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General Programming

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Logic for Computer Science. This book discusses logic as a tool for computer science; a field that uses logic at all levels.

Logic for Computer Science

It provides a survey of mathematical logic and its various applications. Some areas where it is particularly important include: Digital circuit design Complexity theory (NP equivalent to Existential second-order logic) Database Systems (SQL; roughly predicate/first-order logic) Computer-aided verification (Temporal logic & model checking) Programming languages (lambda calculus) AI, expert systems, inference engines Distributed Systems Logic Programming Computer Security After covering basic material of propositional logic and first-order logic, the course presents the foundations of finite model theory and descriptive complexity.

Table of Contents[edit] References[edit] You may also find the following references useful. Component · Decoupling Patterns · Game Programming Patterns. Component · Decoupling Patterns · Game Programming Patterns. iUI - Mobile web framework for high-end devices. Ucla/mwf. UCLA Mobile Web Framework. Top 10 Mobile Web Development JavaScript Frameworks. By Jacob Gube Creating web apps and sites for the Mobile Web has its own sets of challenges and techniques.

Top 10 Mobile Web Development JavaScript Frameworks

From UIs optimized for fingers instead of mouse cursors to the bandwidth limitations that most portable personal devices have, developing for mobile devices requires a paradigm shift for those of us who’ve traditionally created products aimed at desktops. To help you rapidly deploy cross-platform mobile apps and websites, there’s a wide range of JavaScript frameworks you can take advantage of.

Some common characteristics of JavaScript mobile web development frameworks: Optimized for touchscreen devices: Fingers as input devices instead of mouse cursors provide an extra set of challenges in user interface design. In this article, you’ll find my top picks of JavaScript mobile web development frameworks you should consider using to build your next mobile web app or website. 1. jQuery Mobile 2. 3. 4. 5. xui.js 6. 7. zepto.js.

Mobile Web Framework. About the framework The Mobile Web Framework (MWF) provides an easy way to build UC San Diego branded, mobile-optimized web applications.

Mobile Web Framework

MWF is a standards-based, lightweight framework that supports all mobile devices containing a mobile web browser. It provides a robust presentation layer that allows applications to define a single set of markup that degrades gracefully based on the capabilities of the user's mobile device. MWF supports iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, tablets, and even T9 phones. Build a mobile web application Step 1. Review the guidelines and styles for mobile user interfaces. Step 2. Download the HTML Decorator. Step 3. Build out your application using the framework Linking from the UCSD mobile homepage.

Learn Web Development with the Ruby on Rails Tutorial. Michael Hartl Contents Foreword My former company (CD Baby) was one of the first to loudly switch to Ruby on Rails, and then even more loudly switch back to PHP (Google me to read about the drama).

Learn Web Development with the Ruby on Rails Tutorial

This book by Michael Hartl came so highly recommended that I had to try it, and the Ruby on Rails Tutorial is what I used to switch back to Rails again. Though I’ve worked my way through many Rails books, this is the one that finally made me “get” it. The linear narrative is such a great format. Responsive Design Bookmarklet - Responsive test. SOA Patterns - Home.

Zwin - Responsive vCard Wordpress Theme. Zwin- Responsive vCard Wordpress Theme Zwin is an impressive and professional online vcard, a beautiful portfolio with sliding effect, resume and contact information with Google map.

Zwin - Responsive vCard Wordpress Theme

It’s simple! Just download and install in a few minutes, you can show your online card to your friend, customer or employer in an interview by phone or tablet. Because Zwin is a responsive wordpress theme, you can view your website on pc as well as handheld devices. You can also link to your social profiles, display your portfolio in many media format such as image, youtube video, flash…. Important ! Features Easy Start! Test Responsive Support If you have any question about Zwin, please feel free to send email me via my user page contact form. Updates Version 1.0 – Initial version. Regular Expressions Cheat Sheet by DaveChild.

A quick reference guide for regular expressions (regex), including symbols, ranges, grouping, assertions and some sample patterns to get you started.

Regular Expressions Cheat Sheet by DaveChild

Development regex regular expressions programming Download the Regular Expressions Cheat Sheet 1 Page Thank The Author! You can use Flattr to thank the author of this cheat sheet! Like this cheat sheet? is a collection of tools to make your writing better. Click Here To Get Started!