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Augmented, virtual and hyper reality

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Podcasting is conquering transmedia and virtual reality | CMF Trends. Podcasting is a soaring market that is no longer limited to radio. Both adaptable and responsive, it now rubs up against transmedia storytelling and some even go so far as to predict a surprising honeymoon with virtual reality. Released around the same time as the first mobile devices, the audio podcast represents an extraordinary vector for linear and serialized storytelling. This format can easily be incorporated into multiplatform dissemination strategies. However, to shed light on what it shares with transmedia, we need to go back in time to the beginning of the present millennium... It all began with Donjon de Naheulbeuk.

Once upon a time, there was Donjon de Naheulbeuk Launched in 2001 as a “MP3 saga” (the term podcast had not yet been invented), this story subverted Heroic Fantasy codes and allowed us to follow the daily lives of several roleplay typical characters on a quest to find a prophetic statuette in a just as archetypal dungeon. The founding example of Serial. Stanford Journalism Program’s Guide to Using Virtual Reality for Storytelling – Storybench. Next Big Thing: Virtual Reality 3D Painting | Channel One News. Ever wonder what it would be like to step inside of a painting? We’ve seen it happen in movies. But now, it’s a reality. Virtual reality, that is. And with the Tilt Brush app by Google, getting immersed in your work is taking on a whole new meaning.

It may sound surreal and complicated, but so far, the consensus is that even someone with no gaming or virtual reality experience can create unbelievable artwork in a matter of seconds, and learn as they go. “Playing with fire” is A-ok in this virtual art world, and no clean-up’s necessary with countless color options on the virtual palette. Would you try virtual reality 3D painting? <a href=" Our Poll</a> Virtual Reality, with Feeling. Truly immersive virtual reality requires more than just convincing visuals. Now a British startup has developed a neat way to inject feelings, too.

In the past, external cameras have been used to monitor the movement of facial features as a means of adding emotion to VR. The new system, developed by Emteq, uses small sensors embedded into a VR headset to measure electrical signals, heart rate, and muscle movement. According to Engineering & Technology, that allows the system, known as Faceteq, to capture a wider range of emotional response than visual approaches. The detected emotions can then be applied to an avatar in the virtual world. It’s not the only approach being used to make VR more convincing. One day, you might never need to take those goggles off. (Read more: Engineering & Technology, “The Quest to Put More Reality in Virtual Reality,” “Virtual Reality Actually Feels Real When It Uses Physics”)

Blog | CryWorks | Immersive Entertainment & VR Production. VR can seem like a big, intimidating space for the average consumer. All the different kinds of devices, wearable tech and plethora of apps can easily become too overwhelming to tackle all at once. So we thought, what better way to tackle a smorgasbord of info than a list of the best and brightest live events where you can learn about and experience more VR? Here’s a list of ten VR expos and trade shows that are worth the entrance fee: SVVR Silicon Valley VR Expo The annual Silicon Valley VR Expo features one of the largest expo floors in VR with over 100 VR companies who gather at the San Jose Convention Center.

BOBOVR Z4 at last year’s SVVR 2016. 2016’s exhibition featured many notable highlights including Infinadeck, an omnidirectional treadmill used to allow virtual reality users walk within virtual reality worlds. VRLA Summer Expo VRLA’s Summer Expo is held at the LA Convention Center. VRLA’s Summer Expo. Oh, and if you’re a student you can get in for $30 for the expo’s second day. Réalité virtuelle et augmentée : l’explosion prochaine du marché - Digital Strategy. Kevin Spacey is a virtual reality hypebeast. Kevin Spacey is a great actor and theater director, but I'm a bigger fan of Kevin Spacey the breathless tech evangelist.

When Spacey likes a trend, he invests his time, money, and celebrity. Streaming services are the future? Spacey becomes the star of the first breakout streaming TV series. Video games are the future? Spacey stars as the villain in the most popular franchise of this generation. Virtual reality is the future? Spacey becomes an advisor at a VR startup. Tech evangelist isn't Spacey's full time job. As an actor or an investor alone, Spacey's notable, but as a mix of the two, who both puts his face, cash, and legitimacy on the line, he's unprecedented. "I am a believer. From there, Spacey compares his job as an actor — of walking in someone else's shoes, wandering through other's ideas — as a gift of empathy, and cites VR as an entry point for the average person into a similar experience. La fiction interactive : l’hybride jeu vidéo, cinéma et littérature.

Regard sur la « fiction interactive », un genre de jeux vidéo qui gagne en popularité où la narration et les émotions sont au centre du gameplay. Heavy Rain, sorti sur PlayStation en 2010, s’est écoulé à plus de 3 millions d’exemplaires en 3 ans. Sur mobile, Lifeline s’est classé numéro un des téléchargements de jeux payants dans 26 pays entre avril et juin 2015. Le point commun de ces deux jeux ? Ils relèvent tous deux du genre de la « fiction interactive » : un jeu vidéo où le récit se développe par arborescence en fonction des choix scénaristiques que l’on fait, à la manière d’un « livre dont vous êtes le héros ». En 2015, les succès de Life Is Strange, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture ou encore d’Until Dawnont confirmé l’attrait des joueurs du monde entier pour ces fictions à la frontière du jeu vidéo, du cinéma et de la littérature. Comment expliquer le succès de ce type de jeu vidéo qui privilégie la narration et les émotions au détriment du gameplay ?

