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Flip-the-script/panel.js at 0b26d0c9d2f939cbfa7b4bf7cce7cb5c25ee34d4 · Genius/flip-the-script. Almost complete guide to flexbox (without flexbox) Unfortunately, not everyone has a browser/device capable of viewing flexbox layouts.

Almost complete guide to flexbox (without flexbox)

This is a cheatsheet-esque guide that offers backwards compatible alternatives to flexbox properties. Whilst some of the CSS in this guide may seem obvious, I am looking to challenge the use of flexbox as well as provide simple solutions to problems were around before it became popular. Mylar. Mylar is a platform for building secure web applications.


Web applications rely on servers to store and process confidential information. However, anyone who gains access to the server (e.g., an attacker, a curious administrator, or a government) can obtain all of the data stored there. Mylar protects data confidentiality even when an attacker gets full access to servers. Getters/Setters. Evil. Period. - Yegor Bugayenko.

Logic for Computer Science. This book discusses logic as a tool for computer science; a field that uses logic at all levels.

Logic for Computer Science

It provides a survey of mathematical logic and its various applications. Some areas where it is particularly important include: Digital circuit design. 3 JavaScript Libraries to Watch in 2015: React.js, Meteor, Rendr. Enjoy creating incredible things with JavaScript?

3 JavaScript Libraries to Watch in 2015: React.js, Meteor, Rendr

Optimize JavaScript Execution — Web Fundamentals. With all that said, however, there are some things you can definitely do to help your apps execute JavaScript well.

Optimize JavaScript Execution — Web Fundamentals

Use requestAnimationFrame for visual changes When visual changes are happening on screen you want to do your work at the right time for the browser, which is right at the start of the frame. Asm.js. Working Draft — 18 August 2014 Latest version:


The Database as a Value. Table of contents. Knex.js - A SQL Query Builder for Javascript. Yield Prolog. Meteor (web framework) Meteor, or MeteorJS is an open-source real-time JavaScript web application framework written on top of Node.js.[2] While production-ready[3] and used by a number of high-profile startups,[4] Meteor allows for very rapid prototyping[5] and produces cross-platform (web, Android, iOS) code.[6] It integrates tightly with MongoDB and uses the Distributed Data Protocol[7] and a publish–subscribe pattern to automatically propagate data changes to clients in real-time without requiring the developer to write any synchronization code.

Meteor (web framework)

On the client, Meteor depends on jQuery and can be used with any JavaScript UI widget library. Meteor's goal is to allow developers to "Build apps that are a delight to use, faster than you ever thought possible".[12] In October 2014, Meteor Development Group acquired Y Combinator alum FathomDB, with the goal of expanding Meteor's database support.[18] In February 2015, Meteor was included among the "Cutting-edge Web Technologies" seminar class at UC Berkeley.[22] Declarative programming. Common declarative languages include those of database query languages (e.g., SQL, XQuery), regular expressions, logic programming, functional programming, and configuration management systems.

Declarative programming

Definition[edit] Declarative programming is often defined as any style of programming that is not imperative. All evidence points to OOP being bullshit. This is the second part in a series I’m writing about lessons that can be learned from functional programming.

All evidence points to OOP being bullshit

Find the first part here. Object Oriented Programming (OOP) as an idea has been oversold. The most commonly used languages in use today are designed around the idea of OOP. Extremist languages like Java force you to think of everything in terms of objects. Promises are the monad of asynchronous programming. Book.pdf. Flow-based programming. FBP is a particular form of dataflow programming based on bounded buffers, information packets with defined lifetimes, named ports, and separate definition of connections.

Flow-based programming

Introduction[edit] Because FBP processes can continue executing as long they have data to work on and somewhere to put their output, FBP applications generally run in less elapsed time than conventional programs, and make optimal use of all the processors on a machine, with no special programming required to achieve this.[1] The network definition is usually diagrammatic, and is converted into a connection list in some lower-level language or notation. FBP is often a visual programming language at this level. More complex network definitions have a hierarchical structure, being built up from subnets with "sticky" connections. The Transformation Priority Premise.

This blog poses a rather radical premise. It suggests that Refactorings have counterparts called Transformations. Refactorings are simple operations that change the structure of code without changing it’s behavior. Transformations are simple operations that change the behavior of code. Transformations can be used as the sole means for passing the currently failing test in the red/green/refactor cycle. Browse. Rationale - Datomic. Functional Design Patterns — Strange Loop 2012 Notes. Had the idea for the talk about six months ago at Clojure West.

When he went to write it, he realized that “design pattern” is sort of a loaded term. People associate the term with the “Gang of Four”, which “sounds like an ominous cult, or worse, a Senate committee.”


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