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Advertisements from Japan's Golden Age of Art Deco. Get talking with graphic design people, and Japan will come up sooner or later.

Advertisements from Japan's Golden Age of Art Deco

That country, always a world leader in aesthetics, has put the time and energy of generations into perfecting the discipline. You can see this progress charted out on the Tokyo-based Ian Lynam Design’s “Misruptions/Disruptions: A Japanese Graphic Design History Timeline.” It labels the busy period of 1910-1941 as the time of an “adoption of Western Avant Garde aesthetics in Graphic Design & Typography, coinciding with Left-leaning experimentation and increased state suppression of the Left” — and the time that gave rise to Japanese Art Deco. Books on Book Covers. It started, innocently enough, with a tweet from my friend Steven Beattie, book review editor of Canada’s Quill & Quire magazine, about the cover of The Most Dangerous Book, Kevin Birmingham’s new ‘biography’ of Ulysses by James Joyce, designed by Ben Wiseman (Penguin June 2014).

Books on Book Covers

That sparked a conversation with designer David Gee and Joseph Sullivan of The Book Design Review about books on book covers. Joe wrote a a post on the subject in 2009 on the subject, and I rather naïvely thought it would be easy (EASY!) To post a few contemporary examples of the trend, completely underestimating what an undertaking such a project would become. What follows is an attempt to showcase some of different ways designers incorporate books into their cover designs. How LSD Helped Shape California's Ecstatic Design Legacy. From Deborah Sussman’s candy-colored "supergraphics" to R.

How LSD Helped Shape California's Ecstatic Design Legacy

Crumb’s drug-fueled comics and album art, some of the most vibrant pieces of American graphic design hail from California. Earthquakes, Mudslides, Fires, and Riots: California and Graphic Design, 1936-1986 (Metropolis) is the first major book to shine a spotlight on the Golden State’s electrifying design history, which, for the most part, "confirms all the stereotypes and expectations of a freewheeling West Coast culture where anything goes and everyone does her or his own thing," as author Louise Sandhaus writes in the introduction. The book showcases more than 250 examples of groundbreaking graphic design projects from the left coast in the mid-20th century.

Estudio Javier Jaén. MFA Design. The Future of Publishing. Graphic Design in the age of ADD. Überzeitung – Eine Liebeserklärung on Behance. Perfil del usuario Irene Gallo. List of graphic designers. MockUp gratuito para presentar tu proyecto enmarcado con estilo. Utilidades MockUp gratuito para presentar tu proyecto enmarcado con estilo ¿Cómo se vería el proyecto en el que estás trabajando (ya sea una ilustración, un cartel, una fotografía, etc.) dentro de un marco?

MockUp gratuito para presentar tu proyecto enmarcado con estilo

El diseñador francés Trappist Monk te ofrece la oportunidad para que lo descubras mediante su Frame MockUp de descarga libre. 24 Of Design's Most Important Principles, Animated. Although not anyone can be a designer, everyone who wants to can learn the elements of visual design: contrast, transparency, hierarchy, randomness, and so on.

24 Of Design's Most Important Principles, Animated

In fact, it doesn't even take all that long. Just watch this 50-second video. Animated by Toronto-based art director and motion designer Matt Greenwood, this video walks you through 24 of the most important visual design principles, ranging from rhythm to texture to color. It won't teach you everything you need to know to be a designer, but it's a good start. 10 Crucial Lessons From History's Greatest Graphic Designers. Many people know the names of influential architects, artists, and fashion designers; far fewer know the names of graphic designers.

10 Crucial Lessons From History's Greatest Graphic Designers

It’s strange to me, since graphic designers create so much of our everyday world. And it’s not only civilians with a general interest in design who lack that knowledge. I have also encountered many design professionals and students who don’t know Herbert Bayer from Herbert Matter. I wanted to change that. Iconos vectoriales gratis - SVG, PSD, PNG y Icon Font - Miles de iconos gratuitos. Picons, un banco de pictogramas royaltie free. ¿Qué necesidades tiene el diseño gráfico cómo profesión? Editorial ¿Qué necesidades tiene el diseño gráfico cómo profesión?

¿Qué necesidades tiene el diseño gráfico cómo profesión?