La réalité virtuelle : une technologie qui vaudra 80 milliards de dollars en 2025. La réalité virtuelle et augmentée pourrait représenter le futur de l'informatique, et avoir un impact aussi transformateur sur la société que l'avènement du PC ou du smartphone. C'est du moins ce que prédit Goldman Sachs Research dans une étude publiée le 11 février, dans laquelle elle anticipe que le marché atteindra 80 milliards de dollars en 2025 (soit la taille actuelle du marché des ordinateurs de bureau). 3.5 milliards d'investissements Goldman Sachs rappelle que 3,5 milliards de dollars ont été investis lors de 225 opérations de capital risque au cours des deux dernières années, sans compter les 2 milliards qu'a dépensé Facebook pour acquérir Oculus.

Comme avec les PC ou les smartphones, la banque s'attend à ce que de nouveaux marchés soient créés, et que les marchés existants soient bouleversés. La croissance du marché se ferait cependant beaucoup moins vite. 3 scénarios 9 marchés verticaux. View-Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack - Apple. Epic / Unity : développer nativement en réalité virtuelle. Business, par Nerces - Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, Gear VR, HTC Vive… les casques de réalité virtuelle ne manquent pas, mais ils ont besoin de technologies simples pour que les développeurs puissent élaborer des contenus. C’est tout le sens des annonces successives d’Epic Games et Unity.

À l’origine du fameux Unreal Engine, Epic Games a présenté un nouveau mode de développement dédié aux créateurs tentés par la réalité virtuelle. L’idée est de leur permettre de concevoir des contenus en travaillant directement en réalité virtuelle. La vidéo ci-dessous nous permet de découvrir Mike Fricker d’Epic équipé d’un HTC Vive. Pas question pour la société Unity d’être en reste et peu de temps après l’annonce d’Epic Games, Sylvio Drouin, vice-président exécutif d’Unity Labs, a expliqué à nos confrères d’UploadVR que le moteur Unity se doterait prochainement d’une technologie similaire. Par ailleurs, Unity travaille sur la technologie Carte Blanche. Nerces (Guillaume Tutundjian), Journaliste. Geeknaute. Apple To Develop Its Own VR & AR Products In 2016. Samsung is opening a VR film studio in New York City. Samsung is ready to double down on virtual reality filmmaking. In an announcement at Sundance last week, Samsung USA marketing chief Marc Mathieu stated that the company plans on opening a VR production studio based in one if its New York City offices.

"At Samsung we love stories," Mathieu told his audience at the festival. "And we love to help people tell stories. " The tech giant was otherwise mum about its plans for VR films going forward, but it's clear that the Gear VR device will figure prominently in its designs. Samsung is betting big on VR filmmaking taking off Samsung's announcement dovetails perfectly with Sundance 2016's future-focused New Frontier program, a sub-festival that's taking great interest in virtual reality films and experiences this year. SourceCNET. Oculus Story Studio University Bringing VR Film Workshops. Today during the Sundance Film Festival, Oculus has announced Story Studio University, and initiative by the company to “inspire and educate the next generation of VR filmmakers.” While games are an obvious starting point for virtual reality, perhaps the next nearest use-case is VR film: narrative driven experiences which are more about story than gameplay.

Talk to any pioneering VR filmmaker and they’ll tell you that the medium is in its infancy, that ‘the language of VR film is still being discovered’, not unlike the early days of traditional film which saw attempts to transpose radio and theater onto the screen, only to eventually blossom into its own medium entirely. The distinction between VR games and film is already blurry at times—as some VR film experiences like Oculus’ Henry are interactive and rendered in real-time, just like a game—and will probably only get blurrier. At the Sundance Film Festival, Oculus is highlighting a number of VR filmmakers and their work: VR porn is here. Does virtual sex really feel real? Image by innovatedcaptures/Thinkstock Werner Herzog believes that virtual reality is getting ahead of itself. “It looked OK, but you get tired of it fairly quickly,” he told the New Yorker of watching VR film. “The strange thing here is that normally, in the history of culture … you have the content first, and then the technology follows suit.

In this case, we do have a technology, but we don’t have any clear idea how to fill it with content.” Amanda Hess is a Slate staff writer. Clearly, Herzog hasn’t seen 2 Chicks Same Time. While traditional filmmakers may be struggling to adapt their art to immersive virtual reality devices, pornographers have been anticipating this moment for years. That extremely specific fantasy could be reality very soon. At this month’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Naughty America rented a suite in the Cosmopolitan Hotel, pulled in passing tech journalists, lubricated them with cocktails, and invited them to take the scene for a spin.

