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Topless Robot - Ever Wonder What a Gelatinous Cube Sounds Like? Roleplaying Tips for game masters for all role-playing systems. The Mother Of All Character Questionnaires Use this list of questions to construct or add to your own characrer questionnaire.

Roleplaying Tips for game masters for all role-playing systems

The questions cover different genres and types of details, so feel free to exclude or modify to suit your group. Questions are divided into broad categories. And similar questions and bunched into groups within their category. For brevity, I cut out most follow-up explanation type questions, such as "Why", "how come", and so on. Introduction Questions Give a two or three word description of yourself. Physical Traits How old are you? History Where is your homeland?

Family Who were your parents? Relationships. The Free RPG Compendium. Last Night on Earth: The Zombie Game. Last Night on Earth: The Zombie Game is a survival horror board game that was first published in 2007.

Last Night on Earth: The Zombie Game

Players can play on the Hero team or as the Zombies. A modular board randomly determines the layout of the town at the start of each game and there are several different scenarios to play.[1] Seven supplements have been released. To achieve a horror movie feel, all of the art for the game is photographic and the game comes with a CD soundtrack of original music.[2] The game borrows from horror film stereotypes and zombie film plots.

An example of Last Night on Earth: The Zombie Game gameplay. Before playing, the board is set up. Players are split into two teams, the Zombies and the Heroes. A Scenario then needs to be chosen, randomly or by vote. Each team has their own deck of cards. Gameplay is split into two turns, the Zombie Turn and the Hero Turn. The Virtual Tabletop for Pen & Paper Roleplaying Games. Fifty More Adventure Ideas (for Dungeons and Dragons&) - Writers Corner:... Dec 13, 2006 (Updated Dec 20, 2006) Popular Products in Books From $2 From $5 The Bottom Line The ideas for this game are infinite.

Fifty More Adventure Ideas (for Dungeons and Dragons&) - Writers Corner:...

Enjoy. A veteran Dungeons and Dragons® player for many years, and not afraid to admit this, I have conceived Fifty More Adventure Ideas (for Dungeons and Dragons®), my expansion to the One Hundred Adventure Ideas on page 44 of The Dungeon Master’s® Guide, Core Rulebook II, v.3.5. Random Dungeon Generator Launcher - v 0.1.12 beta. The Uncertain Areas: Shadowrun Characterization Generator. Design your own hell! Characters with Character: Random Personality Generator. If you're enjoying the content here, check out our new site, Thoughtcrime Games. Thanks for visiting! If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! I don’t know about you but when I sit down for a one-shot game with a pregen character, I can’t always come up with a unique and interesting personality on the fly.

Sometimes the class, race and skill combo strikes a chord, but usually it’s just numbers. Using the Generator is a snap. Motivation: What is it that really gets your character’s motor running? Instinct: What is your character’s first reaction to a threat (physical or otherwise)? Approach: What archetype is your character best known for being? Now just because every character in D&D is combat-capable does not necessarily make them all warrior-type personalities. Raven, Revenant Tempest FighterMotivation 8 (Intense Experience); Instinct 10 (Invoke Tradition); Approach 12 (Ethereal Mystic) Most living beings fear death. Serious Skills. 5 NPCs That Won't Put Your Players to Sleep. Are your NPCs drab and boring?

5 NPCs That Won't Put Your Players to Sleep

Do they all speak with the same voice (yours) and use the same mannerisms (yours)? Do they exist only as plot hooks, sage advisors, and merchants? Then you, my friend, might want to consider spicing up your party’s social life with some three-dimensional NPCs that won’t soon be forgotten. Use this article as a source of quick inspiration when your players start to look drowsy. The Target. Chaotic Shiny - RPG-Related Generators. CREATE A CHARACTER. Create A Character UPDATE Jan 5, 2005The new domain is ready for visitors.


Just click the below image. Make sure to bookmark the new pages since this Angelfire version is only going to be up til the end of this month. I am currently updating things to White Wolf's Character Generator CD Rom. It is suppose to be the most current as to what merit/flaws, Abilities, etc. a character can have. Filling out a Character Sheet really is not all that hard. If you are creating a char for the WW rooms, PLEASE read Rules. Getting Started Before we start, it is helpful to have a character sheet.

Clan/BloodlineAll clans and bloodlines are listed in the Clans. Personalities, Abilities, Attributes, Backgrounds You start with Personalities then go to Attributes, Abilities, then Backgrounds. Freebie Points Once you have filled out the Attributes, Abilities, etc, you can spend your freebie points on anything you want. Are We Done Yet? Virtues, Humanity, Bloodpool. Riddles. Random Logline Generator - Story/Scene ideas.