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Consejos para organizar el correo de Gmail. Mundo, Notihoy, (Tecnología) - En busca de la bandeja de mensajes perfecta: No es necesario que temas abrir tu bandeja de mensajes en Gmail, porque hay muchas formas de afinar el programa de correo electrónico para darle más eficiencia y disfrutar de una experiencia organizada.

Consejos para organizar el correo de Gmail

Estos son 13 consejos que te ayudarán a acercarte a la meta de tener tu bandeja de mensajes vacía… El zen de la bandeja de mensajes Gmail te permite personalizar la bandeja de mensajes: Está la disposición normal de bandejas por pestañas, tres disposiciones que colocan diferentes tipos de mensajes primero (“importantes”, “por leer” y “marcados”), y una bandeja prioritaria que distribuye los mensajes sobre la base de su importancia. Si quieres controlar tu correo electrónico, la disposición estándar y la de prioridad son las más útiles: una los coloca por categoría y la otra los prioriza.

Lo mejor es que pruebes con las distintas disposiciones hasta que encuentres la que mejor va con tus necesidades. Four new ways to customize your Google Forms. From classroom pop quizzes to RSVPs for your family reunion, you can use Google Forms in tons of different ways -- which is why it's important to be able to customize each form to fit your needs.

Four new ways to customize your Google Forms

Starting today, you’ll be able to take advantage of four new features to create your perfect form: progress bars, data validation, embedded YouTube videos, and custom messages. Guide respondents through your survey with a progress bar Sometimes it’s helpful to give respondents a sense of how much of a survey still needs to be completed, and now you can by turning on a progress bar in your form. To turn it on, just check the progress bar box in the Form Settings tab. Get results the way you want them with data validation Let’s say you’re using Forms to collect sign ups for an email newsletter. With data validation, you can now ensure that the email addresses are formatted correctly, and consequently avoid those unpleasant bounce-back messages.

Google+ Activity Guide. Although I use the internet from the very first day of public availability in Germany (early 90s) I never joined and engaged in any social network until April 2013.

Google+ Activity Guide

The reason was that my blog had less readers and I hoped to increase the number by sharing articles on different networks. 6 months is not a long time to make the necessary experiences and so I think I’m still a newbie to social networking. I made some faults followed by an intense discussion with Andrew Harasewych (owner of the community ‘Social Media Strategy’) on Google+. Our discussion (near to a fight thankfully with words) and a more conscious perception of what’s going on in communities convinced me (not in all points) to accept the rules.

Here is the article which brought Andrew into the arena when posting it to the community ‘Social Media Strategy’. About communities Some general information … According to analysts we can divide people with an account on a social network into three groups: The main faults … - Plus Your Business. 100 Email Hacks. It’s hard to believe that in 1998 when the movie “You’ve Got Mail” came out, people actually looked forward to opening their inbox.

100 Email Hacks

Back then “Inbox Zero” was an insult (“You have no friends, Inbox Zero-boy”). Now it’s considered a mythical utopia, a place where only a select few can ever hope to visit, and only very briefly. At SaneBox, we’ve done lots of research and thinking on ways to get better at email, and compiled this list of 100 hacks (i.e. tricks, tips, apps, methods) which will let you get to Inbox Zero every day. Better yet, we’ve asked some of our friends, some of whom get even more email than you (VCs, journalists etc) to share their personal tips.

You’ll find their opinions sprinkled throughout this book. We promise that after reading this book (some might call it a pamphlet), you’ll be able to go back in time, to 1998, when you wished you got more email. The 3 Email Commandments You’re in denial.Get out of it. 16 secrets of Google Drive. Google Drive—formerly Google Docs—has come quite a way in nearly a decade of existence.

16 secrets of Google Drive

Originally launched as Writely, a startup’s clever collaborative word processor, Google quickly acquired the app, changed the name to Google Docs, and released it as a new way to help people work together more efficiently using little more than a browser. 20 Tips for More Efficient Google Searches. For millions of people Google is an indispensable search tool that they use every day, in all facets of their lives.

20 Tips for More Efficient Google Searches

From work or school, research, to looking up movies and celebrities to news and gossip, Google is the go-to search engine. But instead of just typing in a phrase and wading through page after page of results, there are a number of ways to make your searches more efficient. Some of these are obvious ones, that you probably know about. But others are lesser-known, and others are known but not often used. Use this guide to learn more about, or be reminded of, some of the best ways to get exactly what you’re looking for, and quickly. Either/or Google normally searches for pages that contain all the words you type in the search box, but if you want pages that have one term or another (or both), use the OR operator — or use the “|” symbol (pipe symbol) to save you a keystroke.

For more on Google’s search syntax, see this guide, and this one. Cómo activar o desactivar la Copia de seguridad automática de fotos y vídeos - Ayuda de Google+ Everything Google. Get started with Google+ - Google+ Help. Discover the World of Google(+)I.

GOOGLE+1. The new Google+Meet the new Google+: A stream with style and smartsGoogle+: Related HashtagsHangouts: Conversations that last, with the people you more: 2. How-To Google+ VideosGoogle+: How to get started Google+: About circlesGoogle+: Fun with HangoutsGoogle+: Reading and respondingGoogle+: SharingGoogle+: Set Up Your ProfileGoogle+: Find people you knowGoogle+ Communities: A place for whatever you're intoGoogle+ Events: Introducing a new way to get togetherGoogle+ Photos: Great photos, in less timeBring your conversations to life with HangoutsGoogle+: Share photo albumsGoogle+ Photos: Editing tools to make your photos smile 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 20 Launches In The Past 4 Months.

MoreGoogle Plus For Business and Individuals: II. Videos1. Restaurar equipos de iOS con copia de seguridad hecha en iCloud [Tutorial] A muchos nos ha tocado restaurar nuestro equipo con iOS, por muchas razones, si decides hacerlo desde una copia de seguridad que tengas en iCloud (recordemos que Apple ofrece hasta 5GB gratuitos de respaldo de información), la forma correcta de hacerlo te la indico a continuación.

Restaurar equipos de iOS con copia de seguridad hecha en iCloud [Tutorial]

La única forma de cargar un respaldo que tengas en iCloud es desde la guía de inicio del equipo, llamado asistente de configuración. Cuando hayas acabado con el asistente de configuración en un nuevo dispositivo iOS, elige “Copia de seguridad de iCloud, introduce tu cuenta y tu contraseña de iCloud. Search Features. Supercharge Your Google Docs with These Six Helpful New Add-Ons. Tips. Using Google in Education.