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ARQUITECTO LUIS MIRÓ QUESADA GARLAND: 30 Residencial Palomino. Divagaciones y Arquitectura: Conjunto Habitacional Palomino. "Financiado por la Sociedad de Beneficencia de Lima, se ubica en la Av. Venezuela, en terrenos aledaños a la zona industrial del Cercado de Lima, muy próximo a la Unidad Vecinal Nº 3 y a la de Mirones. Al igual que las nombradas, buscaba acercar la vivienda al lugar de trabajo. Los bloques en forma de "T" se componen de un módulo que, con ligeras variantes generadas por la fachada, va dando forma curva a los edificios y a sus recorridos. Incorpora restos pre-hispánicos al área reacreacional. Proyectistas: Luis Miró Quesada, Santiago Agurto, Fernando Correa, Fernando Sánchez Griñán. Fecha de término: 1964 PROGRAMA DE ÁREASÁrea del terreno: 175 060.00 m2Área construida total (viviendas): 162 574.80 m2Área de equipamiento: 14 293.00 m2% Área libre: 76.78Población: 6722 hab.Densidad neta: 386.84 hab/HaCoeficiente de edificación: 0.93 ViviendasCantidad: 1524Área: 70 - 105 m2.

" Rio 2016 olympic master plan. Rio 2016 olympic master plan. Going Global | Thomas Puchers frischer Ansatz bei der architektonischen Gestaltung hat sich als äußerst erfolgreich erwiesen. Beim Interview mit Kate Howlett-Jones spricht der Architekt über Going Global, das Reininghaus-Projekt und seinen jüngsten Erfolg, den 1. Preis beim internationalen Wettbewerb "China North City Development in Tianjin". Kate-Howlett-Jones: Sie haben in letzter Zeit einige Wettbewerbe u.a. in China, Estland, Saudi-Arabien und Polen gewonnen. Warum so weit weg von zu Hause? Thomas Pucher: Es geht grundsätzlich darum, wie man als Architekt arbeitet: Wir müssen in die Gesellschaft eintauchen, um wirklich zu begreifen, wie sie sich verändert. KHJ: Wie nähern Sie sich den kulturellen Bedürfnisse dieser Länder? Thomas Pucher: Ja, das tun wir. KHJ: Wie wäre es mit Minaretten in Graz? Thomas Pucher: Wieso denn nicht? KHJ: Sie waren Berater beim Masterplan für das Reininghau-Areal in Graz.

Thomas Pucher: Es ist noch immer nicht sicher, wie oder sogar wann die Erschließung beginnen wird. Parametric Shelter Development - frano bažalo. Stacking of Boxes/Volumes (Via Any Method, Kangaroo, etc.) - Need Help/Advice. Hello Grasshopper community, I have a list of geometry boxes, randomly placed in a larger volume. The smaller volumes are predefined and the amount is randomly generated.

The points where they are placed is also randomly generated. What I want now is that the boxes stack on each other and only move vertically while stacking. I already tried Packrat, but that's not what I'm looking for. Efficiency of stacking is not a focus in my project. The Kangaroo is one of the solutions. Down below I'll include the file with the boxes and a file with the Kangaroo definition I tried to made.

What I hope is that the result is a composition made of stacked volumes that can be used in Architecture. Summary: I want to stack boxes on each other while only moving vertically. Thank you in advance. Greetings, P.H. Tags: (Via, 3D, Any, Architecture, Boxes/Volumes, Kangaroo, Method, Stacking, etc.), in, More…of, pre-defined, volume Attachments: ▶ Reply to This. Connecting Site... Unique Kid’s Shelf Inspired by Pin Art Toy – Pin Pres. This is a unique shelf that will make your children want to clean their room. Designed by OOO My Design, this shelf is inspired by pin art toy – a toy that popular in 80’s. Pin Pres is a kid’s room shelf that makes the act of sorting up the room a playful experience where the shelf adopts its form to the toys, books and other things that are being stored.

Design of Shelves. BCC Pin Art 3D | Boris FX Help Documentation. Overview BCC Pin Art 3D is a particle based generator style filter. The name Pin Art is a reference to the desk toy where metal (or plastic) pins can be displaced by objects creating a 3D relief. The filter can use the color, luma, and alpha values of layers in the After Effects composition to define the appearance and arrangement of the particles making up the “Pin Screen”. Like a 3D-capable LED or halftone type of effect, it can be used to achieve a wide range of both 2D and 3D-looking surfaces. Pin Art 3D supports AE lights and camera for simple integration into AE 3D compositions. Features such as sophisticated built-in wipes and an integrated Beat Reactor group allow for creating dynamic animations within the filter, including animations directly influenced by audio layers.

