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Ivy League For Free: What One Man Learned By Crashing Elite Colleges For 4 Years. Between 2008 and 2012, Guillaume Dumas took courses at some of the best colleges in North America—Stanford, Yale, Brown, University of California Berkeley, McGill, and University of British Columbia, among others—without being enrolled as a student. He then went on to start a successful online dating business in Montreal. For four years, the 28-year-old from Quebec lived the life of a wandering scholar, moving from one university town to the next, attending lectures and seminars, getting into heated debates with professors. Sometimes he was open about his unregistered status, but most of the time, fearing reprisal, he kept it quiet. To pay for his everyday expenses, he worked at cafes and occasionally earned money by writing papers for other students.

He lived at co-ops or other cheap student housing, but at Brown, when funds got particularly low, a kind soul let him set up his sleeping bag and tent on the roof. At the end of all this, he never received a degree. Damn You Art School. Out in the Open: The Site That Teaches You to Code Well Enough to Get a Job. Wanna be a programmer? That shouldn’t be too hard. You can sign-up for an iterative online tutorial at a site like Codecademy or Treehouse.

You can check yourself into a “coding bootcamp” for a face-to-face crash course in the ways of programming. Or you could do the old fashioned thing: buy a book or take a class at your local community college. But if want to be a serious programmer, that’s another matter. That’s where a site called is trying to help. It’s a simple idea. Click to Open Overlay Gallery Software developer Katrina Owen created while she was teaching programming at Jumpstart Labs in Denver, Colorado. To solve the problem, she created a site last year that presents the practice problems and prevents students from being able to move on to the next ones without submitting a solution to the previous problem.

But it didn’t stop there. Go Back to Top. 10 places where anyone can learn to code. Teens, tweens and kids are often referred to as “digital natives.” Having grown up with the Internet, smartphones and tablets, they’re often extraordinarily adept at interacting with digital technology. But Mitch Resnick, who spoke at TEDxBeaconStreet, is skeptical of this descriptor. Sure, young people can text and chat and play games, he says, “but that doesn’t really make you fluent.” Mitch Resnick: Let's teach kids to code Fluency, Resnick proposes in this TED Talk, comes not through interacting with new technologies, but through creating them. The former is like reading, while the latter is like writing. He means this figuratively — that creating new technologies, like writing a book, requires creative expression — but also literally: to make new computer programs, you actually must write the code.

The point isn’t to create a generation of programmers, Resnick argues. At Codecademy, you can take lessons on writing simple commands in JavaScript, HTML and CSS, Python and Ruby. Databending using Audacity Effects - Guías ilustración & dibujo en Pinterest. Photoshop Animation Tutorial. [CG Textures] - Textures for 3D, graphic design and Photoshop! 50 High-Quality Adobe InDesign Tutorials. Design Inspiration, Freebies and Tutorials - Creative Nerds.

Free High Resolution Textures - Lost and Taken. Mprehensive Guides For Understanding The Basic Fundamentals Of Photoshop. This round-up is a collection of fundamental tutorials/articles, which will serve as a great base for learning and understanding the basics of some of the more popular Photoshop tools. Photoshop has so many tools and features it can take a life time to master, but if you can understand the fundamentals you can achieve almost anything in Photoshop. In the roundup we have tried to seek out the best comprehensive guides, for the best Photoshop tools and features. I hope you enjoy the article, and i will look forward to hearing your thoughts in the comments section below. Two year ago we did a similar post which was entitled: “Comprehensive Guides for Understanding the Basic Fundamentals of Illustrator”.

