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Pearltrees. Pearltrees. Pearltrees. PE666's 2008 D1rc Widebody WIP (Update 26/12) - DRCCentral - D1RC - RC Drifting Community. Time to start my 08 shell, going for my usual colour scheme and wound down windows, lots of vents and of course some nice wide arches!!.

PE666's 2008 D1rc Widebody WIP (Update 26/12) - DRCCentral - D1RC - RC Drifting Community

Im going all out on this bad boy Ive decided its time I had a shell to rival my chassis. Part List2x Yokomo 180SX Shells - 1 Cut & fitted , 1 Hacked up & Massacred Yokomo Ver 2 LED light kit - BOOOO wont work with my radio gear.3 Racing Active light kit - Double BOOOO now this one wont work with my radio gear. - but now Ive Mod'd its going in anyway!! Yokomo LED Exhust tip Red/yellow - DONEYokomo Exhaust tip (for the turbo screamer pipe!) Need help creating pop-up headlights!!! How to make figure driver moving with rc car - Google Search. Tokyo Street Drifting Rc Style. Now as much as I enjoy playing around with RC drift cars myself, I’ve all but given up on trying to further learn how to do it properly.

Tokyo Street Drifting Rc Style

I actually haven’t touched my RC car since last fall, ever since that feature I did on the custom RWB Porsche body that Russ over at RE-Xtreme built for me. Lack of spare time, combined with the extreme intimidation I get when attempting to drive at an RC track in Japan, has kind of put me off. But when Johnny at Weld called me the other week, telling me of this big RC drift event he was organizing at the Max One track in Tokyo, I got rather excited and decided to stop by. The event was held over two days and combined a display of all the latest parts from all the big RC Drift brands, a great way to pick up discounted hop-ups for your car and other miscellaneous gadgets.

Johnny rented the second floor to a brand new building opposite Oiimachi station in Tokyo… …and had all participating companies set up their displays inside. Alexis polycarbonate engine bay paint movie. Dave's RC "Rotary Sound Simulation" Mod. [patrick's] mst s15. Posts: 3,160 Threads: 50 21 Looks great so far Sent from my SCH-I535 using Tapatalk Keep Drifting Fun.

[patrick's] mst s15

Yokomo 180SX Street Version (SD-180BS) [SD-180BS] - €29,05 : Race & Drift Japan. RE-Xtreme RC. How to make Angel Eyes for model cars. Optic Fiber Scale LED Guide. As an enthusiast of realism in lexan RC bodies, I found myself bothered by the absence of scale LED lights.

Optic Fiber Scale LED Guide

There are certain models, such as Audis, which just feel bland when a sticker is used in place of an LED strip. In an attempt to remedy the problem, I devised a cheap and effective way of creating a strip of scale LED lights using optic fibers and LEDs. What you will need: An optic fiber toy, or optic fiber strands ($9 from Amazon)Light BucketsLEDs (one per strip/color)Black or Silver tape, or stickerExacto Blade or Hobby KnifeScissorsGlue Gun, or other quick drying glueRulerDremel (optional) First, you need black or silver tape, or a sticker that you can cut to shape.

Once you’ve cut your tape, lay it down sticky side up. Count how many LEDs you’d like, and then cut that many strands off of your optic fiber toy. Using your ruler, lay your strands on the sticky tape and spread them equally apart. This is how it should look when you’re done laying your strands. HOW TO: Make body clip pull tabs. So I've been out of the game for a while but one thing that stuck with me was bleeding fingernails and fingertips from removing body clips.

HOW TO: Make body clip pull tabs

I used to make these years ago when I got sick of the pain and struggle. Figured I'd make a little DIY tutorial - for those who haven't seen or done it themselves. (I'm sure there are a few How To's of this method already - but - I browsed this section and couldn't find one.) It's a very simple, cheap and easy method. I used items I had lying around the house, so it really didn't cost me anything!

Let's get started! View topic - Project AE86 Engine build part 2 - step by step. DIY Roll cage guide. This is my first attempt at a Tutorial on how to make roll cages.. so apologies if missed out on anything..

DIY Roll cage guide

Materials needed: Straws these have very long flex points which is perfect to form the body of the car (i choose to order a 144 count multicolored pack from amazon helps me not to paint the straws) 5.73 USD Straws Multicolored hot glue gun (choose a dual temp one from amazon) 9.60 USDhot glue gun Scissors: Any type will do. Used my Victorinox one super sharp scissors. Duct Tape: Used to hold the straws on the body when forming the roll cage. D1RC - RC Drifting Community > HOW TO: Louvers - GTR. I decided to improve the details on my Tamiya Skyline GTR.