Function Presets and Common Controls BCC filters come with a library of factory installed presets plus the ability to create your own custom presets and preview them with the BCC FX Browser™. Render Group Pins Group. The hi-tech tabletop that creates a 3D version of YOU that moves in realtime | Daily Mail Online. The inFORM 'state-of-the-art shape display' was created by Professor Hiroshi Ishii and his students at the MIT Media Lab The innovation uses sensors to read a person's hand movements and then replicated them using small moveable bars that make up the tabletopScientists believe the futuristic surface could be used to replicate objects remotely and even reproduce cities in miniature By Sarah Griffiths Published: 11:35 GMT, 7 November 2013 | Updated: 11:37 GMT, 7 November 2013 An incredible hi-tech tabletop enables individuals to reproduce virtual versions of their own hands and small objects.

The inFORM table allows a person to wave their hands or move an object under some camera sensors so that their movements are replicated by small moveable bars placed in a grid formation that make up the tabletop. The invention, by a team of U.S. scientists, might remind some people of a hi-tech version of a pin art toy they played with as children. Scroll down for video. Pin Pres by OOO My Design. Here's a similar storage system to the bicycle showroom we published this morning, this time for a kid's playroom. Created by OOO My Design, the rods of Pin Pres slide in and out so toys and books can put away simply by pushing them into the surface, but you might spend more time playing with it than tidying up.

See the same system applied to retail design here and a wardrobe you throw things at here. Here are some more details from OOO My Design: Pin Pres is a kid’s room shelf that makes the act of sorting up the room a playful experience where the shelf adopts its form to the toys, books and other things that are being stored. Its the only shelf that will make your kid actually want to clean up and de-clutter the room! Pin Pres has won Josep Ros furniture design competition. Vert Tag. Vert Tag is also known as PinBox. It can be used to create a wide variety of things such as the PinBox toys that many people are familiar with. Those toys would allow the user to place there handle over a bed of dull pins and leave an impression of their hand. It’s a very cool effect. Check out the script and let me know if you have any ideas for future developments. Vert Tag 1.0 - Compatible with Editable Meshes - Custom Pin Object - Custom Surface Object - Animate-able surface with objects remaining attached - Copy types (copy, instance, reference) Vert Tag 2.0 - Compatible with both Editable Poly and Editable Mesh - Options for distributing on polygon center or vertices - Display showing object count.

Cheetah the CONFIGURBANIST V 0 0 2. Parametricism - A New Global Style for Architecture and Urban Design. Back to WRITINGS Parametricism - A New Global Style for Architecture and Urban Design Patrik Schumacher, London 2008 Published in: AD Architectural Design - Digital Cities, Vol 79, No 4, July/August 2009, guest editor: Neil Leach, general editor: Helen Castle Abstract: Though parametricism has its roots in the digital animation techniques of the mid-1990s, it has only fully emerged in recent years with the development of advanced parametric design systems. Parametricism has become the dominant, single style for avant-garde practice today. It is particularly suited to large-scale urbanism as exemplified by a series of competition-winning master-plans by Zaha Hadid Architects. There is a global convergence in recent avant-garde architecture that justifies the enunciation of a new style: Parametricism. The style is rooted in digital animation techniques.

Zaha Hadid Archiects, Kartal-Pendik Masterplan, Istanbul, Turkey, 2006 Fabric study. I. II. III. IV. V. Global Maya model. Coding Urban Metabolism. FabbingCC Intervenciones Colaborativas » Blog Archive » [2011.04.05] avances diseño La Mejostilla. Tras las conclusiones del taller.01 se han realizado varias pruebas de diseño intentando responder a las necesidades y deseos de los agentes implicados. En una primera fase se ha optado por realizar varias pruebas que Jaime Diez mostrará hoy en su reunión y que posteriormente iremos implementando/adaptando a las conclusiones que allí se determinen. 01_Estructura/Árbol artificial. La estructura arbol se genera a partir de una malla de hexagonos construida a partir de piezas planas. Esta estructura puede servir como estructura de sombra. [*] Este diseño está basado en el proyecto cardboard tower and bridge de Julius Seidl-Brodmann estudiante Erasmus procedente de Innsbruck del curso de Composición Arquitectónica en la Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Sevilla.

Prototipo a escala de la estructura, impreso en 3D con la impresora 3D Alaris del Fablab de la Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de la Universidad de Sevilla Ideas para su desarrollo: 02_Costa Mejostilla. TENA-RESORT - Manuelle Gautrand. TENA-RESORT - Manuelle Gautrand.