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Proyectos. Vector Logos, Brand logo, Company logo. El puesto. El Puesto Si resultas elegido para el puesto, podrás disfrutar del trabajo que todos soñamos y pasar el mejor año de tu vida.

El puesto

Viajarás por España, irás a todos esos sitios que tanto te gustan y podrás compartir tus experiencias con la gente de cada lugar, que son los que realmente hacen que tu país sea tan especial. Tendrás que visitar destinos turísticos conocidos y no tan conocidos, ver qué hacen y cómo lo hacen. High Quality Royalty-Free Stock Photography From $1 - Stock Photo. Tutoriales de Illustrator: 15 ilustraciones en prespectiva. Freebies — Page 2. Free Vector Graphic Download. Create a Spring Wedding Invitation for Die Cutting and Embossing in InDesign.

In this tutorial you'll learn how to set up your own fold-out invitation design using Adobe InDesign.

Create a Spring Wedding Invitation for Die Cutting and Embossing in InDesign

We'll look at how using Layers can allow you to set up design elements intended for die cutting and embossing, which can add a really beautiful touch to your final cards. I will be using my own vector assets created in Adobe Illustrator; but feel free to get creative with your own decorative designs. You will need Adobe InDesign and Illustrator for this tutorial. 1. Prototypo: A Streamlined Online Font Editor. Articles April 18, 2014 London-based international type foundry, ByteFoundry has created a slicker and smoother way in creating and editing typefaces.

Prototypo: A Streamlined Online Font Editor

Called “Prototypo”, the open source online editing application will make the work of type designers less tedious and repetitive. Prototypo features a streamlined way of editing typefaces with over twenty parameters to modify all built-in glyphs at once. Type designers can play, experiment and refine spacing and outlines of a wide range of body text fonts using sliders. The application brings a whole new approach of type design by letting you focus on shape design, integrating historical, mathematical and visual rules of this discipline to automate repetitive tasks. Minimalist Posters. 54 Unique Pocket Folder and Office Stationery Designs. Inspiration August 29, 2011 In order to find a unique brand identity, it is ideal for a company to use authentic office stationery.

54 Unique Pocket Folder and Office Stationery Designs

This way, not only are you able to create effective marketing tools, it also makes your company look more professional in the eyes of your clients. Brochures, business cards, promotional CDs, letterheads and other documents that bear the name and logo of your company are considered office stationery. To be organized, these office stationery are often placed inside special containers called presentation folders or pocket folders. While we often see pocket folders used by people working in the field of sales, they can be used for so many different purposes such as academic prospectuses or for detailed lists of hotel/resort services and amenities.

Caravaca. Gratisography: Free, use as you please, high-resolution pictures. 10 Vector Halftone Patterns. I’ve always loved halftone patterns but, I’ve always been stumped when it came to trying to figure out how to create them.

10 Vector Halftone Patterns

For a long while, I experimented with various techniques, some better than others, but in the end, I found that none of them gave me the result that I was looking for. That was until a couple weeks ago when Adelle from Fuel Your Creativity asked me to review Phantasm CS for her website. I jumped at the opportunity and finally found what I was looking for, a plug-in that could create amazing halftone patterns. After a bit of experimentation, I decided to create a set of halftone vectors for you guys to use in your designs.

So feel free to download them and use them for free. 20 Premium Table Styles for InDesign. 30 InDesign-Tutorials and 10 InDesign-Templates. 10 Amazing Table Styles for Adobe InDesign. 20 Premium Table Styles for InDesign. 10 Amazing Table Styles for Adobe InDesign. Libros > Arquitectura e interiorismo : LIBRERIA VIRTUAL DEL DISEÑO, LA CREATIVIDAD Y EL COLECCIONISMO. Restricted for a long time to the paper-based creations of origami, the art of folding now spans a wide range of creative fields, from design and arch...


Price 30,00 EUR This book focuses on the current minimalist, gallery/store trend in commercial design and decoration, and its increasing presence in new shopping s... Price 44,00 EUR This book presents the newest retail fashion stores, where consumption combines effortlessly with sophistication. This book introduces the latest t... 100 architects, international experts in sustainable architecture, present the basis of what should be taken for truly ecological architecture through... Price 34,95 EUR There has been a huge surge in the growth of destination style night spots that provide a relaxing and glamorous alternative to warehouse clubbing. Price 45,00 EUR An inspirational and beautiful restaurant does not just feed the appetite of its diners;it is also built to entice and capture the imagination. Colorful solar system planets vector. 1856697215 folding by Camilo Ramirez.

Imágenes Bing - Todas las imágenes que aparecen en el buscador. L'Oeil qui pense by Ucm Torino. Book Design Research: eastern book design. Out of the many book designs, this design catches my instant attention.

Book Design Research: eastern book design

Probably due to the very bright and bold use of colours, but not forgetting how the designer managed to bring out the essence of Chinese culture to the most. Use of red and black, resembling a "chun lian" written during Chinese New year and also through the layout, it clearly shows the connection with the "Tong Shu" 通书 that our ancestors used to refer to; to choose dates for events and to solve daily life questions. Traditional paper cut craft is seen to portray the story of little red man. The use of elaborated Kangxi binding and vertical formats for the text further heighten the essence of chinese book design to its peak.