This is a similar article another great reference point, for learning and understanding illustrator. Photoshop’s Pen Tool: The Comprehensive Guide The Pen Tool makes appearances across almost the entire Adobe product range. Photoshop Layer Styles Comprehensive Guide Photoshop’s Filters. 30 Quality Tutorials For Working With Textures In Photoshop. Textures can work wonders to any design, therefore its certainly worth knowing how you can utilize textures in Photoshop to enhance your designs. It may be a print design or web design project textures can be used. In this blog post we searched the web to seek out some of the very best tutorials, which will educate you on how you can use Photoshop and textures together to produce great results. I hope you enjoy the roundup of some of the very best texture tutorials, and would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. 1. 5 Awesome Techniques for Using Textures in Your Designs At some point in my design career I came to a realization that I can add incredible depth to my art by applying elements from the real world through scans and digital photos. 2.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how simple it is to texturize objects using different fusion mode layers, adjustment layers, color tweaks and some very simple filters in Photoshop. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 100 best Illustrator tutorials from 2013. Following our annual tradition we have search every corner of the web to seek out the very best illustrator tutorials featured on the online design community, and published at some point within 2013. We have a great compilation of illustrator tutorials wether your a beginner or complete novice, there’s some great tutorials certainly worth doing to help expand your illustrator design knowledge. I hope you enjoy this great round-up, and we look forward to hearing your thoughts in the comments section below. 1. Using Meshes to Create a Detailed Skull With Adobe Illustrator Can you imagine Halloween without skulls? Me neither. 2. In today’s Adobe Illustrator tutorial we’re going to create a cool abstract geometric design with icy blue polygonal shapes. 3.

In the following steps, you will learn how to create a simple stopwatch illustration in Adobe Illustrator. 4. Candy-striped rope-like lettering has such a nostalgia factor for me; remnants of board games and food packaging of my youth. 5. Create a Retro Triangular Pattern Design in Illustrator. Follow this step by step Illustrator tutorial to create the popular retro style pattern design made up of lots of colourful squares and triangles. The process is pretty simple, making this a good tutorial for newcomers to Adobe Illustrator. We’ll be using tools to accurately align our elements, then see how the Pathfinder can easily create custom shapes. The pattern we’ll be creating is this cool retro inspired somewhat mosaic like design.

The mix of squares and triangles along with the limited colour palette attracts the eye with cool illusions. View the final retro pattern design Open up Adobe Illustrator and create a new document. Repeatedly press CMD+D to repeat the last transformation until the width of the artboard is filled with evenly spaced lines. Repeat the process, but this time with a horizontal line.

Next, draw a diagonal line at 45 degrees across the artboard. Hit Enter to bring up the Move options and enter 20mm in both the Horizontal and Vertical fields. Geometric Pattern in Illustrator. Last weekend I was playing in Illustrator trying to create a simple wallpaper to use on my phone and tablet. I love geometric patterns, but I hadn't done anything like that in a while. So, I started playing with some ideas inspired by Andy Gilmore. It's really nice to see how the Pattern Tool in Illustrator facilitates the process of creating patterns these days. So in this tutorial I will show how to create a simple pattern in Illustrator. The process is pretty straightforward, but I believe it will be really useful when you need to create vector patterns for your projects. Step 1 Create a new document in Illustrator and then with the Rectangle Tool (M) create a square. Step 2 Rotate the square 45 degrees. Step 3 Delete the bottom part in order to create a triangle. Step 4 Duplicate the triangle and flip it vertically, align them so they are on top of each other.

Step 5 Create a set of squares rotating them so the colors of the triangles are on different places. Step 6 Step 7 Step 8 Step 9 Step 10. Surreal 2013 Case Study by Cristian Eres. How To Create a Military Style Emblem Logo Design. If you’ve been a reader of my blog you’ll know I love a good badge or emblem style logo design. I’ve done a couple of tutorials before and featured plenty of great examples in showcases. Today I fancied creating another logo of my own, so I used the IGN Alliance network my @spoonergaming alter-ego is a part of to create a military style emblem. Follow this step by step Illustrator to see how the whole thing was put together, using various tools to create the range of vector shapes. IGN Alliance is IGN’s YouTube network for gamers. This little emblem I put together uses a military theme to relate to first person shooters like Call of Duty and Battlefield. The logo uses a Staff Sergeant insignia surrounded by a wreath with two large banners, all constructed from scratch with Illustrator’s vector tools.

We’ll begin with the sergeant insignia, draw a black square on the artboard then hold Shift and rotate it by 45 degrees. Next, go to Object > Path > Offset Path. Download this file.