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Infographic Idea Generator - Klockwork. Create Infographic - Sign In. Grammarly. Poll Everywhere. Pixton Cartoons. Popplet. 50 Digital Education Tools and Apps for Formative Assessment Success. The beauty of formative assessment is that there is no shortage of strategies and techniques available to teachers to use in their classroom.

50 Digital Education Tools and Apps for Formative Assessment Success

They provide teachers the valuable feedback they need to adjust their teaching so student learning moves forward. Today, digital tools available in smartphones and tablets make implementing formative assessment as easy and effective as ever. Back in April, we updated our growing list of digital formative assessment tools and it’s time to update that list again. Educreations. Story Telling. My Life & Other Exploding Chickens book trailer. Top Ways for Kids to Tell Digital Stories. Top Ways for Kids to Tell Digital Stories When students want to tell a story digitally, or present information they know about, there are several excellent tech tools they can use.

Top Ways for Kids to Tell Digital Stories

You may recall I compiled a List of Digital Storytelling Tools, which brought together links to the actual tools, links to my example of some tools, links to my whole reviews of other digital storytelling tools, and links to articles about digital storytelling in general. In Creating Digital Stories with iPad, I focused on iPad tools only and brought together apps I’d reviewed, and a list of other possible apps. Storybird webpage. Teacher's Guide to Using Padlet in Class Educational Technology and Mobile Learnin. Glogster: Multimedia Posters. BrainPOP. Quizizz: Fun Multiplayer Classroom Quizzes. Nonfiction Literacy and Current Events.