For more information, click here. InDesign Newsletter Template: Anker. Flower compositions. Plantilla de diseño de libro en InDesign. Si bien para llevar adelante un diseño editorial se requiere de entender conceptos avanzados de comunicación, esta plantilla ofrecida de forma gratuita por StockInDesign puede ayudarlos a lograrlo de forma satisfactoria y obteniendo un resultado excelente.

Plantilla de diseño de libro en InDesign

Como siempre les comento, las plantillas son muy útiles no solo para los trabajos que se encuentran planteados como muestra sino para que, al momento de necesitar realizar nuestros propios diseños de libros, podamos implementarlos sobre la base teniendo la estructura de impresión ya planteada. Descargar Aristo | StockInDesign En este caso Aristo contiene 24 páginas con diferentes contenidos y disposición de la información, con secciones destacadas y un perfecto juego gráfico que crea un conjunto.

24 Page InDesign Magazine A4. 24 Page InDesign Magazine A4 Elegant 24 pages magazine that can fit your needs, be it a company, agency, non-profit, school, etc.

24 Page InDesign Magazine A4

Size: A4, 8.27×11.69 inches (210×297 mm) Worked in: InDesign CS4 Included in the zip file you will also find an InDesign CS3 interchange (INX) files. Fonts used: CircleD (Free Font) Delicious (Free Font) Museo (Free Font) Tahoma (System Font) All colors and text are easily customizable. All paragraph styles are properly named. Bleeds: 3 mm Images taken from the Graphic River asset library and used as samples.

Newsprint Templates for InDesign. 60+ Beautiful Tri-Fold Brochure Designs and Premium Brochure TemplatesCreative Can. Getting your products or your services sold requires properly executed advertisement and adequate information drive.

60+ Beautiful Tri-Fold Brochure Designs and Premium Brochure TemplatesCreative Can

And to make your product known to the greatest number of people as possible, it is necessary that you apply every strategy and use every marketing tool as possible. One of these tools are brochures. Since brochures are intended primarily to provide information or to promote a product or service, it is important that their designs does the job they are intended to do. If your brochure intends to introduce your product into the market, it is a must that it roars for the attention of the audience. It is achieved by having big and bold headlines, inviting graphics and an encouraging call to action. Here, we are sharing with you some beautiful brochure designs appropriate for any message you want to get across to your customers.

Downloads. InDesign Templates for Chinese and Japanese Text (Including Vertical Text) Macintosh or Windows These template documents allow you to apply Chinese and Japanese composition rules to text using standard, non-Asian versions of InDesign. The templates introduce the "Adobe Japanese Composer" which allows Chinese and Japanese text to have proper line breaks, spacing and other composition features not otherwise available in standard versions of InDesign. You can also use the templates to compose Asian text vertically. Vector, Text Formatting File Icons. 18 Icons Of Popular Computer Text Formatting File Format Extensions. Eps8 Organized In Groups For Easy Editing. - 8006323. Embalaje Vector - Descargar 13 Vectors (Página 1) 200+ free packaging box templates store. - Part 7. Page 7 of 13«12345678910111213» Gift Box Template No.13(Rectangle Shape,Candy Packaging) → Gift Box Template No.12(Rectangle Shape,Candy Packaging) → A Gift Box Template (Heart Shape,Candy Packaging) → A Chocolate Box Packaging Template → Gift Box Template No.10 → Gift Box Template No.09 →

Packaging Templates: The Ultimate Guide to Packaging Design (by Liaoning Science and Technology) - includes a CD-ROM with scaleable templates. Retail Box Templates. Free Vector Graphic Download. Free Vector Graphic Download. Free Vector Graphic Download. InDesign templates. How to Create a Coupon in InDesign. In this tutorial, we'll explain how to create a coupon, double-sided in InDesign. This is a beginner level tutorial and by no means meant for print. It gives you a small intro into tabs, style sheets and glyphs. Let's get stared. Final Image Preview Below is the final image we will be working towards. 30 InDesign-Tutorials and 10 InDesign-Templates. InDesign Book Template: Calipso. InDesign Book Template: Aristo. InDesign Book Template: Aldora. InDesign Magazine Template: Kalonice. FREE Portfolio Book Presenter. Case Study InDesign Templates: Lander. Case Study InDesign Templates: Lander. 14 excelentes plantillas indesign gratis - Maximo Design. Aquí veremos una buena selección de plantillas , para el diseño editorial , son muy útiles ya que podemos editarlo de alguna manera , ya que cambiarle la fotografía , texto , colores y mucho mas , existe una gran variedad de plantillas indesign que nos ayudan a utilizar los trabajos de diseño con menos tiempo posible , entre los proyectos podemos encontrar , curriculum vitae , trípticos , papelería , revistas , dípticos y muchos mas diseños.

Free InDesign templates: download dozens of professional templates for Adobe InDesign. Pasar catálogo interactivo de InDesign a iPad -Parte1- How to Arch Text in InDesign : InDesign & Graphics. Learn InDesign CC. InDesign Video Courses and Tutorials from InDesign CC tutorial: Moving objects. InDesign CC tutorial: The danger (and power) of unnamed colors. Adobe Digital Publishing to the iPad: A First Look. Adobe Digital Publishing to the iPad: A First Look.