is of the product, the more one is likely to think favourably of it. Familiarity might breed contempt, yes, but this does not have to be a thumb rule. The Key to Creating Amazing Content is a Hell of a Lot Easier Than You Think… – The Mission – Medium. The quest for writing the perfect content seems to be like the quest for the Fountain of Youth or Atlantis or Big Foot.

There’s a bajillion articles, ebooks, actual books, masterminds, YouTube tutorials, Udemy courses, Coursera courses, Lynda courses, and more out there trying to give you the precise formula for amazing content. Of amazing work. They’ll say in order to optimize your content, your headline must be no more than 47 characters and your body copy must contain between 13 and 15 pronouns and 4 bullet point and be posted when the sun is at its highest peak after reciting ancient Roman chants three times through.

Don’t get me wrong. I love data. Learning tips, tricks, and optimizations for your content is vital if you want longevity in the cutthroat market we live in today. For many, learning these optimizations and hacks is a bit premature. How to Create Content for Every Stage of the Buyer's Journey. Have you ever seen something in the window of a shop that you just had to have -- and then bought it immediately? In most cases, that's not how purchases are made. (And thank goodness, otherwise many of us marketers would be out of a job.)

Most of the time, before becoming a customer, a person will first go through what's called the sales funnel. The sales funnel consists of the different stages a customer goes through leading up to their purchase -- from looking at your website for the first time, to subscribing to your email list and reading your emails over a period of time, to talking to a sales associate and figuring out whether to buy from you. Although it's called a "sales" funnel, it's been at the heart of marketing for ages. The internet has made it easier for marketers (and salespeople) to engage customers at the various stages of their journey using content marketing. How to Better Organize Your Content Marketing Ideas. As a content marketer, you have to be able to summon your creativity at any given moment and churn out something great.

It never stops. You have to learn to come up with ideas all the time – to live in idea mode, as I like to say – and be able to answer your audience’s questions and solve their problems week after week. But once you come up with these brilliant ideas to dazzle readers and convert new leads or sales, where do you put them? Most content marketers will mentally tuck them away for later (horrible idea) or scratch them down on a sticky note (less horrible idea). But you’ll probably forget that tucked away idea five minutes later. And you probably already have 30 sticky note ideas all over your desk, 15 of which will get lost or accidentally thrown away.

How to Master the Art and Science of Content Marketing – Marketing and Entrepreneurship – Medium. The best content marketing is neither a perfected art nor an exact science, but a combination of both. Together, creative and analytical mindsets inspire content that drives connection, action, and revenue for organizations, according to a new infographic from cloud-computing company Salesforce and content-marketing platform Kapost. According to their research, 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual and people are able to process visual information 60,000 times faster than text. Using artistic elements like powerful visuals and creative language helps companies tap into the emotions of their audience members. The flip side of the equation is that the science in building processes, measuring performance, and analyzing data drives promotion and greater content engagement. Both the artists’ and the scientists’ mindsets are critical to the success of a content-marketing campaign, as one without the other cannot experience the best possible results.

CREDIT: kapost, salesforce. 13 Examples of Super Skimmable Content. One of the barriers to getting your work read and widely shared in the age of information overload is time. With research revealing that 55% of pageviews are less than 15 seconds in duration, your content needs to provide value and pique interest quickly to align with your readers' behavior. This doesn't mean that you should stop producing long-form content all together. However, it does task you with the challenge of creating more skimmable content that can be read and understood without a ton of effort. Want more data on existing and emerging marketing trends? Pre-register for the 2016 State of Inbound report here. 5 Smart Reasons to Create Content Outside Your Niche. Blogging can be a powerful way for you to build your personal brand and increase the visibility of your company within your industry.

Ideally, both at the same time. Your end goal, of course, is to become a top leading expert on the topics that matter to your niche. And when you're first starting out, committing to a niche is important. You must own and dominate it. Yet, a day will eventually come when you've exhausted your niche. What do you do then, when the "law of diminishing blogging returns" kicks in? If you've reached this point, you may want to start exploring topics that are outside of your core niche. Convince and Convert: Social Media Consulting and Content Marketing Consulting. Crafting the Experience You Wish To See in the World. Convince and Convert: Social Media Consulting and Content Marketing Consulting. Case Study: How We Created Controversial Content That Earned Hundreds of Links. 22 Experts Tell How to Know if Your Content Marketing Works.