Google’s YouTube Hires Scott Broock, Virtual Reality Content Deal Exec. YouTube really wants to make virtual reality video a thing. Case in point: The Google arm now has someone solely devoted to convincing others to make content for it. Scott Broock, who led partnership deals for virtual reality startup Jaunt for the past two years, has moved to YouTube. He’s now “Global VR Evangelist” for the world’s largest video service. What does that mean? Google declined to comment. But it’s likely he will do what he did at Jaunt, which was ink deals with content providers in the music, movie and TV industry to provide content for VR. Earlier this month, as we first reported, Google set up its inaugural VR division. UNIVERSAL MUSIC GROUP AND IHEARTMEDIA ANNOUNCE GROUNDBREAKING VIRTUAL REALITY PARTNERSHIP TO DEVELOP FULLY IMMERSIVE MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT EXPERIENCES - UMG.

What’s the future of virtual reality? | World Economic Forum. This article is published in collaboration with The Financial Times. It could take a decade before virtual reality headsets become cheap and portable enough to replace smartphones as the tech industry’s dominant computing platform, the founder of Oculus VR has warned. Virtual reality is tipped to be one of the biggest themes of this week’s Consumer Electronics Show, with Sony, HTC and Facebook-owned Oculus all set to release their headsets in the first half of 2016. However, Palmer Luckey, who founded Oculus from his parents’ garage in 2012, has told the FT that the technology required many years of further development before it could “replace smartphones” for mainstream users.

“I think until you have really high-end computing power and until you have really slim form factors, you’re not going to see glasses that people wear every day as part of their everyday lives,” Mr Luckey said. Asked how long that might take, Mr Luckey said: “It could be five years — it’s more likely to be 10 years. 2016, l'année de la réalité virtuelle. Quand la réalité virtuelle rejoint le réel.

Alors que les casques de réalité virtuelle sont sur le point d’être commercialisés à large échelle, se pose la question presque philosophique du degré de réalité des mondes virtuels auxquels ils donnent accès. Explications avec le Wall Street Journal. Vous avez peur des serpents ? De prendre l’avion ? De vous exprimer en public ? La réalité virtuelle pourrait y remédier. C’est en tout cas la promesse de plusieurs start-up qui exploitent les nouvelles possibilités offertes par les casques de réalité virtuelle.

D’après les chercheurs du Virtual Human Interaction Lab de l’université Stanford, une expérience de réalité virtuelle peut profondément modifier la façon de penser et de se comporter d’un utilisateur, allant jusqu’à influencer ses perspectives et points de vue sur un sujet donné. Pour en savoir plus, c’est par ici. La réalité virtuelle du CES | euronews, hi-tech. Réalité virtuelle : Immersion recrute 13 personnes à Bordeaux. "Nous avons toujours été en croissance organique depuis la création de l'entreprise en 1994, mais aujourd'hui nous avons besoin de la Bourse pour financer notre nouveau plan stratégique et mieux nous faire connaître", explique Christophe Chartier, le fondateur d'Immersion.

Immersion veut séduire les PME-PMI Précurseur des technologies de simulation 3D pour l'industrie, sa société a inventé « Meetiiim », une table qui permet de manipuler des objets en 3D et des salles de réalité virtuelle, immergeant dans un futur avion, tramway ou voiture. Des objets connectés qui accélèrent la prise de décision dans une entreprise et ont séduit les plus grands : Alstom, Airbus, Dassault, SNCF… 80 % de ses clients font partie du CAC 40. À l'inverse, peu de PME ont encore franchi le pas. Mais le coût de ces technologies a considérablement baissé. Il y a trois ans, un casque immersif coûtait 10 000 euros ; aujourd'hui, il en vaut 300. Le profil des futurs recrues. Oculus, Playstation prep VR hardware launches, as Fox leads content landgrab. The Rise and Fall and Rise of Virtual Reality. Jeux vidéo thérapeutiques : “On n'en est qu'aux balbutiements avec la réalité virtuelle”

'Teslasuit' is a Tactile Skin that Lets You Feel VR, Kickstarter Jan 1st. [Best of 2015] The Year in Virtual Reality. The Next Big Thing in Virtual Reality. Virtual reality rides set to invade theme parks in 2016. How virtual reality is going to change our lives.

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Google looks forward to Intel processors to power next-gen Google Glass releasing in 2015 | The Westside Story. Why Augmented Reality Marketing Will Be Huge in 2015. Virtual reality enters the here and now. Rumor: 2015's iPhone 6S Or 7 To Release With Virtual Reality And 3D Displays : Tech. Virtual Reality Is Going To Change Everything. Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality Market to Hit $1.06 Billion by 2018 – New Report by MarketsandMarkets. Sign Up. The future of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality: Alternative Reality | Greg Madison. Erreur de la base de données. La réalité augmentée en 10 usages éloquents. Laval Virtual 2015. Deux projets repérés à Tokyo et Vancouver. Front Page News. Welcome to

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