D1RC - RC Drifting Community > HOW TO: Louvers - GTR

Specifically, the shallow louvers on the hood. Fortunately, I had their superb 1/24th scale plastic model kit to use as reference. BTW-both the 1/10th scale bodyshell and the 1/24th scale model scaled out precisely.1. Taking measurements and scaling up, I marked and cut out the molded in louvers: Rc car nissan gtr sumo power slideshow. D1RC - RC Drifting Community > Hgcolors 101. I want to share how i do the integrated undersplitter and side air splitters on the front end. things needed are: a small ruler, permanent pen, long nose and scissors.

D1RC - RC Drifting Community > Hgcolors 101

D1RC - RC Drifting Community > How To′s. View forum - DIY Section. Hgcolors 101 - DRCCentral - D1RC - RC Drifting Community. I want to share how i do the integrated undersplitter and side air splitters on the front end. things needed are: a small ruler, permanent pen, long nose and scissors. try to make a small ruler first with a width of 1/2 inch...... place a hole 3/8 from one side........ cut the front end of your bodyshell without cutting the lexan part whichshould look like this......... place your home made ruler, with the hole near the edge......

Hgcolors 101 - DRCCentral - D1RC - RC Drifting Community

Do you want to start RC Drifting? - MAX SPEED TECHNOLOGY. Here at MST UK, we have been working hard to get more and more people into this excellent hobby.

Do you want to start RC Drifting? - MAX SPEED TECHNOLOGY

We love RC drifting, and know that almost everyone that tries it with us, feels the same after a very short time – often before even buying their own chassis! I wanted to take some time to write a post to help guide everyone who is new to RC Drifting on how to select an RC drift car, setting your priorities and hopefully help make getting started a little easier for you. The most common question we get asked is “which chassis is best?”.

To answer this with a specific answer is next to impossible, because each driver wants different things from their chassis. People drive with different styles, different settings, and have different requirements. What I plan to do with this post is simply write about each of the MST chassis out there, and let you know a little about each of them and why you might consider them. The MS-01D is our mid motor, belt drive chassis and it’s available in 3 versions. MST UK MST RC Drift Cars - Want to get involved with RC Drifting? Check out our range of 1/10 scale electric chassis and contact us if you need advice MST RC drift cars and upgrades. D Like Toyota FT86 II Concept 190mm Clean Body 1 10 RC Drift Car on Road DL092. Addiction RC Toyota 86 Rocket Bunny Wide Kit 1 10 Body Parts Subaru BRZ AD006 7.

Tamiya 1:10 Toyota 86 FR-S Body Parts Set #51494, RCTen - Team Associated Forum. AUTOMODELISME - PLANNING THE DESIGN So you have a new body. What will your car look like when it is done? That is all up to you. If you are a fan of touring cars (NASCAR, JTCC, JGTC, BTCC, WTCC, V8 Supercars) Prototype (ALMS, LMES, 24 hours of Le Mans, 12 hours of Sebring) or rally (WRC) you may want to produce a race-inspired paint job, or if you are more of an import tuner, you may want a design to take to the street. Either way, you'll have to plan the design. Painting in the Cyber Age The Cyber Age has hit the world of RC painting. Traditional Design All that is required to visualize your design the traditional way is a Sharpie marker and some high-content isopropyl alcohol. THE XEROX METHOD While some people may frown, one of the proven methods of learning to paint and expanding your skills is to try to duplicate someone else's paint job that you admire.

Airbrush Paint Car. Easy Paint-Pen Detailing - RC Car Action. I am always working on new projects for Radio Control Car Action, and this week I have a sneak-peek at an SCX10 Deadbolt I’m detailing out for a How-To article in an upcoming issue. I have been detailing scale vehicles for many years now and I used that knowledge to write an article that shows you how to add scale details to your truck and how to make those details look more real. The tips in this article are not limited to the SCX10 and will work on any scale vehicle that you are working on. The base truck for this article is an Axial Deadbolt and as you can see that my truck doesn’t look like the standard issue truck any more. Check out the October issues of Radio Control Car Action magazine to see how I made this happen but you can see one of the tips right now.

Here is the stock truck. And here is the after version. The stock wheels on the SCX10 series of trucks has details such as nuts and bolts to make them look more real. How To Tips & Instructions. Drifting (RC Car Kits & Accessories)- RC Setup Guide; Caster Vid 2 of 21. DriftRCentral V2.0 RC Drift Set Up. Welcome to DRC Central - D1RC RC Drift SetUp Overview In writing this, we set out to create a basic tuning guide for the community.