El diseño gráfico como profesión fue una de las obsesiones del desaparecido Massimo Vignelli. Durante años sus reflexiones sobre diseño han sido una verdadera revelación y una guía para muchos. Design Contests. Nothing but posters. Diseño gráfico FADU UBA » OERT: recursos educativos libres para Tipografía. Labor. Descargar recursos gratuitos de diseño. Ya seas un diseñador veterano, o uno que comienza a moverse en este mundo, más de una vez te vas a encontrar buscando en la web uno que otro elemento extra para tus diseños.

Descargar recursos gratuitos de diseño

30 Useful Infographics for Designers & Developers. There aren't many better ways to gain information these days than infographics.

30 Useful Infographics for Designers & Developers

Infographics allow designers and non-designers to compile interesting, important and funny information all into one creative package. An infographic is meant to tell a story and provide information in a visually striking way. Japanese Posters of David Lynch Films. Pósters polacos de cine. Por más de tres décadas, en Polonia cultivaron el diseño de carteles de cine como un arte digno de admirar.

Pósters polacos de cine

Pósters polacos de cine. 13 Vintage Internet Ads Begging You to Get Online. 10 great quotes about design. A look at the Target Design Café at TED2014, with the North Shore Mountains in the background. Photo: Bret Hartman For years now, Target has invited designers like Isaac Mizrahi (watch his TED Talk), Diane von Furstenberg (check out her TED playlist) and, most recently, abstract pattern-master Peter Pilotto to dream up collections. So when it came to creating the Target Design Café at TED2014, we knew it was going to be cool. The space features three enormous white barrels with plush red interiors that are perfect for lounging. Also in the space: a robotic arm composing quotes coming from the mainstage, graphologists analyzing attendees’ handwriting, and artist Daniel Duffy’s live action portraits of TED2014 speakers. How McLuhan, Agel, and Fiore Created a New Visual Vernacular for the Information Age.

By Maria Popova The rise of the experimental paperback and how ‘typophotography’ paved the information superhighway. One faithful day in 1965, the most monumental and legendary typo in media history took place: someone switched a letter in the title of what soon became an era-defining book by legendary media theorist Marshall McLuhan*, best known for coining the catchphrase “the medium is the message.”

Thus The Medium is the Massage: An Inventory of Effects was born, thanks to a unintentional error most McLuhan biographers sweep under the carpet. But, the legend goes, once McLuhan saw the typo, he exclaimed, “Leave it alone! 7 principios del budismo zen aplicados al diseño. Fake signs in London underground. A Kid’s Guide to Graphic Design by Iconic Designer Chip Kidd. By Maria Popova “Graphic design needs your willing mental participation, even if it’s subconscious.” “It doesn’t occur to most people that everything is designed — that every building and everything they touch in the world is designed,” the late and great Bill Moggridge, designer of the world’s first laptop, famously reminded us.

What Makes Iconic Design: Lessons from the Visual History of the London Underground Logo. By Maria Popova Celebrating 150 years of elegant balance between tradition and innovation. The London Underground is renowned around the world for its iconic map, which has sprouted a number of creative derivatives and parodies, and its formidable legacy of graphic design. But most legendary and celebrated of all is its bar-and-circle logo — also known as the bulls-eye or the roundel — which celebrates its 150th birthday in 2013 and which is comparable only to an international icon like I♥NY. ‘Be punctual’ poster by Tom Eckersley, 1945.

Shortly after its origin, the roundel exploded onto every part of the transit system. But why did the iconic logo take the shape it did? When the first humans drew the sun, they inscribed a circle. 40 Must Follow Design Blogs On Twitter. Twitter is just simply a great tool in order to network with other design blogs within the design community. This article contains a run down of 40 must follow design blogs which are on twitter with a brief description about each blog. Following bloggers on twitter is great in order to learn more about about that specific design blog and, to keep up to data or simply just to network with other great people who know a lot about design. Leave Your Twitter URL In The Comments Feel free to leave your twitter URL below in the comments with a brief description about yourself, i hope you enjoy this post and it turns out to be useful. 100 Ideas That Changed Graphic Design.

By Maria Popova From visual puns to the grid, or what Edward Tufte has to do with the invention of the fine print. Gerd Arntz Web Archive. Alvin Lustig, Modern American Design Pioneer 1915-1955. Milton Glaser. Main : Isidro Ferrer. D&AD. Diseño gráfico y periodismo, y cómo se diseñan las noticias // Graphic design and Journalism, and how news are designed.