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Swiss Travel Passes explained. Swiss tickets & Swiss Passes explained...

Swiss Travel Passes explained

Swiss trains run like clockwork, so they say... And they pretty much do. The whole of Switzerland is covered by a frequent, punctual and efficient integrated train network that's really easy to use. In most cases you can just turn up, buy a ticket and hop on. Travel - Top sites for booking European rail tickets.

European countries are constantly improving their intercity rail networks and high-speed trains have slashed travel times around the continent.

Travel - Top sites for booking European rail tickets

Spain alone has built 3,000km of track for trains travelling at speeds up to 300km/h. This spring, rail travel will become even more convenient as the Spanish and French rail networks integrate, allowing passengers in one country to travel by high-speed rail to a major city in the other. In mid-April, France’s state-owned rail company SNCF plans to start running high-speed service between Paris and Barcelona, while Spain’s national train operator RENFE has already debuted high-speed service between Barcelona and Madrid.

Final details have yet to be announced, but it seems reasonable to predict a travel time between Paris and Madrid of nine hours; driving a similar route would take about 15. But despite the massive popularity of touring Europe by rail, major online travel agencies such as Expedia and Hotwire don’t sell European rail tickets. Voyage Privé : séjour luxe, vacances haut gamme et vente privée sur internet.


Busabout Budget Europe Travel - Hop on Hop off, Festivals and Adventures in Europe and North Africa. Viaje en tren por Europa: todos los boletos, trenes, horarios y tarifas económicas con Rail Europe. Explore Europe by road. 500+ destinations. 28 countries. European holidays: Guardian writers share their tips – and you can too. Le Comptoir Général, Paris A 10-minute walk from the metro stop République, past the trendy young Parisians languishing along canal Saint-Martin, lies Le Comptoir Général.

European holidays: Guardian writers share their tips – and you can too

But don't look for it by name. Instead head for 80 quai de Jemmapes, where you'll probably be met by a queue and a tall, friendly Senegalese bouncer. Le Comptoir Général is a lounge bar-cum-gallery-cum-library and cinema that celebrates the creativity of poor African communities and, in a wonderfully chaotic style, curates everything from old barber shop equipment to witchcraft paraphernalia.

The food is excellent.


Francia. UK. Train travel in Italy, a beginner's guide. Train tickets for Italy from just €9, €19, €29...

Train travel in Italy, a beginner's guide

There's no better way to see the great cities of Italy than by train. The trains link just about every Italian town or city of any significance, centre to centre, with advance-purchase fares from just €9/€19/€29. Driving and parking in Italian cities is a nightmare and the new high-speed train network is now faster, more convenient and more relaxing than flying. For example, Rome to Florence takes just 1 hour 32 minutes at up to 175 mph from €19, Rome to Venice 3 hours 45 minutes from €29, Rome to Naples 1 hour 10 minutes from €19, Rome to Milan 2 hours 55 minutes from €29.

Zero check-in, no need to get to and from remote airports, no baggage fees or weight limits. Information for train travel in Italy... How to check Italian train schedules & fares How to buy train tickets for Italy - online or at the station... Maps of the Italian rail network. Mediterranean destinations you have to visit. Summer may be over but that doesnt’ mean we’ll stop traveling!

Mediterranean destinations you have to visit

The Mediterranean sea features some of the best destinations to visit, so let’s waste no time and see the ones worth exploring. Tunis Tunis remains, as it always has been, the most comprehensive urban civilization of an Arabic prototype. No other place in North Africa that houses in its mausoleums, cemeteries, schools, baths, monasteries, houses and palaces in its labyrinthine medina and all in perfect condition. A visit to the Tunisian capital can has to include a stop at the Bardo Museum, where a valuable collection of mosaics from the second to the fourth centuries is housed, and the Old Town. Tunis Cagliari It is likely the place that has changed the least of the Mediterranean.

Poetto beach. 10 breathtaking towns in Europe you've probably never heard of. Not ready to book?

10 breathtaking towns in Europe you've probably never heard of

No rush. We've saved this trip to your cart so you can come back any time, compare prices, and complete your booking. "I love Cesky Krumlov. It's the most beautiful place I've ever seen. Conoce los 25 pueblitos más llamativos de Europa - Yumbla MX. El continente europeo está lleno de lugares interesantes y pueblos sumamente pintorescos.

Conoce los 25 pueblitos más llamativos de Europa - Yumbla MX

Algunos parecieran salidos de un cuento, ya que en realidad han sido la inspiración de grandes escritores y artistas que han seguido su arquitectura y paisajes como modelo para sus famosas obras. Rodeando a un castillo, a orillas de un tranquilo lago, en las faldas de una montaña o en medio de una isla, estos pueblitos son increíbles. En este continente encontrarás de todo y en múltiples escenarios naturales, por ello aquí te presentamos la lista de los 25 pueblitos más llamativos de Europa. Estos pueblitos son sencillamente increíbles y muchos de ellos no están muy lejos de donde vives.

Te invitamos a que los incluyas en tus próximas vacaciones y estamos seguros que de ningún modo te arrepentirás. 10 Most Beautiful Villages in Europe. From the Alps to the Mediterranean, these frozen-in-time European villages will make you appreciate the beauty of taking it slow.

10 Most Beautiful Villages in Europe

Reaching some of these European beauties requires extra effort, yet the rewards are dazzling. Your eyes will thank you. Hallstatt, Austria The storybook town of Hallstatt in central Austria enjoys a gorgeous setting on the bank of the Hallstätter See, between the pristine lake and a lush mountain that rises dramatically from the water’s edge.

A history of salt mining dating back thousands of years has translated into enduring prosperity for the town, which is most evident in the beautiful square ringed with ivy-covered buildings.