We own vehicles that are highly tunable to suit numerous course conditions and driving styles. Why not take advantage of this? Because most of the time we don’t know where to start. GeneralWhile setting our cars up for drifting, we are looking for that perfect balance between slip and grip. ChassisMost chassis’ have aftermarket chassis’ in the form of graphite tubs, or two-deck carbon fiber chassis’. Chassis weight also plays a large role. Blog – How to Paint Your RC Car Body Shell into a Masterpiece. When it comes to RC related tasks, painting a body can be one of the most intimidating tasks for a modeler. There are so many talented people out there who create masterpieces that painting your first body can be rather daunting. I have seen many of these people at racetracks and clubs around the country running what I call the “One-Color Wonders .”

They simply went to the hobby shop shelf for a can of paint, masked the windows, and blasted the body with a single color. If this describes you, then there’s great news on the horizon. RC Painting, Detailing & Bodies. DriftRCentral V2.0 How To Paint a RC Drift Shell. R/C Drifting FAQ How To Make Cool RC Drift Shells Some people ask me, Aries326, how the heck did you make that shell? Well, it's no secret. It only takes time, patience and following "How To Make A RC Drift Shell. " Start off with your inspiration. How do I now take the designs from the 1:1 and put it on the shell?

Oak-man Designs. Nissan/Datsun 280zx Nissan/Datsun 280zx custom body with wide body kit as shown in pics above is $150 plus $15 shipping in the us, international shipping $24. Nissan/Datsun 280zx custom body without wide body kit is $130 plus $15 shipping in the us, international shipping $24. Oakman Designs Custom RTR Sprint 2 Drift Nissan/Datsun 280zx $480 Plus $19 shipping in the US, international shipping $65. Most downloaded models tagged with rc. Brushless Future Concept – Offroad RC Car News. 23 October 2008 10:24 by Jason Posted on RC Mag yesterday; a pretty interesting 4WD Brushless Concept car. The car is belt driven, centrally placed battery and omni-directional steering (rear wheels steer as well).

Rc Custom Bodies Gallery 1. How To. 1/10 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9 PC Transparent 195 RC DRIFT Racing Car Body Shell: Toys & Games. HUDY. Setting Droop on a Touring Car. RC MAZDA RX7 1/10 drift Homemade interior. Untitled. This guide has been in the making for months now. It has taken this long due to time constraints on my part. Please note that the guide is based in part on GT3 & GT4, but the theories can be applied to any version of the game. Weight Transfer Understanding the simple physics of weight transfer is key to tuning cars. When stationary, the weight of the car is distributed evenly on all four wheels. Understeering and Oversteering Understeering is the lack of responsiveness of the car’s front in turning into a corner. Oversteering is the tendency of a car’s rear to slip out in mid-corner. Our aim is to get rid of understeer and oversteer as much as possible, since it ruins lap times and tire wear. Spring Rates The Spring Rate controls the transfer of weight of the car.

Let's use a medium weight FR car (1200kg) as an example. FR cars have more varied requirements. So the next big question is how much Spring Rate is not too much or too little? HOW TO: A basic guide to suspension geometry and settings - Chassis & Suspension - MST UK - RC Drift Forum. So it's appears it's high time to explain just what all these adjustments you can make to your MST chassis can do and the effect it will have on your driving. The foremost thing to remember about settings is that you are trying to achieve balance.

Too much of anything can become a bad thing, unless of course you are trying to achieve something very specific. The simpler you keep things, the better it will be. How to setup your driftcar (Drifting 101) Drifting 101There have allways been a lot of questions about how to set up your driftcar, I thought it was a good idea to make a thread about this, gathering it all in one place.1. DifferentialsTo get good control of the vehicle when drifting, it is important to have a locked reardiff and a locked or adjustable frontdiff. There are different types of differentials.1.1. Oil FilledAn oil filled differential is an open diff that you can change the level of lock with the viscosity of the oil you fill them with. Usually, 300k in the rear and 150k in the front should do the trick.Some fill these with glue to make them 100% locked, this will work, but its better to get a real locked diff if available.filling-oil2.jpg1.2.

How to Adjust the Camber and Toe on a NItro Rc Car. Tire & Camber Guide Your Home for Countersteer RC Drift. How To Airbrush Your RC Car Part 5 Using Bob Dively Liquid Mask. TOYOTA Supra. Build Threads. How to make a scale looking Interior in a 1/10 scale rc car : Dash Details. Now that the basic Dash is complete it's time to add vents, gauge cluster and steering! For the vents if you chose to do this detail simply cut out the shape your wanting to make them and patiently glue tiny strips horizontally one by one to give the effect of the vent fins.

Once done, glue them over top of where you marked for your vents to be.