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Huge Collection Of Ajax Tutorials And Techniques. 100 Amazing Photo Manipulation tutorials. 40 Excellent Tools for Designers and Developers. Designing has become a difficult job these days because of competition in the market these days.

40 Excellent Tools for Designers and Developers

It is evident in the growing number of individuals taking design degrees in reputable schools. Designers who wish to excel must have access to all the tools necessary to make their designs better but these tools might be expensive for many people. Today, we have gathered a huge list of 40 different tools which designers can use in their future projects. 1. 256Pixels With 256Pixels, users can easily create favicon designs either by uploading a picture or color the pixels by choosing any color. 2.

Ajaxload enable users create ajax icons by selecting the indicator type, background and foreground color. Advertisement 3. With Background Maker, you can choose different colors from the available colors to create the background and fill each pixel with different colors to notice the effect live. 50+ PSD UI Web design elements. I’m a big believer in not reinventing the wheel when it comes to web design.

50+ PSD UI Web design elements

If someone has already created something that fits what you need and/or want, and especially if that element is available for free, then why waste your time designing something that turns out virtually identical? Your time and effort is better spent on creating new and unique parts of your design, while using what’s already available for other parts.

Below are more than 50 free UI element packs from a variety of designers. Buttons, form elements, media players, and similar stock elements are the most popular, though there are other elements included also. And as a bonus, there are over half a dozen premium element packs at the end. Free Elements Soft UI Kit: Free PSD for Mocking Up Web Designs. Running Hadoop On Ubuntu Linux (Single-Node Cluster) @ Michael G. Noll. In this tutorial I will describe the required steps for setting up a pseudo-distributed, single-node Hadoop cluster backed by the Hadoop Distributed File System, running on Ubuntu Linux.

Running Hadoop On Ubuntu Linux (Single-Node Cluster) @ Michael G. Noll

Hadoop is a framework written in Java for running applications on large clusters of commodity hardware and incorporates features similar to those of the Google File System (GFS) and of the MapReduce computing paradigm. Hadoop’s HDFS is a highly fault-tolerant distributed file system and, like Hadoop in general, designed to be deployed on low-cost hardware.

It provides high throughput access to application data and is suitable for applications that have large data sets. The main goal of this tutorial is to get a simple Hadoop installation up and running so that you can play around with the software and learn more about it. This tutorial has been tested with the following software versions: 20 Useful Adobe AIR Applications Designer Should Know. We always trying to post some useful design related resources on ZoomZum.

20 Useful Adobe AIR Applications Designer Should Know

Few day ago we has presented some great resources for designers, which appreciated a lot by designers. Today we come with Adobe Air Application for designers. Adobe Air – This is a cross Platform Runtime Environment also known as Adobe Integrated Runtime was introduced on 25 February 2008. Its developed by Adobe system for developing rich internet applications using Adobe flash, Ajax, Adobe Flex, JavaScript and HTML also run as desktop application. Mozilla/browserid - GitHub. Webmachine, ErlyDTL and Riak - Part 3 - OJ's rants. 25 Apache Performance Tuning Tips at SysAdmin Tips and Tools. We all know and love Apache.

25 Apache Performance Tuning Tips at SysAdmin Tips and Tools

Its great, it allows us to run websites on the Internet with minimal configuration and administration. However, this same ease of flexibility and lack of tuning, is typically what leads Apache to becoming a memory hog. Utilizing these easy to understand tips, you can gain a significant performance boost from Apache. Apache Specifics. Single Page Apps with Node.js. - blog. While I was at nodeconf, I caught some of Henrik Joreteg's b-track talk which was an introduction to Single Page Apps.

Single Page Apps with Node.js. - blog

Node.js is a great platform for Single Page Apps because of it's real-time capabilities. This is a subject that has been obscured and confused by buzzwords and FUD. Henrik had a limited time to talk, so let's revisit this subject. First off, we need to clarify some nomenclature. Two characteristics clearly differentiate Web Sites from Web Apps. A Single Page App is just a Web App, but what's unique is the anatomy.

Aside from the obvious gains in user experience such as not having to reload the entire page for content changes, there's a long term Return of Investment to this approach. The bottom line is that single page apps are efficient. What about SEO and the hash-bang shit storm I've been hearing about? How do I get started with NodeJS. How to make Angry Birds – part 1. Hello and welcome back to my blog!

How to make Angry Birds – part 1

This time I’m going to try something new. There are many tutorials for various techniques and tricks on the web, but what you don’t often see is one that takes you through the development of a game, step by step from start to finish. This is what I’m going to attempt here. I hope that it will provide some missing insight into the components that actually make up a working game and how to go about developing them. I’m going to assume the reader is familiar with the basics of game development and I’m going to concentrate on the art and programming. Angry Birds So, the game I’m going to be making is to be based on the extremely popular Angry Birds by Rovio, a AAA title which cost some $140k USD to make.

Angry Birds Obviously, since its just me making this I will have to take a few short-cuts and will be concentrating on the core part of the game. Cloning Analysis Ok, lets have a look at the requirements for a bare-bones version of the game: Graphics Code Camera. Webmachine, ErlyDTL and Riak - Part 1 - OJ's rants.


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