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After Brexit: What business wants the UK to do next. As many pack up the family car and hope for the best of the British summer weather, now seems a good an opportunity to pause for breath and reflect on the aftermath of the UK's referendum on European Union membership.

After Brexit: What business wants the UK to do next

The speedy formation of a new government under Prime Minister Theresa May has provided some of the confidence in leadership that business was looking for. But there is much to do and the business community is clear that the government needs a plan and a timetable before it starts Article 50 negotiations. So what does the business community in the UK want the new ministers to focus on? The British economy was on a reasonably firm footing going into the referendum, as evidenced by the 0.6% GDP growth figure for Q2, though it had lost some of its momentum from last year. And while uncertainty was already affecting business confidence, household spending was supported by stable job creation in a low inflation environment. Image: The Washington Post. American Consumer Behavior. Truly understanding American consumer behavior is vital for any international company that wants to succeed in the American market.

American Consumer Behavior

American consumer behavior is radically different, even from other Western markets like the U.K.; the American consumer behavior can be traced to American culture’s historic roots and impacts attitudes, beliefs, principles, and ultimately buying behavior. These qualities are drawn from the recalcitrance of a handful of British citizens to free themselves from a regime which they perceived as restricting their ability to openly practice their faith. From these roots, the cultural cornerstone of rugged individualism was born. What drives the American consumer behavior is a complex issue.

How UK and US consumers’ spending habits differ - Marketing Week. A personality survey reaffirms the differences between the British and the Americans, facts that marketers can exploit when creating their campaigns.

How UK and US consumers’ spending habits differ - Marketing Week

UK consumers are more pessimistic about the future and have taken the recession more to heart than those in the US, according to exclusive research revealed in Marketing Week. The report by VisualDNA, which collects data from personality quizzes and is based on indexing, says that the British are three times more likely to be careful spenders than those across the pond, with an index of +3.14. Research was done with 20,000 consumers, split evenly between the two countries, and its conclusions are both a warning and opportunity for brands.

Consumers are generally willing to spend if they think it is worthwhile but will not fritter away their money. VisualDNA business development director Ed Weatherall says: “Brits like to think they are being more careful with their money. Methodology Marketers’ response. Meet today’s American consumer. US consumers feel better about their financial situation than they did a year ago, but they’re still hesitant to spend too much.

Meet today’s American consumer

Compared with the rest of the world, Americans are feeling pretty good about their finances. While many consumers in other countries are living paycheck to paycheck and worrying about becoming unemployed, American consumers are comparatively unconcerned about their household’s financial future. This isn’t to say that US consumers are exuding confidence: financial-market volatility and the political uncertainty surrounding the upcoming presidential election are stoking fears of another downturn. Still, most Americans are staying loyal to their favorite brands instead of downgrading to cheaper options, and some are even splurging on certain types of purchases.

Sidebar Our survey methodology. Euromonitor International - Log in. Cocktail bar Alchemist set to open at MediaCity in Salford Quays. Trendy cocktail bar and restaurant, The Alchemist, is set to open at Salford Quays .

Cocktail bar Alchemist set to open at MediaCity in Salford Quays

Well established in Manchester city centre with sites in Spinningfields and New York Street, the owners announced earlier this month that it was opening a bar in Alderley Edge. Seven cocktails you MUST try at the new Alchemist in Birmingham. Cocktail aficionados, it is time to celebrate as The Alchemist has come to town!

Seven cocktails you MUST try at the new Alchemist in Birmingham

The Alchemist Manchester - reviews and information. Professional, comfortable, embracing and friendly, The Alchemist is where good drink and food meets excellent service in a great environment - not to mention its cocktail menu which is to die for!

The Alchemist Manchester - reviews and information

Region. Try This: Wonderfully Wacky Cocktails at The Alchemist. “You’re entirely bonkers.

Try This: Wonderfully Wacky Cocktails at The Alchemist

But I’ll tell you a secret. All the best people are.” – Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland Everyone needs a secret. The kind of place you save for someone special; the one that comes with sparkle, smoke and surprise. The Alchemist is just that. Because it is. But it’s fun. Oh, so fun. Definition of Alchemy by Merriam-Webster. Today we recognize alchemy as a pseudoscience, and give chemistry its rightful place as a serious scientific field, but the two terms initially overlapped in meaning before separating by the 17th century, just as astrology and astronomy did during the same period.

Definition of Alchemy by Merriam-Webster

Alchemy and alchemist are in fact older words than chemistry and chemist in English. Alchemists believed that lead could be “perfected” into gold, that diseases could be cured, and that life could be prolonged through transmutation, or a change of some essential element into a superior form. Living Ventures Group - Our Brands - The Alchemist. Living Ventures Group - Restaurants & Bars across UK. Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs named among NRB's top 50 food and drink players. Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs have been named among the most influential food and drink players in the north.

Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs named among NRB's top 50 food and drink players

The Manchester United legends are among 10 new entries in the NRB Top Fifty power list, which was revealed at the Northern Restaurant and Bar show in Manchester today. The pair were recognised for their GG Hospitality empire, which includes Hotel and Cafe Football and their recently opened Rabbit in the Moon with Michael O’Hare, as well as two more restaurants to come inside Manchester’s historic Stock Exchange. Cocktail bar Alchemist set to open at MediaCity in Salford Quays. Yours Sincerely.

Living Ventures. By Pub and Bar Potts has been with Living Ventures since 2004, but was part of a management buyout of The Alchemist brand with the company and Palatine Private Equity (PPE) in 2015, becoming its managing director later that same year. After getting acquainted with the nature of The Alchemist – a collection of city centre venues with a heavy focus on cocktails and food – his role has been to keep the business on track and involving people, but also to facilitate the company’s growing acquisition imperatives. The Brand Since Potts took over The Alchemist, the company has stepped up its expansion process, with PPE’s backing.

When Potts joined, the company had three sites and was refurbishing another one, with the aim of opening one site a year. Once a site has been selected, then work begins on building The Alchemist brand into that space. “A very significant chunk of time goes into site selection,” he says. Palatine Private Equity - About Us. Palatine Private Equity is an entrepreneurial, Partner led private equity business with a focus on backing like-minded people. The Partners have over 60 years’ experience working with entrepreneurs and management teams in private equity backed businesses. We have generated excellent returns for the management teams we have backed and our investors. All investment decisions are taken by the Partners who lead every transaction. We employ a highly entrepreneurial and creative approach to working with management teams and structuring transactions. We have an excellent reputation for making timely decisions and delivering on the promises that we make.

Founded in 2005, we raised our maiden £100m fund in 2007. In addition to well known institutional investors, our investor base also includes a number of private investors who are successful entrepreneurs from a broad range of industries. Menu - Apotheke Cocktail Bar. Login to Mintel Reports - Mintel Group Ltd. Login to Mintel Reports - Mintel Group Ltd. The Alchemist. The Alchemist. THE ALCHEMIST BAR & RESTAURANT LIMITED - Company Credit Reports, Company Accounts, Director Search Reports. Avant-garde cocktail bar The Alchemist could be opening a branch in listed Nottingham building. Serving its cocktails with a side of science and showmanship, The Alchemist is one of the UK's trendiest bar and restaurant chains - and it could be coming to Nottingham. Developers have set their sights on Pelham Street's historic banking hall as a potential site for the newest branch of the up-market boozer, which would be the first of its kind in the East Midlands.

Although in the very early stages, a licensing application to sell alcohol, play recorded music and open late has been submitted to Nottingham City Council by The Alchemist Bar and Restaurant Limited. This is the first hoop needed to be jumped through to change the listed building, which currently houses clothing shop All Saints and underwear store Bravissimo, into a bar. If plans do come to fruition then cocktail-lovers will be able to spend hours making their way through a long quirky list of drinks which include ingredients such as fairy liquid, fire, flowers, mint bubbles and "science".

The Alchemist in £13m Palatine Private Equity buyout. Upmarket cocktail chain The Alchemist has been taken over in a management buyout by Palatine Private Equity. It is the latest deal in which the firm has backed a pair of Northern entertainment entrepreneurs. The Alchemist first opened its doors in Manchester in 2010 and now runs two venues in the city centre as well as a site in Leeds and another in London. The bar and restaurant chain, whose staff are known for their theatrical approach to cocktails, employs 250 staff and notched up sales of £11.3m last year.

Palatine is injecting £12m of equity into The Alchemist while Spanish bank Santander is providing £6.5m of financing to fund its expansion plans into other cities. Crafty Cocktails: 10 Of The Best Mixology Bars In NYC. Singapore gears up for Asia’s largest cocktail festival. 9th March, 2017 by Lucy Jenkins Alex Kratena, former head bartender of Londons Artesian Bar and founder of (P) Our In a bid to introduce Singapore’s burgeoning cocktail crowd to a plethora of spirits, Singapore’s rowdy Cocktail Week will feature around 60 cocktail bars and restaurants as well as the chance for festival goers to make their own concoctions and learn about spirit production methods such as barrel-ageing.

Guest bartenders will fly in from New York, London, Tokyo and Sydney, including Jim Meehan founder of New York’s PDT, Charlie Ainsbury Diageo Reserve World Class Winner 2015, Nathan Beasley from Melbourne’s Black Pearl, Hidetsugu Ueno from Tokyo’s Bar High Five and Gareth Evans, Absolut Elyx global brand ambassador. This being Singapore, there will also be a feast of cocktail brunches and dinners, with a Hendrick’s Murder Mystery evening, a rum-inspired four course dinner and the Elyx House party at Potato Head Folk.

For more information, visit the festival website. A cocktail 'evolution' hits Asian cities. Asia's cocktail scene has undergone a total "evolution," according to the head of one of the largest bar chains in Singapore. Nasen Xavier Thiagarajan, CEO of Harry's International, told CNBC last week that a new generation of smaller bars, offering unique concepts and artisanal drinks has energized the space in the last five to 10 years.