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The Vegetarian Resource Group (VRG)

The Vegetarian Resource Group (VRG)

Join The VRG with $35 via our subscription form, and receive the Vegetarian Journal for two years and a copy of Simply Vegan! Support The VRG Help yourself and others. Click here for ways to support this website and The Vegetarian Resource Group. The Vegetarian Journal Online The Blog See all Posts » Treating Menstrual Pain With Diet Michael Greger MD, 04.17.2014 Almost half of menstruating women experience painful,crampy periods, also known as dysmenorrhea.

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The Kind Life Wellness Workshop Series: Christina PirelloApril 7th, 2014If you’re the Philly area, check out my friend Christina Pirello’s wellness workshop series!Read more... Restaurant Review: Planet RawApril 4th, 2014If you are in the LA area, Planet Raw is a must!Read more... Green Spring Cleaning with ZabadaApril 2nd, 2014As mentioned last week, one of the things I can’t wait to do is a serious spring clean.Read more... From My Closet Giveaway: Funky and Eco ItemsMarch 31st, 2014I’ve got another From My Closet Giveaway for you guys!

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This isn’t a traditional recipe. This is a quick and dirty (read: easy and yummy) version of a hot soup made with soba noodles topped with deep fried tofu. Putting fried tofu on top of soba noodle soup makes it kitsune soba. Kitsune means fox in Japanese, and folklore says fox spirits are quite fond of fried tofu, hence the name “fox soba.” It’s delicious. VeganYumYum


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Find healthy recipes for your everyday meals. From vegetarian holiday recipe and romantic dinner entrees, our vegetarian and vegan recipes include something for every palate. Find international vegetarian cuisines, low calorie recipes, vegan cake and desserts, raw food and raw desserts, gluten free meals, as well macrobiotic cooking. Feel free to add your comments or share a vegetarian cooking tip. Also do add your original veg recipes for posting here. Vegetarian Recipes: Vegan, raw, and low calorie recipe - HappyCo