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Liberty Rights. Health. Mind. Hypnosis. Psychedelics. Drugs. Erowid. Therapeutic Psychedelics and Drug Policy. Cacti Vaults : San Pedro Preparation. Years ago in the early 1970s I became friends with the employees of a plant shop in the Seattle University District.

Cacti Vaults : San Pedro Preparation

What was really cool is that I found out that the owner of this plant shop was also the author, as well as the editor of several fine books such as "How to Grow the Finest Marijuana Indoors under Halides" and "How to Grow Pot Hydroponically". They also published "How to Identify and Grow Psilocybe Mushrooms," by Jule Stevens and Rich Gee. One of the employees and I went to the Seattle Arboretum in 1975 and were playing Frisbee when I dropped the Frisbee to the ground at the Woodlawn Park section of the Seattle Arboretum. As I bent down to pick up the Frisbee I noticed some interesting mushrooms in the field in which we were playing. Marijuana, Alcohol, and Ascension (article) by Gary Smith on AuthorsDen. Marijuana, Alcohol, and Ascension By Gary Smith Last edited: Thursday, January 02, 2003 Posted: Thursday, January 02, 2003 Share Print Save.

Marijuana, Alcohol, and Ascension (article) by Gary Smith on AuthorsDen

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