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Week 4

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Project Management Software in the Cloud: project planning and tracking in Gantt task-tree - Comindwork. Public Relations Collaboration Software. The Public Relations industry is changing fast, representing more global clients, using more consultants and increasingly relying on technology to help get the "message" out.

Public Relations Collaboration Software

New business paradigms have changed the way managers, account executives, art directors and media specialists collaborate. Running an Public Relations agency needs software that will help your company manage assignments as diverse as handling new client accounts, press schedules and budgets, keeping the client's blog current, managing press release and controlling internal costs.

The accounting department at your PR agency has its own software for taxes, expenses and commissions. Your Art team may be using an all-in-one solution like Adobe Creative Suite or separate programs like Illustrator, Dreamweavers and Final Cut. Your press specialist probably runs on its own proprietary software that manages client media buys.

Your Public Relations Agency has become a technology junkie! What If? Top Web Collaboration Software. Cisco WebEx Telepresence Implementation. Video Conferencing Bridging Service Connect all of your contacts together from multiple networks.

Cisco WebEx Telepresence Implementation

Bridge Subscriptions: $249 a month for 6 ports $499 a month for 12 ports Discounts available when prepaid annually Up to 720p HD video resolution Unlimited usage Support for WebEx Telepresence network users and call-in users on standards-based video conferencing systems, as well as voice-only users Desktop sharing Support for end-to-end encryption Business class customer support services Technical Details VoIP-Out Service For $9 per month, add outbound voice calling to from your endpoints to any landline, mobile phone, or toll-free phone number in the United States and Canada (available in the US only).

PowToon, free business presentation software animated video maker and PowerPoint alternative. Cisco Live sessions, videos and exhibitors from all global conferences. Youtube. Cts_webex_config.pdf. Web conferencing shootout: WebEx vs. GoToMeeting vs. MyTrueCloud. Thomas Friedman famously announced that "the world is flat" in his 2005 book of that name.

Web conferencing shootout: WebEx vs. GoToMeeting vs. MyTrueCloud

He was writing about globalization. In Friedman's view, voice over Internet (VoIP), file sharing, and wireless were the "steroids" that have accelerated the flattening of global commerce. Today I would add video over Internet, which has become more and more prevalent as bandwidth has improved. The two leaders in the business Web conferencing space are Cisco WebEx and Citrix GoToMeeting. A new product, My Web Conferences from a company named MyTrueCloud, promises to offer these leaders some lower-priced competition, though it lacks some of the refinements of the older products -- and the established players are both upgrading their offerings and decreasing their base prices in response to less expensive business services and free consumer offerings.

Solutions - Flexwork and Telework - Best Practices. Whether introducing a formal flexwork program or simply allowing employees or contractors to work remotely on an ad hoc basis, companies should define organizational parameters in consultation with IT, human resources, real estate, sustainability, legal, and union leadership.

Solutions - Flexwork and Telework - Best Practices

Best practice considerations in defining a flexwork strategy include: Define worker eligibility While many job roles can be performed remotely or from anyplace in the work facility, some need to remain on site and some even in fixed locations. Similarly, flexwork isn't right for every worker; you should define criteria to identify those who are most capable of remaining productive and engaged in a remote scenario. Set schedule parameters Will you allow unlimited flexwork or set a minimum required time for people to spend in the office? Support and train managers Establish remote workforce best practices People who work remotely or work in flexible environments should maintain regular work hours to prevent burnout. Office as a Service℠ Officescape provides Office as a ServiceSM based on our Virtual Office 2.0 platform.

Office as a Service℠

For the first time, you can have all of the office functionalities on a single platform, anywhere you want, without a lease. It's flexible, secure, mobile, and cost effective. Progressive Office Service Suite Unified OfficeSM Starting at $78 Per Month A combination of physical office functionality and virtual office flexibility that allows you to set up and run your businesses easily, in top global markets. Mail Service with Collection & Forwarding Personalized Live Phone Answering After-Hours Voicemail Forwarded to Email Virtual Office with Office on DemandSM Usage OfficeSM Starting at $248 Per Month A Usage OfficeSM has all the amenities of a full-time office for a fraction of the cost.