15 Tips How to Create Evergreen Content - DreamGrow. 15 Content Marketing Trends That Need Your Close Attention. How Google Designs Great Content, in 5 Steps. As brands put more focus and resources towards creating content, one of the biggest challenges they face is making sure their content isn’t just on brand, but that it breaks through and reaches people. Forbes Welcome. 3 reasons your content isn't getting shared. 7 Content Marketing Lessons From Rand Fishkin’s Whiteboard Fridays. 31 Types of Content We Crave [Infographic] We Grew Our Blog Traffic 138X: Here's What It Taught Us About Content Marketing. 138x. Why your content marketing program could be failing.

Great Content ≠ Long-Form Content. The First Law of Content Marketing. 8 Mistakes Even Professional Content Writers Make (And How to Avoid Them) I’ve done a lot of dumb things as a writer. But that’s okay. Get More People to Read and Share Your Content - DreamGrow. Content Marketing A to Z: 40 Tips, Tricks & Tactics for Mastering Content Creation and Promotion. How to Create an Actionable Content Strategy - DreamGrow. Content Promotion: How We Grew from 0 to 32,977 Users in 5 Months With Zero Paid Traffic - Grow and Convert. A Simple Guide to Navigating Trending Content.

What is quality content? The Marketing Research Process For Next-Level Content. This Month in Data Science: How Is Content Changing Over Time? Content marketing 2016: What to do and what not to do - Mountnow. Maggie: the essence of content strategy. How To Keep Evergreen Content Fresh For 283% More Traffic. Five distribution tips to improve the reach and impact of your content. Does Your Content Need a Permanent Home? The 7 deadly sins of content marketers. How Content Is Transforming the Enterprise. What Makes Content Spread: Anatomy of a Post With 500,000+ Likes — Marketing and Growth Hacking.

Setting Time Expectations For New Content To Achieve Effective Visibility - Tech Marketing News. 4 Mistakes to Avoid When Scaling Your Content Marketing. Your Guide to Creating and Sharing Content [Infographic] Content Creation Hacks: How to Quickly Produce Valuable Content : Social Media Examiner. What 3 Million Visitors Taught Us About Content Marketing — The Startup. 8 Ways to Give Better Advice to Your Audience. Stop fearing failure and be brave in your content marketing program. How to deliver a true cross-channel experience. 5 Remarkable Qualities of Effective Online Content.

The Simple 5-Step Formula for Effective Online Content. Content Strategy: How To Build One & Quadruple Your Results. Learn to Love Your Existing Content - 5 Ways to Get More Visibility. The Marketer's Guide to Luxury Content. Content Marketing A to Z: 40 Tips, Tricks & Tactics for Mastering Content Creation and Promotion [Infographic]


The Content Marketing Campaign Playbook – Guaranteeing Success in 2016. Content Marketing: il giusto equilibrio tra Copy e Visual. [Infographic] The State of Content Marketing in 2015. Content Sutra Ep. 7: Michael Brenner on the Future of Content Marketing. Dominate in 2016 With These Top 7 Content Marketing Trends - Mirasee. The Next Big Thing in Content Marketing. The Mixology of Content Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC] Why Content Strategy Isn't Enough. Content Methodology: A New Model for Content Marketing. Branded Content: definizione e tecniche per fare business con i contenuti. Build brand loyalty through content marketing. Content Marketing: cosa fanno le grandi aziende del web per conquistare link?

Content, Shares, and Links: Insights from Analyzing 1 Million Articles. Link Development And Content Marketing: Why, When, How To? How to Find Your Content Marketing Strength. The Ant and the Grasshopper, or Why Ignoring ROI Is a Death Wish. How We Calculate the ROI of Our Content Marketing—In One Duck-Themed Tale. From Editorial Calendars to SEO: Setting Yourself Up to Create Fabulous Content. Contenuti verticali: come evitare la crisi creativa. A Clear Path for Marketers to Surviving Content Shock. [Checklist] 10 Questions to Ask Before You Press Publish. The 10 Most Common Content Marketing Mistakes. The Biggest Reason Brands Fail When Tying Content to Business Goals. 96 Concepts that Will Make You a Smarter Content Marketer. 3 Resources to Help You Create, Organize, and Manage Your Content.

The Brand as Publisher Masterplan - Reinventing Content Marketing for the Next Decade. How to Find the “Sweet Spot” for Your Content Marketing Strategy. How to write a content marketing strategy step-by-step [with template] — Social Media Tips. 5 Steps to Content Marketing Success. Preparing Your Killer Content Marketing Pitch. Come creare contenuti di qualità.