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Swagapaloooza San Francisco March 2010

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SWAGAPALOOZA. Swagapalooza (swagapalooza) Rycaut/Swagapalooza SF. Free products for bloggers at invitation-only events - Springwis. Gain instant and exclusive access to over 5,000 of the most creative ideas, innovations and startups on our database and use our smart filters to take you direct to those that are most relevant to your industry and your needs.

Free products for bloggers at invitation-only events - Springwis

Not interested? You can still browse articles published in the last 30 days from our homepage and receive your daily and weekly fix of entrepreneurial ideas through our free newsletters. Karen Hartline: Brilliant idea behind #swa... Robert Scoble: Hmm #swagapalooza is like... Robert Scoble: Watch... Robert Scoble: From now on I am going to...

Robert Scoble: My friend @rycaut just sen...

Companies at Swagapalooza

Companies in the Swagapalooza bag. Guy Kawasaki. That @GuyKawasaki has some... Shannon Clark: At Swagapalooza SF, about... Shannon Clark: sample of Starbucks Via fr... George T Bundy: Chef Luna: The dangerous bozo is rich... Brittney gilbert: Guy Kawasaki at #swagapalo... Heather HAL: Guy's 10-20-30 rule of pit... Amy Sherman: 10 slides 20 minutes 30pt... Amy Sherman: Never hire relatives @GuyK... Augusta Hopkins: Guy Kawozaki is looking fo... Lunch in a Box: Getting dirty looks from t... Casi in SF: New term via @Guy Kawasaki... Shelly Butcher: @GuyKawasaki make a great... Shelly Butcher: "Bozocity is like the flu.

Shelly Butcher: "VC money is like cocaine. Lloyd Armbrust: #swagapalooza "VC money is... Scott James: Guy Kawasaki #swagapalooza... Karen Hartline: I bet @guykawasaki wishes... Ryanthegirl: #8 piece of advice from @g... Search - swagapalooza. Greg Dewar: all the cool kids are at s... Renee Blodgett PR: #swagapalooza - Event is g... Rod Begbie: I have never experienced s... Jennifer Fisher: #swagapalooza I think ther... Ryanthegirl: @heatherHAL @lickmyspoon @... ConsumableJoy: my entire timeline of food... Hans eriksson: #swagapalooza It was worth... Hacker News: Swagapalooza (YC w2010) li... Travel,Ideas,Culture: #Swagapalooza event in San... Cyan Banister ✔: Really enjoyed #swagapaloo... Meghan Messner: Photo: Here’s what I learn... MEGservations (Here’s what I learned tonight at Swagapalooza: .. Jonathan Wegener: @AlexKrupp Congrats on Swa... Paulawala: #swagapalooza was so much... Hollrr: We're adding all the aweso... Hollrr: If you missed the cool new... Swagapalooza Brings ADVANCED Men's Underwear to. « SXSW: Chaos, But Quest for Bonding & Authenticity Reigns | Main | Fotobabble's Talking Photos Admidst Major Consumer Brands at DNA Lounge » March 24, 2010 Swagapalooza Brings ADVANCED Men's Underwear to our Attention I attended the Swagapalooza San Francisco event tonight, an event that is experimenting with viral media.

Swagapalooza Brings ADVANCED Men's Underwear to

The event attracted 75+ bloggers and tweeters in the areas of lifestyle, technology, social media, food and travel to San Francisco's DNA Lounge in SOMA. The companies ranged from Starbucks, Whiteyboard (yes, really), Equmen's men's underwear, Fotobabble's talking photos and theHelmutLock to Joby's Gorillapods and Bacon Hot Sauce. It was clearly a strong consumer play and the audience was in stitches more than not, starting with a Guy Kawasaki amusing keynote at the start. Below is video of Equmen's Michael Flint telling us why their men's underwear is the cat's meow.

March 24, 2010 in America The Free, Events, On Innovation, Videos | Permalink TrackBack Comments. #Swagapalooza was a Blast and FREE Swags! ( Nick Starr , who is a blogger at BGR, Robert Scobleizer , and me from left to right.) #Swagapalooza was a blast last night, it’s an invite-only for bloggers where they give out free swags so bloggers can blog about it. (I guess, is that why I am blogging about this now?). Anyways, the night turned out to be very interesting as I met many new people including Nick Starr, one of the bloggers at . Nick told me he was be doing Abdominoplasty the next day, my best wishes to Nick that goes well. We had a rather interesting talk about Apple and smartphones, very interesting guy with a lot of Apple insights.

I also met Guy Kawasaki for the first time, I have been reading his books for over 10 years, he’s one of my heroes as far as dot com stuff go, I still have a T-shirt that my dad brought to me during dot com boom when he met Guy Kawasaki (I was in high school then FYI). And oh yeah, Robert Scobleizer was there, I saw him at CES blogger party couple months back. Tom Foremski: Here is my report on last... Swagapalooza: An Offbeat Funky Promo Platform. Posted by Tom Foremski - March 24, 2010 I went to Swagapalooza Tuesday eve, and ran into some friends, Nick Aster, publisher of the Eco site Triple Pundit, Robert Scoble, Renee Blodgett, and Shannon Clark.

Swagapalooza: An Offbeat Funky Promo Platform

The premise of Swagapalooza is to invite 85 bloggers to hear five minute pitches from a variety of companies and at the end of the evening leave with a bag of swag. There is no obligation to write about anything. I had a fun time primarily because I had expected some kind of super-smart marketing event, after all, Guy Kawasaki (Super Spamurai) was the keynote speaker. I expected a crass display of bloggers transformed into spammers, Twitting marketing messages all night long because of all the free stuff they were going to get. It wasn't anything like that. The Tweets were hilarious, the running commentary was very funny.

But, there were plenty of moments when I really couldn't tell if things were carefully rehearsed comedic sketches -- or the real thing.